what year did honda civic get backup camera

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The Honda Fit and Civic have no backup camera options,though that could change for new cars in the2013model year. The 2013 Civic is getting a significant interior refresh for the model year,which could bring a standard backup camera,for instance.

Can you add a backup camera to a 2012 Honda Civic?

This 2012 Honda Civic contacted us looking to add a backup camera to the factory IMID display in the dash! There is a moderate amount of dash disassembly required to access the display in the dash. Once we have the dash apart, making the few necessary connections is a relatively simple procedure!

What kind of rear view camera does a Honda Civic have?

This OEM Integrated HONDA Rear-View Camera kit fits all 2011-2014 CIVIC models without Navigation. The system includes the factory HONDA harness that connects to the vehicle screen and the oem style backup camera that integrates seamlessly.

Which Honda models have a backup camera?

That means Honda’s 12-model lineup goes from having just two models with a standard backup camera — the FCX Clarity hydrogen vehicle and the CR-V crossover — to nine models. A backup camera was already standard on the 2012 Honda CR-V and remains that way for the 2013 model year.

Does the Honda Insight have a backup camera?

The only vehicles not getting backup cameras are Honda’s smaller vehicles. The Honda Insight has a backup camera available only with an optional pricey navigation system. The Honda Fit and Civic have no backup camera options, though that could change for new cars in the 2013 model year.

About this backup camera

The Backup Camera is mounted by embedding it inside the specific car housing for a clean and secure look. It will not plug into your stock indash monitor system, but we supply monitors that can be placed anywhere such as the Visor, Dash, Mirror, etc. These monitors can be made to look stock and unnoticable.

About this system

Use the drop down menus on the right to choose the options for your system. You can choose any of our monitors, all of them work with this Honda Backup Camera. You can also make the camera wireless so it will work wirelessly and there will be no need to run a cable throughout your vehicle.
Put any compatibility issues aside.

More you should know about monitors

Here at TadiBrothers we have many options for montors. We have Monitors that sit on the dash, Mirror monitors that clip over the mirror and are fully reflective when the camera is not active. We also have monitors that take the place of the visor in your Honda.
Our LCD monitors are very light as well as thin so they sit on your dash and look great.