what is the camera quality on iphone 5s

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8 megapixels
For the iPhone 5S,Apple improved overall image quality by expanding by 15% the amount of sensor space the camera uses to capture pictures. Apple kept the camera at8 megapixelsbut made the existing pixels larger,resulting in better low-light performance.

How good is the iPhone 5S camera?

The iPhone 5s camera has an action-shot feature called Burst Mode that snaps 10 frames per second -- ideal for trying to get a decent shot of a moving subject, as seen here. With an iPhone 5, you just have to hit the shutter button over and over and hope for the best.

How does the iPhone 5S camera compare to the Galaxy S4?

There is obvious noise, but both the iPhone 5S and older iPhone 5 significantly outperform the Galaxy S4, which totally failed our low light test. A larger sensor is always a good thing, but the true innovation for the iPhone 5S’s camera is the ‘True Tone’ flash.

Will the iPhone 5 camera replace the iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 5's predecessor, the iPhone 4S already took amazing pictures in its own right, and the iPhone 5 camera will replace the need of a standalone camera for even more iPhone owners.

Does the iPhone 5S compromise on image quality?

The iPhone 5S compromises slightly on image quality when it takes burst shots so quickly, but not as much as we feared. It also recommends the best shots in the series so you don’t have to sort through them all.

What is the difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S?

You see a similar difference when the flash is used to take photos of this cat. The iPhone 5 image, left, looks flat and muted, while the 5S shot on the right has more texture and depth.

Why do people upgrade to new iPhones?

The camera is always one of the primary reasons people choose to upgrade to a new iPhone, right up there with overall speed. With each generation of phone, Apple has made incremental upgrades to the camera’s hardware and software, such as the ability to shoot video, to use a flash or to snap panoramic images.

Does iPhone 5S flash?

The improved iPhone 5S flash modulates its settings for the situation instead of just emitting a blast of light. These images show how the flash on the iPhone 5 gives the guitar a washed-out look, left, while the iPhone 5S flash at right produces more contrast.

Who is the marketing chief of the iPhone 5s?

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller discusses the larger aperture and improved light sensor on the iPhone 5S camera.

Will the camera battle continue?

For the average consumer, the real camera battle will continue to be between smartphone manufacturers as they struggle to improve a feature that’s limited by space and technology.

Can you upload slow motion videos to Instagram?

The files are large, so there are a few hurdles you must jump to upload the clips directly to Instagram or some other platforms. For example, you first must run the image through one of the phone’s share-screen options, which include Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Mail.

Is Time Warp cute?

“ Time Warp ” employed extremely high-speed cameras and then slowed the footage way down to examine principles of physics. Apparently, it’s also cute for weddings.

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How many megapixels does the iPhone 5S have?

iPhone 5S – Camera and Picture Quality. Once again, on paper the camera on the iPhone 5S looks similar to the one on the iPhone 5. Both have 8-megapixels , but Apple has made some significant improvements to the iPhone 5S camera to help it cope better in low-light conditions – traditionally the area that phone cameras are weak.

Why does the iPhone 5S have a second LED flash?

Apple has added a second, amber coloured, LED flash to the iPhone 5S for use when it’s dark. The idea of the True Tone flash is to improve on the harsh tones and inaccurate colour reproduction of skin tones caused by white-LED or Xenon flashes.

How many shots can an iPhone 5S take?

Shutter speed it fast enough and, if you keep the camera button pressed, the 5S can take 10 shots per second ad infinitum, well at least until you fill up the internal storage or run out of battery. The iPhone 5S compromises slightly on image quality when it takes burst shots so quickly, but not as much as we feared.

How does a snap camera work?

It works by taking a picture, analysing the ambient light and then setting the correct flash tone and intensity. As you can imagine this takes time and there’s a noticeable lag between pushing the button and taking the snap.

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What is the camera on iPhone 5?

The camera on the iPhone 5 has been redesigned to fit inside the new, thinner body. The surface of the lens is now made of sapphire crystal. For transparent materials, the only thing harder than sapphire crystal is diamond -- so it's significantly tougher than the glass used on previous models of the iPhone. The edge of lens on the camera of my iPhone 4S has some visible scratches, so the sapphire crystal surface of the iPhone 5, and Apple's claim that it's far less likely to scratch, should prove important over time. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Can you take panoramic photos on iPhone 6?

One of the exciting new features of iOS 6 is the ability to take panoramic photos directly from the built-in camera app by simply panning the scene -- and boy does it produce beautiful results with the iPhone 5!

Does the iPhone 5 have a camera?

