why camera not working on iphone

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Just follow the steps given carefully to resolve the iPhone camera not working issue: First of all, make sure there is no dirt or dust accumulated on the camera’s lens. If so, clean the lens gently...If the lens is clean, you can close the Camera App by pressing the Home Button twice and sliding all open Apps...See More....

How to fix iPhone camera not working?

Part 2: Fix iPhone Camera When There is a Physical IssueCheck Your iPhone Case. Is your camera case well placed? ...Clean Off the Lens. Debris or dirt may clog or block the camera leading to the iPhone camera not working. ...Deal with the Flash. In some instances,you need to have the flash turned on before taking a picture to remove the darkness.Avoid Overheating. ...Contact Apple Support. ...

Why is my headphone jack not working on my iPhone?

Why is my headphone jack not working?Physical damage. If your headphones or the headphone jack is damaged,it’s most likely not going to work. ...Software error. If an application installed on your device is interfering with your headphones or headphone jack,you might not be able to use it properly. ...Outdated drivers. Your drivers allow your devices to function with Windows 10. ...System issues. ...

Why is my alarm not going off on my iPhone?

iPhone alarm will not work after the phone is turned off. ...Some users may have set the alarm,but forget to turn it on before going to sleep,which ultimately causing the alarm not working in the next morning.Ensure iPhone is fully charged after setting the alarm,or the alarm clock will automatically shut down due to the low battery power.

Why is my camera icon missing on my iPhone?

How to Fix iPhone Camera Icon MissingSolution 1: Enable Camera App. The Camera app is the built-in utility on iPhone,so you cannot delete it. ...Solution 2: Reset Home Screen Layout. As mentioned previously,you cannot uninstall the preinstalled Camera app. ...Solution 3: Find Camera from App Library. ...Solution 4: Find Camera by Search. ...

How to fix blurry photos on iPhone?

If the photo is blurry, clean the front and back camera lenses with a microfiber cloth. If you see dirt or debris inside the lens or if the camera lens appears to be misaligned or blocked, contact Apple Support for help with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

What to do if your LED flashlight doesn't work?

If the flash works only sometimes, open the Camera app and tap the flash button to choose a different setting. Published Date: January 21, 2021.

How to test LED flash on iPhone?

Remove any case or film that might block the flash. Test the LED flash by trying the flashlight in Control Center on your iPhone or Control Center on your iPad. On an iPhone X or later or an iPad, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. On an iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen.

How to fix rotation lock on iPhone?

Try these tips to fix it: Open Control Center on your iPhone and tap the lock icon with a circle around it to turn off Rotation Lock. To open Control Center, s wipe down from the top-right corner on an iPhone X or later, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone 8 or earlier.

How to turn off iPhone X?

Turn off your iPhone by holding the Side button (along with either Volume button on the iPhone X and later), then slide to power off. Wait 30 seconds before pressing the Side button again to restart your iPhone. If that doesn't work, force restart your iPhone instead.

How to make photos look better without flash?

When your iPhone flash isn't working, try these tips: Test the LED on your iPhone by turning on the flashlight from the Control Center. Make sure you set the flash to On or Auto in the Camera app.

What to do if you see dirt behind your iPhone?

If you see dirt or debris behind the glass, take your iPhone to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider for a repair. Remove any metallic or magnetic iPhone cases and camera accessories. They can interfere with the optical image stabilization on an iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone X, or later iPhones.

How to turn on auto focus on iPhone?

If the Camera app says AE/AF Lock at the top of the screen, tap on a blank space to turn auto-focus back on. You may have accidentally locked the focus by tapping and holding in the Camera app.

Why do selfies always look mirror?

If you're wondering why your selfies always appear mirrored, that's simply how Apple designed the front-facing camera. The camera works like a mirror, but the photo flips over as if someone took it for you.

How to update iOS?

Update iOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update .

How to check if iPhone has LED flash?

Step 1. Test LED flash. Swipe up to bring out Control Center. Tap flashlight and see if the light is on. If it is, the LED flash is fine. If the flashlight is not on, remove the iPhone case or bumper if there is any. Then clean the flash len to make sure there is no obstruction covering on the lens.

How to reset iPhone to default settings?

Reset all settings to defaults on your iPhone by going to "Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings".

How to close camera on iPhone?

Find Camera app and swipe up to close it. Then return to home screen and tap Camera app again. If the screen is still black, move on to next step. Step 3.

How to free up space on iPhone?

