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How do I determine my face shape?

Find your Face Shape. Step 1: Measure the length of your face with a ruler. (In this case the total length of the face is 8). Step 2: Divide the total length by 3. (In this case 8 divided by 3 is 2.67). ? If the last number is larger than the first number, chances are you have a long face.

What are the best glasses for my face shape?

The best glasses for face shape that’s round are:SquareRectangleWayfarers

How to determine your face shape in 5 Easy Steps?

How to determine your face shape in 5 easy steps?Right Tools to measure your face shape: Get a flexible tape measure like the one tailors use. Grab a notebook and a pen.Measure your forehead of your face: You need to ascertain which parts of your face are long and which are short or whether they are all the same. ...Measure your cheekbones on the face: Next comes the cheekbones. ...More items...

How do you determine your face shape?

Face Length: Measure from the top of your hairline to lowest part of your chin.Forehead Width: The distance across the center of your forehead from hairline to hairline. ...Cheekbone Width: Feel for the highest point of your cheekbone,then measure from one cheekbone across your face to the other. ...More items...

Face Shape Guide

Understanding your face shape and what frame styles compliment it best will help you choose the most flattering frame for your next pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Choose your face shape below and check out some of our recommended frame shapes!

Help Me Choose My Face Shape

Try out our face recognition tool, or make a public poll so the Yesglasses community can help you choose your face shape!

FAQ of Face Shape Recognition

It is a simple app that determines the user's face shape using a single front-facing photo. This app runs directly within the browser.

What is the heart face shape?

Heart. A stand out feature of a heart face shape is a wide forehead and cheekbones which becomes narrow when you follow the lines of your face downwards your jawline. Then it finishes off with a cute pointy chin. Read more about Heart Face shape and styles that best suits your face here.

What is the most prominent feature of a person's facial structure?

Oval. You have wider cheekbones and it is the most prominent feature of their facial structure. The forehead and the jawline are slightly smaller than the cheekbones. The edges of the face are rounded, and the jawline is also curved around the edges. Your face exhibits no sharp or angular curves.

What is the widest feature of your face?

Diamond. Cheekbones are the widest feature of your face. You have a narrow forehead and chin as compared to the cheekbones , which are the most prominent part of the face. Your chin is pointed and you will have high cheekbones. You do not have a wide hairline.

What is the face shape of square?

A stand out feature of square face shape is the jaws as this is the widest part of the face. The whole face tends to be wide. The width of the forehead, cheekbones and the overall jaw is equal. The jaws are angular with edges, and this also goes for the chin; no pointy cuteness here, but definitely a face with character.

What is a round face?

Round. The width of your face is mostly the same length of your face. Your jawline will also have a soft round shape rather than pointy or with an angle with edges. Round face shape is perfectly uniform with a petite look as typically seen in young children.

What is a pear face?

Your face structure have a wide chin, also have a bit of square looking jaw. Your forehead is comparatively narrower than the jaw area. You have a fuller face with rounded cheeks. Read more about Pear Face shape and styles that best suits your face here. Find your favorite celebrities with Pear Face.

Why is it important to understand your facial bone structure?

It is of uber importance that you understand your facial bone structure and enhance your overall beauty and presence with the hairstyles, accessories and cosmetic items. Your face shape says a lot about you, and it is the first non-verbal contact with the people you meet.

Why is PD important?

The PD is equally essential to the function and the aesthetics of the glasses style chosen for your vision. Your PD measurement needs to be accurate so that the lenses will promote clear vision. The accuracy of this measurement is especially vital if you need bifocal, trifocal or progressive lenses.

What is my face shape app?

Glassify is another “What is my face shape?” app that tells you your face shape. Once you know your face shape, you can start trying on virtual glasses and sunglasses to find the style that expresses your personality.

How many glasses can you choose from IDEOFIT?

Unfortunately, the IDEOFIT glasses selection is small; you can only choose from about 150 products (men and women combined). But, this should give you enough information to use when making a glasses purchase. The app is designed for use on an iPad and is suitable for men and women to try on glasses.

What glasses look good on a heart shaped face?

Once you’ve determined the shape of your face, you can stick to trying on frame styles that are known to compliment that face shape. For example, circular frames look great on heart-shaped faces; while full-rimmed, rectangular glasses flatter round faces.

What is the Face Shape Detector app?

Face Shape Detector is a “What shape is my face?” app to determine the shape of your face. You can also experiment with different glasses frames, hairstyles and makeup to see what looks best on you. This app is primarily designed for women. Try the “Face It” app to answer “What is my face shape?” for men.

How to measure face size?

For the first step, you will need a tape measure to get an accurate reading of your face’s length from the top of your forehead to the tip of your chin. Select the size in inches from the dropdown list. The second step involves measuring across your face at its widest point.

Why are glasses weights important?

The glasses’ weight is a critical factor because the frame must match the weight of the lenses. A sturdier frame is suited to thicker lenses, while a more delicate frame is appropriate for thinner lenses. Your correction values will often determine how thick the lenses need to be, whether you are nearsighted or farsighted. Check the online store that you want to shop to see if they provide advice to help you make the right decision.

What is the best haircut for a heart shaped face?

Once you’ve found your perfect part, it’s all about the right haircut. There are so many options, and using your face shape as a guide is a wise move. A pixie is particularly flattering on those with heart-shaped faces, while long layers help to elongate round faces—just to give you an idea. Not to mention, if bangs have ever crossed your mind, you’ll want to choose a fringe that’ll complement your shape. Give a new haircut based on your face shape a try, with the help of our articles, The Best Haircuts for Every Face Shape and The Best Bangs for Every Face Shape and Hair Type.

What is the shape of your forehead if you have a heart face?

If you have a heart face shape… your forehead is wider than your jawline and chin. You also have prominent cheekbones.

What does it mean if you have a diamond face shape?

If you have a diamond face shape… the length of your face is noticeably longer and you have a pointed chin and a narrow hairline.

Is there a face shape that is the most attractive?

The truth is, there isn’t one face shape that’s the most attractive! All face shapes are gorgeous, especially when you know the right hairstyles, makeup, and more to flatter your shape.

Can facial hair be used to shape your face?

This one’s for you, guys! Your facial hair can complement your face shape, too. Yes, that’s right—having a mustache or a full out beard can make it or break it when it comes to flattering your face. Check out our article, Contouring for Men: How to Choose the Right Facial Hair for Your Face Shape, for everything you need to know.

Can you adjust your eye makeup to flatter your face shape?

Aside from your face makeup, your eye makeup can also be adjusted to flatter your face shape. No, we’re not talking about mascara —we’re referring to your eyebrows ! For brows that are always on fleek, learn How to Find the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Your Face.

Do round glasses look the same on you?

Unfortunately, just because oversized angular and small, round glasses happen to look amazing on your favorite influencers, doesn’t mean they’ll look the same on you. That’s because your face shape also plays a role in the best eyeglasses for you. Want to know the specs for your ideal specs? Here’s How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape.