what is ir intensity on blink camera

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What Is IR Intensity On A Blink Camera? On a Blink camera,the IR Intensity is a setting inside the camera settings on the app. There are three IR intensity settings available: Blink cameras currently have an850nminfrared LED light to show you the clear video when the environment is dark.

What does IR sensitivity mean on Blink camera?

IR Sensitivity is how much light is detected by the camera and affects the brightness of your feed. The higher the sensitivity, the more light is seen, and the brighter your feed will be. How Do I Set My Blink Camera To Night Vision?

How do I enable the IR illuminator on my camera?

1. Tap the camera settings icon (this is the slider icon located above your cameras thumbnail picture on the main screen) to access its settings. 2. Toward the bottom of this screen, you will see a section called NIGHT VISION. 3. This is where you'll go to enable and configure the infrared illuminator. Off, the IR illuminator does not turn on.

How does night vision work on Blink security cameras?

This allows your camera to light up in the dark to see what is happening around your home, even at night. Blink security cameras use an infrared illuminator to light up areas with no light when the camera is in night vision mode. What Is IR Sensitivity?

What is illuminating my camera with infrared LED's?

Illuminating with infrared (IR) LED's allows your camera to see in low, or no-light situations. Note: Placing your camera on a deep ledge, or beside any reflective surface can result in glare that would impact image quality. Click the link for more information on camera placement.

How long is a blink mini?

The maximum clip length for Blink Mini is 30 seconds. End clip early if motion stops: If the camera stops detecting motion, the clip will end before the full clip length is reached.

What is activity zone?

Activity Zones: Disables motion detection for selected regions of the camera view to prevent unwanted motion clips or alerts.

What does enable microphone do on XT2?

If disabled, audio will not be captured. Speaker Volume: A slider sets the speaker audio level on the camera. This is only available on XT2 and Mini cameras.

What is motion detection?

Motion Detection: Enable: This setting includes the camera when arming the system it is connected to. If enabled, the camera will detect motion when armed, if disabled, it will not detect motion when the system is armed.

What is the status LED on a mini camera?

Status LED: On a Mini camera you can set when the LED light displays On, Off or Recording.

Can you record video with a Mini camera?

Video Recording: When this setting is off, the Mini camera will only send motion notifications without recording clips; however, Live View is still available.

Where is the settings slider on my camera?

To access the settings for a particular camera, tap the settings slider icon located above the right top corner of each thumbnail image on the Home screen.