where should security cameras be placed

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Security cameras should be placed at the most obvious points of entry:ground-floor doors and windows,especially the main entryway and any side or back doors. To avoid drawing attention to themselves,many burglars will aim for the entry points to your home that look natural.

What is the best way to mount a security camera?

Steps for installing a wired security cameraFind a stable spot on the wall.Some cameras may require finding a stud,while others will come with drywall anchors.Check for existing wiring.Mark and drill the appropriate holes.Thread the wiring back through the wall to attach it to the monitoring source.

What is the best way to install security cameras?

Typically,the most convenient installation option is a wireless security camera system. ...Wired security cameras are an excellent choice if you have a larger property to cover. ...Bundled home security camera systems are the best value. ...A motion-sensor feature,available for both indoor and outdoor cameras,saves recording space and energy. ...More items...

How do you set up a home security camera?

Using the mounting template as a guide,drill pilot holes for the mounting screws.Using a spade bit,drill a larger hole in the center of the guide. The hole is where the cables will exit.Following your map,run the security camera cables through the camera mount point and behind the wall until you reach the point where the DVR box will be mounted. ...

How do you install an outdoor security camera?

These are summarized steps for installing an outdoor IP camera:Find a good spot on the wall that doesn’t have any electrical wiring right behind it. ...Using a pencil,make your marks for where the mounting screws will need to go.With an electric drill in hand,drill in the holes for each screw. ...Armed with a screwdriver and the mounting screws,begin screwing the camera into the wall.More items...

Security cameras should be placed at the most obvious points of entry: ground-floor doors and windows, especially the main entryway and any side or back doors

To avoid drawing attention to themselves, many burglars will aim for the entry points to your home that look natural. The front and back doors are the most obvious, because if a burglar confidently approaches one of these doors, they won’t automatically arouse the suspicion of passersby.

Garages and driveways are considered entryways, so consider installing security cameras that cover those areas

Your cars and garage present attractive targets to criminals. Cars are often left unlocked, sometimes helpfully with the keys still inside, and garages are full of tools and sporting gear.

When placing a security camera, consider details such as visibility, height off the ground, and more

Once you’ve identified both the best home security system for you and the best locations for your cameras, you’ll have to consider the mounting methods and positions.

What do burglars do in a home?

If a burglar enters your home, they may be inclined to search for valuables in specific areas, such as the living room and master bedroom. Use cameras to watch over these spaces. Stairways. Some homes have balconies or basements with staircases that lead to entry points, which burglars can use to get inside.

Why is my home security camera choppy?

It’s important that your home security cameras have reliable access to a strong Wi-Fi signal to capture and relay footage. Without an internet connection, the camera could disconnect from your home security system. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, the video footage may be choppy or distorted.

How to place a security camera on a door?

Instead, put them a foot or two next to a door or window with the camera angled down toward the entrance. Don’t be afraid to make your security cameras visible; it may help scare off potential prowlers.

Why are windows that don't face the street more prone to break-ins?

Windows that don’t directly face a street may be more prone to break-ins due to their privacy. Install exterior cameras above these windows, or use interior cameras that face the windows in question. Driveways.

Do home security cameras rotate?

Home security cameras are a great addition to any home security system, providing you 24/7 access to your home, regardless of your location. Home security novices often make the mistake of installing just one camera. However, most cameras can rotate only so much and zoom only so far. Like door and window sensors, ...

Is SimpliSafe a clean sweep?

SimpliSafe triumphs over Abode, but it wasn’t a clean sweep. Learn more about the key...

Who is Celeste from Safewise?

Prior to SafeWise, she worked as an editor and reporter for KSL and Deseret News. She continues to report on local news as a volunteer with the community paper. For the last six years, she’s led a Girl Scout troop, teaching girls about safety and preparing for whatever life throws their way.

What is the camera 5 on a ring doorbell?

Camera 5 - Spotlight Cam: This camera is placed to keep an eye on the driveway and front yard, covering the area not seen by the Ring Video Doorbell. The Spotlight and motion detection features will flood the driveway with light at night, startling intruders and making it safer for the homeowners when they get out of their cars at night.

How to make ring camera work better?

Make sure your wifi is as strong as possible: Ring cameras work better the stronger and faster your wifi network is, so be sure and use network stretchers such as the Ring Chime Pro to make sure you have a clear and strong signal. Click here for more information on the Ring Chime Pro.

What is a ring indoor camera?