Even though the iPhone 5 didn't get a boost in megapixels , it did receive some enhancements that should produce clearer, more vibrant images while reducing noise in low light situations. The iPhone 5's predecessor, the iPhone 4S already took amazing pictures in its own right, and the iPhone 5 camera will replace the need of a standalone camera for even more iPhone owners.

Is the camera on iPhone 5 better than the iPhone 4s?

In addition to the sapphire crystal, the way that the camera sits in the body of the iPhone 5 has greatly improved from the iPhone 4S. It's perfectly flush to the back and there is no visible spacing between the camera and the body. The flash has also increased in size and appears to be clearer.

Does the iPhone 5 have a front facing camera?

The other sore spot of the iPhone has been its front-facing camera. It did receive a minor boost for the iPhone 5 and it's actually quite noticeable. I never used it for self portraits in the past, but now I might.

Do I need to turn on HDR for landscape?

The improvements to HDR are also very noticeable. I highly recommend that you turn on the HDR setting any time you take a photo of a landscape or cityscape.

What else will you notice?

It's still not perfect: take a quick snap in a normally-lit room and photos still have noise and blur. It's not as crisp as an SLR, or even a really great small camera, which should be obvious. But the point is, this is better -- just don't expect miracles.

Why is OIS important?

Also, the OIS helps with camera movement in general. It's always going to be best to be perfectly still when shooting, but there are times when that's not possible such as snapping from a moving car. There's only so much OIS can help with this situation, though.

Which is better iPhone 5s or 6s?

The 5S certainly has a very good camera, but the 6's photos are a bit more usable for enlarging and cropping, despite having similar specs to their predecessor. Color and exposure are solid across all three phones, but the iPhone 6's image processing is noticeably better.

Does ISO make a camera sharper?

The problem is, you might still need a high ISO, which adds noise, and the extra processing adds some softness. Instead of this stacking, the OIS can compensate for slower shutter speeds, allowing the camera to go with a lower ISO setting that introduces less noise and resulting in a cleaner, sharper-looking photo.

Which is better, FaceTime or Front facing?

Front-facing photos were better in low light, but they offered less photo detail: again, because the FaceTime camera isn't as good. It's perfectly suitable for the average selfie.

Does the iPhone 5S have phase detection?

As with picture quality, the camera sensor's Focus Pixels -- aka phase-detection autofocus (AF) system -- isn't a huge leap in speed, or at least it likely won't feel like much of one. Frankly, the iPhone 5S's camera focused more quickly than most smartphones, so speed never felt like an issue.

Is the iPhone 6 Plus a step up?

The answer is, yes: but, the step up isn't as massive as in previous years. But if you value better autofocus and low-light shooting, the 6 and 6 Plus are both improvements. For these tests, we chiefly used the rear iSight camera, and concentrated on still shots. (We'll look at video recording in a future evaluation.)

How many bytes is 1GB?

1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less. Requires an installment agreement or a 2-year contract and plan (which may include restrictions on switching service providers and roaming, even after contract expiration); sold separately to qualified customers. Credit check required; must be 18 or older; upgrade or activation fee from your wireless service provider may apply. Wireless service is provided by and is the sole responsibility of your wireless service provider. Some capabilities are not available in all areas and depend on your wireless plan and service provider network. Service may not be available in all areas or at the signal strength, rates, speeds, or bandwidth as demonstrated. Some features may require added fees. Contact your wireless service provider for more details. Customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace a previous-generation iPhone should check with their wireless service provider for pricing options. For those who are not qualified customers, are not eligible for an early upgrade, are purchasing an unlocked iPhone, or wish to buy an iPhone as a gift, see your carrier, an Apple Retail Store Specialist, apple.com, or an Apple Authorized Reseller for pricing. In CA and RI, sales tax is collected on the unbundled price of iPhone. Wi?Fi Internet access required for some features; fees may apply. Use constitutes acceptance of Apple’s software license agreement. Warranty information is also available at www.apple.com/legal/warranty/iphone. Unauthorized modification of your iPhone software violates the software license agreement. Inability to use an iPhone due to unauthorized modifications is not covered under your warranty.

How do size and weight vary?

Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.

How long does it take to talk on 3G?

Talk time: Up to 10 hours on 3G

What temperature is non-operating?

Nonoperating temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)

How many pixels are in a 640x1136 screen?

1136-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi

What generation is AirPlay?

AirPlay Mirroring, photos, audio, and video out to Apple TV (2nd generation or later)

Is LTE available on iPhone?

LTE and Wi-Fi calling are available in selected markets and through selected carriers. Speeds are based on theoretical throughput and vary based on site conditions. For details on LTE support, contact your carrier and see www.apple.com/iphone/LTE.