which xiaomi has the best camera

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Redmi Note 10 Pro
Based on tests conducted and user reviews,the best camera running on a Xiaomi device happens to be the massive 108MP lens on theRedmi Note 10 Pro. This quad camera setup delivers extremely high resolution images and the clearest videos you’ve ever seen captured on a Xiaomi smartphone.

Which smartphone has the best camera?

Xiaomi's 12T Pro achieves the No.1 camera score in Dxomark's 'premium' smartphone category. With a Dxomark Camera score of 129 points, the 12T Pro nudges Vivo’s X70 Pro down into second place at 126 points and sits ahead of Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini with 125 points each.

Is the Xiaomi Mi 11t Pro A good camera phone?

Overall, the Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro is one of the best camera phones in the midrange price segment. The main camera is awesome while the secondary cameras add some versatility. It is great for videos and selfies as well making it a good package. What to look for in the best Xiaomi camera phone?

Why smartphone photography and videography is the best option?

Smartphone photography and videography have come a very long way today. The best camera phones of today come with multiple cameras combined with a lot of impressive features. Hence they let you capture photos and videos of excellent quality that can easily rival those shots with traditional cameras.

What kind of camera does Mimi 11 have?

Mi 11 features a triple rear camera, featuring a main lens, macro, ultra-wide lens, and selfie shooter. The 108MP main camera supports PDAF focus and optical stabilization.

How many megapixels are needed for a phone?

The rule of the thumb is to look for a phone with more than 3.2 megapixels to land on a reasonably good camera. They are good enough to shoot pictures to upload on social media. Standard photography printing up to 7X5 inches needs 3 megapixels image quality. If you want to use the camera for printing A4 size photographs, you will need 9 megapixels. 8 megapixel images are best viewed on television screens. Many top end smartphones of today come with cameras of more than 8 megapixels. Hence decide on the megapixels depending on how you want to use the pictures shot.

What is the camera on Redmi Note 10 Pro?

The whopping 108 Mp camera for the main sensor is a definite advantage of Redmi Note 10 Pro. The phone maker has supplemented this with 8Mp ultra-wide, 5Mp tele-macro and 2Mp depth sensor. The main sensor has f/1.9 aperture that lets you take pictures in full resolution. The 9-in-1 pixel binning technology in combination with the dual native ISO technology and 2.1 μm ‘super pixels’ help in achieving stunning details with your pictures in a high dynamic range. The main camera delivers impressive results while snapping normal photographs as you get 12Mp images that are easily manageable at 4000×3000 pixels.

What is the most widely used feature in a smartphone?

Next to communication, camera is the most widely used feature in a smartphone. The quality, performance and features of smartphone cameras are constantly improving. When you will want to choose a smartphone with the best camera, these are the aspects to focus on.

Why is the lens important in photography?

The job of the lens is to funnel the light onto the sensor of the camera. Better quality lens can focus more light and hence the images can get sharper.

Does the Mi 11 have a selfie camera?

Mi 11 features triple rear camera, and the selfie shooter featuring a main lens, macro and ultra-wide lens. The 108Mp main camera supports PDAF focus and optical stabilization. Under good lighting, Mi 11’s main camera shoots great pictures with punchy and realistic colors without oversaturation, artifacting or noise and the shots are packed with details. The camera app has 2x zoom option. The digital zoom can go up to 30x. Both the main camera and selfie lens can do well with portrait shots.

Does the 5x periscopic lens work?

The 5x periscopic lens does well with 5x and 10x shots and comfortably rivals the main lenses of most other phones thereby assuring bright colors and loads of details. At maximum digital zoom, the photos are not of impressive quality. The main lens shoots 8K videos at 24fps and 4K videos at 60fps. The selfie camera limits itself to 1080p at 60fps only with electronic stabilization.

Which is better: LED flash or Xenon flash?

Most phones are nowadays equipped with LED flashes, which take little power and are more reliable. Xenon flash fitted in top end phone models are the best option while they can also consume a lot of battery power.