The Ring Indoor Cam is a wonderful all-purpose indoor monitoring device. Use it to keep an eye on the dogs or the inside of your house while you’re at work, or even a way to monitor what’s happening while you’re home in another room. Basically the Indoor Cam works great for any purpose that doesn’t require night vision or thermal detection and can even be linked to outdoor cameras or the Ring Alarm to act as a supplemental security camera.

What is a ring doorbell 2?

Ring Video Doorbell 2: The front door is the single most common entry point for break-ins, it’s where you’ll catch package thieves, and where you'll want to know who’s standing there before you answer the door. This is exactly what Ring Video Doorbells were made for!

Why is my camera not at the right angle?

One of the most common mistakes people make when mounting their cameras is to put them too high or too low. Too high and your camera may not be at the right angle to catch people’s faces. Too low and they become vulnerable to tampering. Always use the Live View function to make sure your camera is at the right angle.

What is ring security?

Ring security cameras offer a wide array of features as well as peace of mind when it comes to monitoring and protecting your home and loved ones. It’s important though, to know how to properly place your cameras around your home. Considerations like these determine where and how your cameras should be placed:

What do security cameras do?

Here are some of the most common things people use security cameras for: Securing areas of the property that are concealed or would otherwise make an inviting entry point such as a basement door or a copse of trees that conceals a part of a fence.

Why do you need a security camera in your garage?

Your garage will also be protected by ensuring that everything therein is kept secure. Having a security camera pointing towards these two places will enable you to detect anyone who’s getting in without authorization.

How many security cameras are needed for a home?

Generally, you require a minimum of two outdoor security cameras for your home. One will cover the front while the second one will cover the back of your house. Through that, you will be able to monitor any movements happening at the front and back of your home. If you want to set your eyes on another place, you can choose to add another camera ...

Why do we need an outdoor security camera?

An outdoor security camera works efficiently to ensure that you are well protected, for it keeps an eye on your property when you are not home.

Can an outdoor security camera be broken in?

However, poor positioning will prevent your outdoor security camera from performing as it should. The best place to install an outdoor security camera is in a position where an intruder is most likely to break in. It would be best to keep this camera in a place that intruders will not reach because they may choose to destroy it.

Do side doors have cameras?

The side doors, too, should have cameras that are out of sight, meaning no one will detect their presence. Having a security camera in all the doors gives you an idea of who walked in and walked out.

What camera do I need to watch over my garage?

I recommend a bullet camera with night vision to watch over the garage. I think this is the best solution because bullet cameras can be a visual deterrent to criminals. The camera can provide constant or motion activate recording.

What camera do you use to answer a doorbell?

A good second option for the front door is a bullet or dome camera . These cameras will work because they can be placed high, and have a microphone.

How does a garage camera work?

First, the camera will be motion activated. These cameras will send you a notification if something is moving around in the garage. Second, the light will be enough to illuminate the entire garage on the darkest of days. A little light is a dark space is perfect.

How do burglars get into my house?

Burglars will first look for your hidden key, and if they are. Burg lars will try three ways to enter your home through the front door. First, they will try turning the handle. You’d be surprised the number of people that leave their front door unlocked. Second, they will look for your hidden key.

How late can you set motion detection on a camera?

The camera should have night vision, with scheduled motion detection. You can schedule the motion detection to occur from 10 pm to 4 am. You should also consider a camera that allows you to configure motion zones. This allows you to set motion detection in certain areas. For example, you may want to set motion detection for the floor and not the bed. That way your child turning over at night won’t send an alert, but them getting out of bed will.

What is a garage?

The garage is the place where one or more cars are stored. In addition, other values are stored here as well.

What is the second place to install a camera?

After the front door, the back door should be the second place you install a camera. The backdoor is defined as the location that faces the rear of the house.

What is the field of view on a security camera?

The field of view is the area that your home security camera can see, and you’ll want to keep the width of any area you hope to capture in mind when you’re judging these numbers. The field of view is also critical for pet cameras as well.

How many thieves enter a house through the basement?

As much as 4% of thieves enter the home through the basement, and it’s not just the windows that can make your home vulnerable. If a door leads from the outside into your basement, this part of the house is much like a garage.

What is the difference between basement windows and off street windows?

Off-street windows are especially attractive to burglars with fences, trees, and more to obscure the view of neighbors and passersby, while low-lying basement windows make for especially easy access.

How many thieves gain access to a home via the garage?

As much as 9% of thieves gain access to a home via the garage, and even unattached garages pose a burglary risk with expensive outdoor equipment and all that extra home storage.

What is front door camera?

A front door camera isn’t just a fancy way to see who’s knocking without having to get up. The experts at InterNACHI — that’s the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors — say a third of all intruders enter a home through the front door.