Step 1. Tap "Settings" > "General" > "Storage & iCloud Usage" > "Manage Storage", and see which apps occupy most of the phone storage. If you find the apps useless, uninstall it to free up space.

How to make a picture clearer on iPhone?

Tip 1 .When taking a photo, keep holding the Camera button for a while until the picture becomes clear and then release the button. This will help the iPhone camera to focus. Other users find that tapping on the picture for several times before pressing the Camera button also makes the photo to turn out clearer.

How to get rid of flashlight on iPhone?

If it is, the LED flash is fine. If the flashlight is not on, remove the iPhone case or bumper if there is any. Then clean the flash len to make sure there is no obstruction covering on the lens. Step 2. Open iPhone camera, tap flashlight icon on the top left corner and make sure you have tapped "On". Step 3.

How to make a video call on iPhone?

Step 1. Inspect iPhone front and rear camera. Open a app to make video call, such as Skype, Facetime or Viber. Check if both the front and back camera are working fine during the video call, if so, you are facing a software problem that can be solved by yourself.

Why is my iPhone X camera not working?

Sometimes, your iPhone X camera not working just because it is obstructed with dirt. So, clean it with a polishing cloth.

How to turn off camera on iPhone 12?

iPhone X or later (iPhone 12 included): Step 1: Press and hold the Side button and any of the volume buttons. Step 2: Hold the buttons till power off slider appears. Step 3: Drag the slider to turn the device off.

What is iMyFone Fixppo?

iMyFone Fixppo is a very handy tool that can resolve various issues related to iOS devices. So, this is a mandatory app for those who have iPhone and wish to repair them on their own.

How to turn off iPhone 8?

iPhone 8 or older: Step 1: Press top button and hold it to see the power off slider. Step 2: Drag it so you can turn the device off. Step 3: Once it is switched off, press the top button once again and hold it to see the Apple logo.

Where is the pause button on iPhone 12?

iPhone X or later (iPhone 12 included): swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Then, pause somewhere at the middle.

Does the rear camera show anything?

Rear camera of the phone doesn’t show anything at all .

Does D-Back work on all iOS devices?

The most significant benefit associated with D-Back is that it lets you selectively backup data. That means, you don’t have to create full backups unless you want to.

How to fix camera on iPhone?

Another way to fix your iPhone camera not working is by resetting your iPhone. To reset the iPhone, open Settings > general > Reset, then click Reset All Settings. Your iPhone will be restored to default settings, and the camera will be fixed in the process.

How to fix iPhone camera not working?

If the iPhone has a minor software glitch, restart it to stop all services and hopefully fix the iPhone camera not working. Restart the iPhone by holding down the side lock button up to when the power off slider appears.

How to sleep on iPhone 6s?

For iPhone 6S or earlier: Long press the Sleep button while pressing the home button for like 8 seconds, after which you release the Sleep button and not the home button. Keep pressing the home button up to when the computer recognizes your iPhone.

How to get rid of black screen on iPhone 8?

For iPhone 8 or newer: Press the volume up button, then release, do the same for the down volume button. Long-press the side button of the phone. Once you see a black screen, long-press the down volume button . Long press these buttons but release the Side button after 5 seconds while holding the volume down button.

How to disable camera location?

v. Disable the camera location service. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Service and toggle it off.

Why is my camera black?

When the camera app fails to load correctly, the camera may open up but with a black screen. If this is the case, force the camera app to close by opening your home button, then swipe up the camera's interface to close it. After some time, re-open the camera app.

Why is my camera flash not turning on?

If your surrounding has too much brightness, your camera flash if it's automatically set will not turn on. To resolve this, open the camera and tap the flash icon until it turns yellow.

How to check if iPhone is flashing?

1. To start with, open the Control Centre by swiping upwards from the bottom of the Home Screen on your iPhone and tap on the torch icon to see whether or not it turns on.

How to fix iPhone camera not working?

Just follow the steps given carefully to resolve the iPhone camera not working issue: Step 1: First of all, make sure there is no dirt or dust accumulated on the camera’s lens. If so, clean the lens gently using a soft tissue, but make sure the tissue isn't wet.

How to reset iPhone camera?

To reset you just have to visit “Settings” and hit “General”. Now select “Reset” and hit “Reset All Settings” to factory reset your iPhone as shown in the image below. iPhone camera not working is not a serious problem and can be dealt with easily. All you need to do is analyze the problem carefully and adopt any one of ...

Why does my iPhone camera keep crashing?

There could be many reasons for your iPhone camera to keep crashing. A temporary software glitch or storage issues can cause such an error. However, we are here to help you resolve this final camera issue as well.

