what is ps4 camera used for

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PlayStation Camera includes a number of great features,such as:Video broadcasting: livestream yourself and your gameplay to the world.Facial recognition: use the PlayStation Camera to recognise your face to login to your PS4 instantly,hands-free.Voice commands: Dish out in-game orders,search your library and launch games with just a few simple words.More items

What games can you play with PS4 camera?

Rabbidsinvasionis a game compatible with PS 4 camera. It’s designed for kids but it can be played by gamers of all ages, either be a teen or an adult. It is one of the games for PS 4 camera that keeps you entertained.

Does the PlayStation 4 have a camera?

The PlayStation Camera, if you're not familiar with, is a completely optional preferred for PlayStation 4. It is a camera with these two lenses here, it's got a built-in microphone, and it's got a variety of differences for it. Right now, around the time of launch, it's pretty limited.

How to use smartphone to control PlayStation 4?

Use a PS4 with a SmartphoneDownload the App Before you start connecting the two devices,you need to download the app from the app store. ...Link the Devices Connect your PS4 by using the ‘Second Screen’ feature. To do this,you need to follow these steps: Open the PS4 app. ...Start Using Your Smartphone

How to take screenshot on PlayStation 4 (PS4)?

How to Take Screenshot on PlayStation 4 (PS4): Initially, choose the desired screen for which you want to capture the screenshot. Then Press the Share button on the remote. An additional toolbar will open, on which the screenshot option will be given. Choose the screenshot option by scrolling, Image will be saved in the gallery.

What is face recognition on PS4?

Facial recognition: use the PlayStation Camera to recognise your face to login to your PS4 instantly, hands-free.

What is AR Studio?

Create your own personalised broadcasting stage and host live online shows with AR Studio, a free add-on for the pre-installed PLAYROOM App on PlayStation 4.

What does the PlayStation camera do?

Thanks to dual lenses and 3D depth-sensing technology, PlayStation Camera can track the position and orientation of your VR headset, helping to deliver an unbelievable sense of presence in a variety of amazing virtual gaming worlds.

Does the PlayStation camera work with VR?

PlayStation Camera doesn’t just let you see, hear, cheer and share your fantastic feats with friends. It’s also your entry to staggering Virtual Reality worlds thanks to PlayStation VR support, and the stylish, redesigned model also comes with an adaptable stand so it’s never been easier to capture your legendary gaming sessions.

What Is the PS4 Camera For?

The PS4 camera is for motion control and VR games, combined with the PlayStation Move controllers, as well as recording high-quality sound and video, and facial recognition features on the PS4 console.

PS4 Specifications

The PS4 camera is a rectangular device that is plugged into the back of the PlayStation 4 console. It measures 7.32 x 1.06 inches and can be placed on top of your TV.

PS4 Camera vs Xbox One Kinect

The Kinect, Xbox’s answer to the PS4 camera, comes with the Xbox One console. Meanwhile, the PS4 camera is sold separately. Also, the Kinect is larger than the PS4 camera, so it can’t just be placed on top of your TV set.

Related Questions

The PS4 camera can send your gameplay or your self-recorded video to your Cloud. These files can be uploaded to social media platforms like YouTube or Twitch.


Although the PS4 camera is far from being an essential accessory for your PS4 console, it is still a useful device, especially for virtual reality gamers. The device is jam-packed with features that you can’t get with a regular camera, and it can take your streaming activities and gaming to the next level.

Is the PS4 Camera Worth It?

It's safe to say the PS Camera is far from an essential PS4 accessory, unless you have PlayStation VR. If you're picking up the VR headset, make sure you either get a bundle or a Camera separately, because you must have it for VR.

What is the Playroom app?

The Playroom is a free app that comes pre-installed on to all PS4 consoles, but requires the Camera to actually play. If you don't have the PS Camera, opening this game just plays a trailer. The Playroom contains a collection of mini-games designed to show off the both capabilities of the PlayStation Camera and DualShock 4 controller, ...

How to connect PS4 camera to PS4?

You simply connect the camera to your PS4 using a proprietary cable that connects to a port on the back of your console. In September 2016, Sony released a second revision of the camera. The newer model is cylindrical instead of rectangular, though it's almost the same otherwise. The PS Camera has several functions.

What is the PS camera?

The PS Camera has several functions. The simplest is acting as a traditional camera for filming you in your living room. In addition, it can record audio, thanks to the built-in microphones. This allows you to chat with teammates in online games, even if you don't have a headset or other mic.

How to use facial recognition on PS4?

To set up facial recognition for your PS4 profile, head to Settings > Login Settings > Enable Facial Recognition. This will walk you through adding your face to protect your profile. To start broadcasting your play via Twitch or YouTube, hit the Share button on your controller and choose Broadcast Gameplay.

How many controllers do you need for PS VR?

For many games, you'll also need two PlayStation Move controllers. PS VR is available in a variety of bundles, many of which include the headset, a few games, the PlayStation Camera, and sometimes the PS Move controllers.

Can you use a microphone on a PS4?

Because it has a microphone, the Camera lets you command your PS4 using voice controls, with functions such as launching a game or returning to the home screen by saying "PlayStation.". However, you can also do this with any other microphone, including the basic earbud included with the PS4.