When do home invasions occur?

Most home invasions occur during the day when no one’s home, but if you’re concerned about night time visitors, you’ll want to make sure your camera has a night vision mode to capture what happens after the sun goes down.

Is it safe to buy a security camera?

Buying home security cameras can help make your home more secure, but they’re only as good as where they’re installed. Make sure your cameras are set up in the right spots to keep you safe.

Monitoring comings and goings

Depending on your situation, and whether you own or rent, you could install a video doorbell outside the home, or use a wireless, battery-powered camera just inside the door. Ensure the camera has a wide view of the door and it’s not obscured by the door itself opening in front of the lens.

Keeping tabs on a large room

Perhaps you want to keep watch over children or pets in a playroom, rec room, or basement. Placing a small home security camera in a corner of the room can provide a wide field of view over all that’s happening.

Keeping valuables and vehicles safe

The garage is loaded with valuables: Vehicles, bicycles, and pricey toys or tools. Adding a camera to the garage just makes sense.

Watch over windows

Windows are a common source of break-ins, particularly in warmer weather when we leave them unlocked or just plain open. While a camera doesn’t actually prevent someone from using that opportunity, it can capture evidence.

Why is it important to have lighting when installing security cameras?

For this reason, it’s important to install proper lighting to ensure that your security cameras can provide useful footage and monitoring capabilities at night. Alternatively, if you do not want to provide lighting to areas of your property, you can consider night vision security cameras that will have the capability to monitor dark areas.

Why use both visible and hidden cameras?

When people see security cameras, they know they are being monitored and are less likely to commit a crime. However, visible cameras are very vulnerable to damage and vandalism. For this reason, hidden cameras are important to ensure that you still have monitoring capabilities if someone damages your visible cameras. Both of these types of cameras can ensure optimal monitoring capabilities, and the combination will deter potential criminals and keep your building secure.

Why do you need an expert opinion when placing security cameras in a building?

If you’re placing security cameras in and around your building, you should get an expert opinion to ensure that your building and your people are safe and secure.

How to get security cameras to reach the router?

In addition to the placement of your actual security cameras, you should consider the placement of the router. Place the router in a central location that will allow all cameras to reach the signal. When cameras are too far from the router, they will have to work harder, which can drain their battery life faster. In order to avoid issues with signals and premature battery drainage, be sure to place the router in a central location.

Why is it important to have security cameras on your property?

Security cameras are essential to monitoring your property and protecting your building. In order to maximize their effectiveness , it’s important to place security cameras optimally to ensure that they cover every inch of your property. When your cameras are placed correctly, you can monitor your entire property at once.

Why do people focus on secluded areas?

Focus on High Traffic Areas. When placing security cameras, many people focus on secluded areas because they assume that these areas are higher risk. Monitoring secluded areas is important, but you should make sure that high traffic areas are very well monitored.

How to secure a building?

1. Cover the Whole Perimeter. When placing your outdoor security cameras, you should make sure they’re on every side of the building. You’ll want to cover the entire perimeter of your property, placing cameras at different angles to ensure maximum visibility. Placing cameras around the entire perimeter of your building will ensure 360-degree ...

How many burglars look for security?

83% of burglars look for signs of a security system before deciding on robbing a place, with 60% opting to not rob a place if there is a security system in place, according to UNC Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Why is it important to think about what you want your camera to capture?

One of the reasons it’s important to think about what you want your camera to capture is because you want to avoid the instinct to place your camera far enough away that it captures everything.

What is the road to your home?

Driveway. Your driveway is the road to your home. Whether it’s by car or by foot, most people make their way to your home via your driveway. Pointing a camera at your driveway can give you a good idea of who is even thinking of making their way to your home.

What is the best place to put a camera on a burglar?

These places will maximize your security potential, help you reduce your chance of getting broken into, or increase your chance of helping the police find the burglar. Front Door. This is the most essential entrance to protect, as 34% of break-ins occur via the front door . Placing a camera either above or next to the front door can go a long way ...

Why do you need a camera near a window?

Placing a camera near these windows will help you eliminate the second-most used entrance for burglars.

What are the common mistakes people make when installing a security camera?

These are common mistakes people make when installing or placing their camera, and they can hurt your camera’s ability to do the job you need it to do. Put the camera up high, but not too high.

Where to put a camera in your home?

Placing a camera in a place that can not only watch your back yard, but keep an eye on whoever makes it through your back door is a must. Off-street Windows. Burglars use first-floor windows to enter your home 23% of the time, and many of these windows aren’t the windows on the front of your house.