where to mount security cameras on house

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Security cameras should be placed at the most obvious points of entry:ground-floor doors and windows,especially the main entryway and any side or back doors. To avoid drawing attention to themselves,many burglars will aim for the entry points to your home that look natural.

Where is the best place to mount a security camera?

Where to Place Home Security Cameras: Best Locations and PositionsInstall Surveillance Cameras at the Front Door. Around 34% of burglars enter through the front door,so you definitely need a security camera watching.Locate Home Security Cameras at the Back Door. ...Put CCTV Cameras Near Off-Street Windows. ...Other Places You May Consider to Put CCTV Cameras. ...

What is the best way to mount a security camera?

Steps for installing a wired security cameraFind a stable spot on the wall.Some cameras may require finding a stud,while others will come with drywall anchors.Check for existing wiring.Mark and drill the appropriate holes.Thread the wiring back through the wall to attach it to the monitoring source.

Where should you install your security cameras?

Install at least 9 feet off the ground. A spot between about nine feet off the ground is ideal. ...Keep in mind where your house is in relation to the sun. ...Ask yourself whether you want hidden or visible cameras. For security purposes,visible security cameras have a better chance of deterring robbers or burglars. ...

What is the best way to install security cameras?

Typically,the most convenient installation option is a wireless security camera system. ...Wired security cameras are an excellent choice if you have a larger property to cover. ...Bundled home security camera systems are the best value. ...A motion-sensor feature,available for both indoor and outdoor cameras,saves recording space and energy. ...More items...

Security cameras should be placed at the most obvious points of entry: ground-floor doors and windows, especially the main entryway and any side or back doors

To avoid drawing attention to themselves, many burglars will aim for the entry points to your home that look natural. The front and back doors are the most obvious, because if a burglar confidently approaches one of these doors, they won’t automatically arouse the suspicion of passersby.

Garages and driveways are considered entryways, so consider installing security cameras that cover those areas

Your cars and garage present attractive targets to criminals. Cars are often left unlocked, sometimes helpfully with the keys still inside, and garages are full of tools and sporting gear.

When placing a security camera, consider details such as visibility, height off the ground, and more

Once you’ve identified both the best home security system for you and the best locations for your cameras, you’ll have to consider the mounting methods and positions.

What is a Vivint doorbell camera?

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is an important part of a home video surveillance system, keeping an eye on your front porch and front door.

Why install an outdoor camera on a driveway?

Installing an outdoor camera with a clear view of the driveway and surrounding area can help prevent vandalism or theft of vehicles and identify perpetrators loitering on the street or leaving in a car parked near the driveway.

How do intruders enter homes?

Intruders often enter homes through windows out of view of the street, which reduces the chance they’ll be been. Direct outdoor cameras toward these windows.

What is an outdoor security camera?

Outdoor security cameras, like those offered by Vivint, can serve as a powerful deterrent to property crimes and suspicious activity. Security goals will vary for each person, depending on where they live and the size of their home, the floor plan, among other factors.

What percentage of burglars have stated that the presence of a security system serves as a deterrent when considering?

Approximately 60 percent of convicted burglars have stated that the presence of a security system serves as a deterrent when considering whether to forcibly enter a home. 2.

What percentage of intruders enter through the front door?

Doors. Most intruders attempt to enter a home either through the front door (34 percent ) 3 or the back door (22 percent) 4. Ideally all entrances to the home, even the garage door, should be under camera surveillance.

What is home security?

1. . That includes everything from larceny to burglary to motor vehicle theft. Home security, it appears, requires more than simply locking your doors at night. That’s where surveillance equipment comes into play. A smart home automation system integrated with outdoor security cameras can bolster the safety and security ...

Why are wired cameras not as versatile as wireless cameras?

Because they need to be installed near an outlet or other power source, wired cameras aren’t as versatile as wireless cameras when it comes to where they can be installed.

How to pick up security cameras?

Choose cameras with wide fields of view for greater security. The larger the field of view, the more your camera will be able to pick up. For best results, go with a camera with either a 180-degree lens or with pan and tilt functionality. ...

What is the easiest camera to install?

Battery-powered cameras that use WiFi to transmit their footage are the easiest to install, since there’s much less equipment and wiring to deal with. This is also the best option if you only need 1 or 2 cameras instead of a larger system.

How to judge security camera quality?

Use online reviews and recommendations to judge camera quality. There are plenty of websites dedicated to comparing and reviewing different security cameras that you can use to compare different available cameras and determine which is the best. Search “security camera review” to find these sites. If you have a specific camera model in mind, search for the name of that camera plus “review” in order to find more relevant results. [7]

Why wire a security camera?

Opt for wired cameras for reliable connections and power. Although they’re a bit more complicated to install, cameras that use wiring to attach to a power source and to their storage device are more reliable than wireless cameras. These are best for creating a security camera system somewhere with good wiring infrastructure, such as a home or office building.

Where to put cameras in your home?

Put cameras in common gathering areas to monitor people in your home. Place cameras over the living room, kitchen, dining room, and anywhere else that people tend to congregate when inside the house. This is especially useful for keeping an eye on children, babysitters, or guests in your home while you’re away.

How to connect a wired camera to a DVR?

Plug these cables into your camera and DVR device by inserting the opposite ends of the cables into the devices indicated by their respective labels.