where can i get my camera sensor cleaned

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Where can I get my Nikon camera’s sensor cleaned? Sensor cleaning is available for entire USA (except AK HI) from our Pennsylvania-based independent sensor cleaning company,Perfect Image Camera. No shipping your gear overseas to be serviced.

How to clean the camera sensor?

Now hold the camera sensor facing down and use a blower to blow air into the camera. ...Care needs to be taken during this process so that the blower does not touch the sensor.After blowing a few times,using the sensor loupe,examine the sensor for any visible dust.Repeat using the air blower if you still see more dust.More items...

Does my camera have a self cleaning sensor unit?

Your camera will have a sensor cleaning feature in it. You use this to raise the mirror so you can access the sensor to clean it. Check your camera’s manual for instructions as to how to access this feature and how to return the camera to its usual setting when you are done.

How to clean your mirrorless camera sensor?

Tips and tricks for cleaning your mirrorless camera sensorDo not touch your sensor with anything other than a clean sensor swab.Do not use compressed air near your sensor or camera. This will damage your sensor and could damage other internal parts of your camera.Do not shake your camera. ...Do not keep your sensor exposed for too long. ...Do not splash water on your sensor. ...

How can I tell if a camera sensor is damaged?

If you see red spots on the photos or videos you take,this is also a sign of a damaged sensor.Black spots mean the sensor is dirty,but red spots are bad. You will need to get it serviced as soon as you can.Less often,the first sign may be white spots on your videos or photos.

Have you consistently noticed dark spots or marks on your digital photographs?

If so, your digital camera (DSLR or mirrorless camera) most likely has dust, dirt, or debris on its CMOS or CCD imaging sensor and requires a sensor cleaning. In most cases, a professional sensor cleaning will remove these spots, saving you countless hours dedicated to removing spots by hand with your post-processing software.

What camera manufacturer does perfect image work with?

At Perfect Image Camera, our highly-skilled technicians have performed thousands of professional sensor cleanings for cameras from every major manufacturer including Nikon, Canon , Sony, Sigma, Pentax, and FujiFilm. Our decades of experience as a full-service camera repair facility can give you the peace of mind we are providing you with safe top-quality service for your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Why does my camera have sensor dust?

Sensor dust can occur when swapping the lens of your digital camera, since this process exposes the sensor chamber and sensor glass (even briefly) to the elements . Because the sensor chamber is delicate, and sensor dust is often abrasive to the sensor glass, the sensor cleaning process is best executed by an expert technician to give you peace of mind.

How long does it take to clean a DSLR camera?

Additionally, sending your camera to the manufacturer for a sensor cleaning can be a long and painful process, sometimes taking up to 6 weeks!

What is lens cleaning?

Lens cleaning includes external inspection and external cleaning of lens body and glass.

How long does it take to get a camera cleaned in Central PA?

Or, if you live in Central PA, drop your camera off at our store and we will have it professionally cleaned within 24 hours.

Is sensor cleaning available in Pennsylvania?

And best of all, we provide 24-hour turnaround service for walk-in customers of our Pennsylvania stores and fast turnaround service for online orders. Sensor cleaning is available for entire USA ( except AK & HI).

How to tell if camera sensor is dirty?

Before we get into how to clean camera sensors, how can you check if your sensor is dirty? Well number one, if you take a picture and see spots on your image, chances are, your sensor is dirty.

What to do if your camera sensor is filthy?

If your sensor is filthy, it’s time to move on to manual mode. Depending on what camera you have, depends on the first step. But usually, cameras have an option or some variation to select “clean camera manually.”. This flips the mirror up and allows you to access the sensor.

How to clean a lens sensor?

2. Use a lens cleaning solution and spray it onto the cloth or swab, and simply wipe the lens. Try to avoid spraying directly on the sensor. 3. If particles are still on the sensor, it’s time for the Loupe, a magnifying glass with ring lights that goes over your sensor to see everything you might have missed.

Why does the sensor shake?

The mechanism violently shakes to remove the dust or other particles dirtying your sensor.

What happens if you clean a mirror sensor?

Before you clean your sensor make sure you have a full battery. If it runs out while you’re cleaning the sensor, the mirror will slap down and you’ll have a pretty expensive repair on your hands.