How to fix iPhone that won't turn on?

1. Make sure that you update your firmware to its latest version to solve the problem by visiting “Settings” >“General” >“Software Update” and finally hitting “Update now”. 2. You can also reboot your iPhone by pressing the Power On/Off and Home button together for 3-5 seconds to hard reset it.

Which is the best smartphone camera?

iPhone camera is known to be the best smartphone camera because of its features and photo quality. Users from all over the world have always admired the iPhone camera quality pictures both front and rear.

How to reset iPhone if you forgot your passcode?

You can unlock your iPhone and go to its Settings > General > Reset and tap on the “Reset All Settings” option. Confirm the passcode of your device and wait as your iPhone would be restarted with its default settings. This won’t delete the stored data on your iPhone but would only overwrite any saved settings with default values.

How to close camera on iPhone 8?

This will launch the App Drawer on your iPhone. You can now swipe left/right to select the camera app or swipe its card up to close it.

Why is my camera not working on my iPhone?

Part 1: Possible Reasons for iPhone Front Camera Not Working 1 The camera app on your iPhone might not have been launched correctly. 2 The needed processes and modules might not be loaded properly or could be corrupted. 3 Your iPhone could have entered into a deadlock or can be hanged. 4 Sometimes, even a third-party app with camera access can make it malfunction. 5 In case you have updated your iPhone to a corrupt or unstable iOS version, it can also cause this issue. 6 Some other settings on your iPhone (like voice-over) can also cause this problem. 7 Lastly, there could be a hardware-related problem (as the camera could be damaged)

Why is my iPhone 6s camera not working?

The easiest way to fix the front camera not working is by resetting your device settings .

Why does my iPhone camera go black?

Therefore, if the front camera is not working on your iPhone, you can disable the voice-over feature. To do this, unlock your iPhone and go to its Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice-Over and toggle off the feature.

How to power down iPhone X?

If you own an iPhone X, 11, or 12, press the Side + Volume Up/Down keys simultaneously. On the other hand, if you have an older generation device, then you can just long-press the Power button on the side.

Can your iPhone be hanged?

Your iPhone could have entered into a deadlock or can be hanged.

Part 1: Is your iPhone Camera Broken?

Most of the time, you face a problem, and you don't know what to do. For the iPhone 13 camera black problem, you may think “Is my iPhone camera broken?” But, actually, this is highly unlikely. This article shall be focusing on all the possible reasons that make your iPhone 13 camera black or not working.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Camera Black Screen Issue?

Now that you know a little about the causes of this problem, you would try to avoid it, but what if you get stuck with a black screen? Do you know any possible way to resolve this problem? Don’t worry if your answer was ‘No’ because this section of the article is all about the fixes and solutions.

Concluding Words

The article above has discussed various methods that could be used to fix the annoying problem in iPhone 13 camera app with a black screen. After going through this article, you will be an expert to resolve issues like the camera app not working.

Is My Camera Broken?

If your iPhone 12 camera isn't working, don't panic just yet. Many people assume that there must be a hardware problem when their iPhone 12 camera is not working, but that's not necessarily true. A lot of the time, this problem is caused by an issue with the software! After all, the Camera app is just like any other iPhone app — it can crash!

Watch Out For Third-Party Camera Apps

If you're partial to any third-party iPhone apps that access your camera, it's possible that one of them is the root of the problem. Compared to the native iPhone Camera app, third-party apps are much more prone to crashing.

Remove Your iPhone 12 From Its Case

Did you accidentally put your iPhone 12 case on upside down? If you did, it may be the reason why the camera isn't working. It may sound silly, but it's relatively easy to put your iPhone 12 case on the wrong way.

Clean Off The Camera

Dust or dirt can accumulate on the lens of the camera, making it appear broken when you open the Camera app. It's a good idea to regularly wipe off your iPhone with a microfiber cloth to keep it clean!

Restart Your iPhone 12

As we mentioned earlier, minor software problems can cause your iPhone 12 camera to stop working. A lot of small software problems can quickly be fixed by restarting your iPhone.

Close Every App On Your iPhone 12

It's possible your iPhone 12 camera has stopped working because the Camera app, or a different app, has crashed. When an app crashes on your iPhone, it can lead to all sorts of problems on your iPhone, especially if its left open and running in the background.

Update Your iPhone 12

Sometimes, errors, such as a camera malfunction, occur unexpectedly when your iPhone is running an older version of iOS. It's a good idea to update your iPhone 12 whenever Apple releases a new iOS update.