what is a flock camera

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Flock cameras aresolar-powered,motion-activated,and infrastructure-free camerasthat can identify and categorize the details of vehicles that pass by. The cameras capture the make,vehicle type,color,license plate (full,partial,or missing),state of the plate,and unique features,including damage and after-market alterations.

What is a flock safety camera?

Flock Safety takes the traditional LPR camera to the next level by using machine learning to capture clear, accurate license plate information and organize it based on a vehicle’s physical description and unique features. Besides a license plate, what else do Flock Safety cameras capture?

What is FlockOS?

Meet FlockOS, the first public safety operating system that powers 1,400 cities to capture objective evidence, make it actionable with machine learning, and deliver it directly into the hands that stop crime. See how Flock cameras are just part of the story that helps you capture the evidence needed to stop crime. Let us build you a custom plan.

How far away can flock safety capture vehicles?

Over 70% of crime occurs with a vehicle, so Flock Safety is able to capture vehicles traveling up to 100 MPH and up to 75 ft away—day and night. Police say a license plate is the best evidence to solve crime. It’s public information on a public road, and it gives your local police the first investigative lead they need to solve crime.

Is there a camera that sees like a detective?

Flock Safety has cameras for both neighborhood and police use. The first camera that sees like a detective. 7/10 crimes are committed with the use of a vehicle. Capture the vehicle details you need to track leads and solve crime.

What is Flock Safety?

Flock Safety built the first public safety operating system that helps neighborhoods, businesses, and law enforcement in 1200+ cities work together to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias. Pair devices that capture objective evidence and machine learning to create and deliver unbiased investigative leads to law enforcement. Our proprietary devices and cloud-based software reduce crime by +70%.

Why do police need license plates?

Police say a license plate is the best evidence to solve crime. It’s public information on a public road, and it gives your local police the first investigative lead they need to solve crime. “This is by far the best decision I’ve made as an HOA board member.”.

How fast does a Flock camera take pictures?

This setting allows the camera to wake up and start taking pictures in a fraction of a second, and to capture multiple frames of a car traveling up to 75 MPH.

Can you install a flock safety camera anywhere?

The cameras only require a few hours of sunlight a day, making them ideal for both rural and urban neighborhoods.

Flock Safety Captures Unbiased Evidence for the Neighborhood Watch

Traditional neighborhood watch programs depend on everyday people to act as unbiased observers, but whether they know it or not, everybody has pre-developed notions that affect their thought processes and actions. In past cases, neighborhood residents have accidentally identified maintenance workers or delivery drivers as suspects after a crime.

No License Plate? No Problem

Time after time, legacy LPR cameras fail to solve crime committed with a vehicle that has stolen tags, temporary license plates, or no license plates at all — a more common occurrence than you might realize. Additionally, many LPR systems are guilty of misreading plate numbers and overlooking suspects.

Flock Safety is Affordable, Easy and Inconspicuous

Flock Safety LPR cameras reduce costs by leveraging solar energy and batteries for power, as well as using LTE (like your typical cell phone) for cloud storage. So, instead of charging exorbitant fees like legacy LPR companies, Flock Safety is able to lease our aesthetically pleasing cameras to communities for only $2,500 per camera per year.