where can i trade in my camera for cash

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What kind of cameras do we buy for cash?

We specialize in buying high end Digital SLR camera equipment. We pay top dollar in cash for Digital SLR camera bodies, lenses, and accessories. From Sony Alpha to Nikon and everything in between, we purchase a wide variety of camera equipment for cash – our cash offers are always fair.

How can I Sell my Old camera for cash?

Selling your new, used, or broken camera for cash is super easy with BuyBackWorld. Our camera trade in program provides you with instant cash price quotes on hundreds of different camera models. This camera buyback program will pay you top dollar to exchange your digital point and shoot, DSLR, and even vintage film cameras!

Can I trade-in my old camera?

We are proud to offer trade-ins for all cameras. Feel free to trade: Even very old cameras. Used, and even scratched equipment. Lenses of any model. Flashes and more. Bring your gear to our store at 2701 Summer St. (inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel ). You can also call us at 203-357-0467 or 877-eCamera .

Where can I sell used camera equipment?

Other Options to Buy Sell Used Camera Equipment. 1 BH Photo. BH is one of the biggest camera retail brands in the world. It offers an extensive catalogue of high-end equipment as well as consumer and ... 2 Adorama. 3 Local Camera Store. 4 Craigslist. 5 Online Marketplace.

We Pay Cash on the Spot

Get top dollar in cash today for your new, used, and even broken devices – all while remaining data safe.

We Sell Cameras & Equipment!

We offer discounted new and pre-owned cameras, lenses and accessories for sale with warranties.

Visit a PayMore Store

Visit a PayMore store and start buying, selling and trading your electronics.

How long is the warranty on a keh camera?

KEH Camera provides a 180-day warranty on almost all the gear they sell (collectables and as-is items aren’t covered). Having a warranty on second-hand photographic gear is a huge benefit, and KEH is one of the few retailers that offer one for 6 months. KEH only trades in used gear and provides an online platform dedicated to this task.

What is Craigslist classified?

Craigslist is a global classified advertisement site that’s broken down in various categories for those looking for jobs, housing, services and items for sale. It’s a very minimal looking platform where users can post camera gear for sale.

What is Keh known for?

Operating since 1979, KEH is well known in the photography community for its fair pricing of second-hand gear, wide selection and helpful staff who go above and beyond with their customer service.

How to sell a camera?

To make the process as simple and stress-free as possible for everyone involved, there are a few things you’re going to need to do: 1 Be clear in your item descriptions about the exact make and model of the product. 2 If it’s a camera you’re selling, be very specific about the functionality – buttons, dials, screen, etc. 3 Highlight the condition of the item and point out ALL defects. 4 Include a lot of photos of the items from every angle, including some to show the condition of the screen and especially the sensor. 5 Be clear about pick-up and postage options and what this is going to cost. 6 Communicate with the potential buyers and answer all of their questions honestly.

What does Adorama buy?

Adorama buys all types of photography and video equipment, computers, audio gear, optics, drones and even musical instruments! They accept older vintage models as well as the latest releases.

What sites sell gear?

When it comes to selling gear on sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups, you get a large audience of potential buyers.

What is B&H camera?

B&H is one of the biggest camera retail brands in the world. It offers an extensive catalogue of high-end equipment as well as consumer and professional electronics.

Does Nikon have installments?

The Nikon Store does not offer installments. However we do offer PayPal as an option at checkout. PayPal does have an offering that allows no interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99.00 or more. See terms.

Can you trade in a Nikon camera?

To be eligible for a trade-in amount, the consumer purchaser must trade in one operating camera to the Nikon Store for each new Nikon Z series Camera purchased. Trade-in amounts are not cash equivalents, may not be redeemed for cash, and are available only for the purchase of a new Nikon Z Series Camera. Trade-in amounts are cancelled and forfeited ...

Do you have to sign for Nikon package?

No, in order to protect your shipment Nikon requires you to sign for your package at delivery.

Can you trade in multiple Nikon cameras?

Multiple trade-in amounts cannot be applied towards the purchase of the same Nikon Z Series Camera. There is no responsibility whatsoever on the part of Nikon for any images stored in a traded-in camera memory or memory card left in a traded-in camera. All Nikon products include Nikon Inc. limited warranty.

Can you trade in a camera for a Z series?

You may trade-in one working camera for each eligible Z series camera purchased. Multiple trade-ins cannot be applied to a single Z series camera purchase.

Is there a blue book for used cameras?

There is no “ blue book” for used cameras. However, we endeavor to determine fair trade-in values based on the used camera market.

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