Does Peter McKinnon have an auto sensor?

Peter McKinnon makes this boring process more enjoyable. Automatic Sensor Cleaning. Most DSLRs have automatic camera sensor cleaning that occurs every time you turn the device on or off. Others make it possible for you to activate the auto sensor cleaning whenever you choose.

Can a C leaning camera sensor damage a camera?

C leaning camera sensors isn’t challenging, it just requires meticulousness and the know-how to do it safely, so you don’t damage your camera. And it’s easy to damage your camera when the sensor is wide open. Dust and other particles are flying around you all day, everyday, and the last thing you want to do is leave your sensor open ...

Should I Have My Canon’s Sensor Professionally Cleaned?

Unfortunately, Canon sensor cleanings aren’t just simple do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. One wrong move when working inside of your camera could damage the shutter or scratch the low-pass filter, which could result in a costly camera repair. Additionally, sending your camera to Canon for a sensor cleaning can be a long and painful process, sometimes taking up to 6 weeks!

Where Can I Get My Canon Camera’s Sensor Cleaned?

Sensor cleaning is available for entire USA (except AK & HI) from our Pennsylvania-based independent sensor cleaning company, Perfect Image Camera.

What do Canon camera technicians do?

Whether you’re looking to calibrate new Canon camera and lens pairings, or bring back the sharpness of your existing equipment, our trained camera technicians will use the latest tools and technology to make sure that your camera and lenses sit in perfect alignment.

What is AFMA in photography?

Camera and lens calibration, or Autofocus Microadjustment (AFMA), is a procedure that allows a technician to adjust for front or back focusing autofocus errors. Even the highest-quality DSLR photo equipment is not manufactured to identical specifications.

How long does it take to calibrate Canon lenses?

Fast turnaround times. We calibrate Canon lenses within 48 hours of receiving your equipment for most orders.

How long does it take to clean a Canon camera?

Additionally, sending your camera to Canon for a sensor cleaning can be a long and painful process, sometimes taking up to 6 weeks!

Can you calibrate autofocus lenses?

All auto-focus lenses can be calibrated if the camera body has AFMA (AutoFocus Microadjustment) capabilities. Specifically, we can calibrate these Canon camera models:

What is Nikon maintenance service?

Maintenance service may include cleaning, inspection and calibration of properly working cameras and lenses. Repair service, on the other hand, addresses operation issues, physical damage and other issues with Nikon gear. (Note: all Nikon camera repairs include Basic maintenance service; and lens repairs include Standard maintenance service.)

How long does it take for Nikon to ship back?

In most cases, your gear will be shipped back to you within 5 business days after Nikon receives it. Nikon factory service facilities strive to complete all regular maintenance service requests within five business days of receiving the camera or lens. Service times may vary due to increased demand, shipping delays, or other unforeseeable circumstances.

How to package your gear for a service?

When you schedule your service, we will provide a link to a printable shipping label. Securely package your gear in a sturdy box with ample packaging material. Do not include a memory card or battery. We recommend putting your gear inside a plastic bag to protect against moisture.

What is maintenance package?

Maintenance Package Services include installing updates to the firmware in your product. After these firmware updates, the product may no longer be compatible with your other devices, even if they were compatible prior to having Maintenance Services performed.

How long does it take to ship Nikon gear?

Ship your gear to Nikon and get it shipped out to you within 5 business days of our receipt (in most cases).

Why is my camera dark?

Most likely, yes. Dark spots are often caused by dust or dirt on the image sensor. A professional sensor cleaning often resolves these issues by removing the dust and dirt.

Does Nikon do maintenance packages?

Only necessary minor adjustments are included in the Maintenance Package Services. Adjustments requiring parts or significant labor will only be performed for a separate charge for each product. If while performing Maintenance Package Services, Nikon becomes aware that adjustments requiring parts or significant labor will be necessary, we will consider this to be request for repair and treat it as such. In this case you will not be charged for the Maintenance Package Services, even for such services already performed. However, an estimate for the cost of the repairs (adjustment) to the product will be sent to you, and if you do not approve the repair (adjustment) cost estimate, your product will be returned to you.