What Is A PS4 Camera?

This device is the successor of PlayStation Eye, an accessory designed for PS3. The camera for PS4 was first released a day after PlayStation 4 in 2013. Yet, there was another release in 2016, namely PS4 camera V2, and it had some modifications over the original.

What Is The Best Way To Mount PS4 Camera?

The best place to put PS4 camera for VR would be to ensure it has an unobstructed view of your headset and controller. It detects LEDs embedded in the VR headset and the controllers for a consistent experience.

Why is the Sony PS4 camera important?

It detects the LEDs in an embedded headset. Doing so, it helps to provide better motion control to the user. Sony also uses this device to give the user a seamless AR experience. The Sony PS4 camera is crucial to both AR and VR systems.

How many FPS can a PS4 record?

PS4 can record 720p @ 30fps and PS4 Pro can record 1080p @ 30 fps.

What is face recognition on PS4?

Sony’s face recognition system is a game-changer in PlayStation 4. It alters the way you have been using the system. When using face recognition, you don’t have to put in characters key by key. It can recognize your face and then log you in. This feature comes super handy where multiple users are using one PS4.

What can you use a symlink for?

You can use it for face recognition, VR, motion tracking, etc.

What are the three things to look at before we answer the question?

We would need to look at three things to before we answer the question. These questions are what is the cost, what it offers and do you need it.

What is the difference between Xbox One and PlayStation?

The two most obvious differences are that the new Kinect comes standard with the Xbox One, whereas the PlayStation Camera is an optional accessory, and that the new Kinect is much larger and cannot be placed on top of your television. But there are some notable, less visible technical differences, too. Advertisement.

What is the camera on the PS4?

The PlayStation Camera provides facial recognition, motion control and video capture capabilities to the PS4.

How big is the PS4 camera?

It's tiny, measuring approximately 7.32 inches (186 millimeters) in width, 1.06 inches (27 millimeters) in height and 1.06 inches (27 millimeters) in depth, and weighing around 5.93 ounces (183 grams).

How long does voice recognition last on a PlayStation?

Voice recognition also disables itself after 10 seconds if the user doesn't utter any commands. And voice isn't the only novel way the PlayStation Camera lets you control your system.

How many languages does the PS4 support?

At launch, the PS4 supports six languages for voice control:

When was the EyeToy camera released?

Game play cameras are nothing new. The Playstation 2 EyeToy USB Camera was released way back in 2003.

How many microphones does the PS4 have?

It also has an array of four microphones that span the device (two on either side of each camera lens) for quality sound capture and voice control of the PS4.

What is media molecule?

Media Molecule is one of the newer releases on PS4 that uses the camera and other gaming accessories to create a genuinely creative platform. You'll be able to share and collaborate with other players across the globe.

What is Omega Quintet?

Omega Quintet is a unique combination of the roleplaying genre and an idol simulation game that uses motion control and the PS4 camera. Players will play as an idol that faces off against others using song and dance to defeat a being known as the Beep to save the world. It was the first Playstation 4 game to use Playstation Move.

What is the camera used for in the alien game?

The camera can be used for noise detection and head tracking for a more realistic experience.

When did the PlayStation camera come out?

The PlayStation Camera was first released back in 2014 with the PlayStation 4, but a redesigned version was later up for sale in 2016. Many gamers bought this to use for streaming, or even as a microphone to talk with their friends. Recently, it has been used in conjunction with PlayStation VR to provide a completely immersive experience.

Why do surgeons use cameras?

The camera is used to control the movement and rotation of the surgeon's hand , while the controller is still used to control motor functions. Some say it helps them finish certain surgeries that require a little more precision as it becomes easier to twist and turn the various tools in certain directions. 7 7.

What is FIFA 16?

FIFA 16 is a unique football simulation game. If you're sporty, then you've probably played the FIFA games, but this specific one interestingly uses the camera. If the in-game referee hears you swearing, for instance, he can give your player a red card. It adds a humorous and somewhat frustrating layer to the game.

Why do you strike a pose in Commander Cherry?

The goal is to help Commander Cherry traverse various landscapes and players must strike a pose in order to create bridges to help him navigate the world. It is great for friends to play together as they must team up to control the Commander and create poses at the same time.

What is a PS4 camera?

The PS4 camera consists of 2 cameras that come with a resolution of 1200x800p (720p HD). This dual cam setup can operate in different modes depending upon the needs of the application or the game. The lenses have an F/2.0 aperture along with a 30 cm focus distance. The field of view that you get is of 85 degrees.

How to use PS4 camera on PC?

How to use a PS4 Camera on PC? To use a PS4 Camera on PC Follow these steps: You need to install the PS4 camera software on your computer. Now Connect the PS4 camera using an adapter to the USB port on your windows computer. Note: The camera module currently only supports USB 3.0 and does not work with USB 2.0.

Where is the USB camera Ov580?

Go to the start menu, search and open Device Manager. If all is done correctly, you will be able to find the USB Camera-OV580 in the camera section.

Can you use a PS4 camera on Twitch?

You can use your PlayStation 4 camera to record gameplay and stream it on various platforms like Twitch. Not only PS 4 camera, you can use any PS4 compatible webcam to stream using X Split Broadcaster.

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