what camera does tfue use

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Logitech BRIO

What PC does Tfue use for streaming?

The entire setup looks like this: Finally, Tfue is rumoured to use different PCs for his gaming and streaming needs. For streaming purposes, Tfue uses the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU processer with an Asus Rog Strix GEFORCE GTX 1650 graphics card which is a 4GB VR ready card with overclocked DDR5 memory

What webcam does Tfue use when steaming?

When steaming, Tfue uses the Logitech BRIO as his webcam. The BRIO is one of the best webcams on the market. It offers HDR 4K imaging that will deliver high-quality visuals to your community. It also uses RightLight 3 technology, an auto-lighting feature that will adjust the contrast in the lighting that surrounds you, reducing any glare.

What monitor does Tfue use?

Tfue uses three ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5-inch monitors. The ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q has a refresh rate of 240Hz and a response time of 1ms. Although Tfue said that it’s fine to play FPS games on an 140Hz PC, he got a 240Hz for his gaming setup ‘because why not.’ So, the 240Hz refresh rate shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing this screen.

What are the specs of the Tfue gaming PC?

Tfue Gaming PC Specs - CPU: Intel Core I9-9900K - GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition - Mainboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Motherboard LGA1151

What microphone does TFUe use?

Tfue setup for streaming includes a Shure SM7B microphone. The Shure SM7B microphone is among the most popular microphones used by streamers, including Loeya, KingRichard and MrFreshAsian.

What size mousepad does TFUe use?

Tfue’s setup includes a SoloQ Extended Mega Size mousepad. Tfue has chosen a massive 121.9 × 61 × 0.41 cm mousepad for his gaming setup that is wide enough to set up two keyboards if you don’t have a wide swing. It has a rubber base that is designed to reduce slipping, although with its size, its unlikely that you would need this extra feature.

What keyboard does TFUe use?

Tfue uses an Akko x Ducky 2 Mini keyboard with ultraviolet key caps. The Akko × Ducky 2 Mini is a thick, double-layered, 61-key RB-lit keyboard that is designed to save deskspace in order to provide more freedom for mouse movements. There are Cherry MX Red (linear), Blue (loud) and Brown (tactile) versions of this keyboard, which can be easily removed and replaced with other switches.

What is a TFUe mouse?

Tfue mouse is a Razer Viper Ultimate wireless. The Razor Viper Ultimate comes with an RGB docking station, 8 programmable buttons and a Razer 5G 20,000 dpi optical sensor. The mouse is ambidextrous, with right- or left-hand settings in the software, and has two buttons on either side for this purpose.

How many ports does the Behringer 1204USB have?

Despite being around since 2012, the Behringer Xenyx 1204USB is still popular among streamers. It offers 12 ports, four of which are for microphones which can be used either for ¼ inch microphone jacks or for XLR connectors, with an on-off phantom power switch to accommodate the microphone’s energy requirements.

How old was TFUE when he started playing video games?

Tfue only started playing video games when he was around twelve or thirteen years old, and quickly became addicted to the competitive aspect of them and especially loved trying to break world records. He played a few different Battle Royale and FPS games during that time including Call of Duty and H1Z1.

What is a TFUe?

Tfue headphones are Sennheiser HD 800 S. The Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones are open-back, around the ear dynamic headphones with 56mm rind radiator transducers and XLR connectors. The open-back means that these headphones release some sound, making them unsuitable for use in public spaces, but help to produce a soundstage surround sound experience while also having the side benefit of reducing pressure on the eardrum.

What mouse does TFUe use?

Tfue uses the Razer Viper Ultimate as his mouse of choice. The Razer Viper Ultimate is a wireless mouse that boasts Razor Hyperspeed making it 25% faster than other wireless technology available, with low latency and low interference.

What graphics card does TFUe use?

Tfue uses the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 Ti as his graphics card. This high-end gear offers 11GB GDDR6 and a maximum digital resolution of 7680×4320. No matter what game you play, this card should perform without dropping any frame rates or shuttering. The graphics card is so powerful that it can easily support 1080p and 4K. In fact, if can handle up to 8K with a compatible monitor. With this card you can expect the following:

What size mouse pad does TFUe use?

Tfue uses the SoloQ Extended Mega Size gaming mouse pad. The mousepad’s size is 48” x 24” allowing you to move your mouse wherever you want and also place your keyboard on top of it. The fat rubber base ensures that the mousepad won’t move at all while you game and sleek design ensures accuracy.

What headphones does TFUE use?

TFue uses the Sennheiser HD 800 S Headset. The HD 800 S are wired headphones precision-built in Germany from the finest materials and components. The unique ear cup design directs sound waves to the ear at a slight angle to create an impressively natural and spatial listening experience. They are also an ultra-comfy fit ideal for long gaming and stream sessions. Here are a few extra features:

What is the SM7B made of?

Design and build quality – the SM7B is constructed of metal and both heavy and durable. The company designed it to last for years, making it a timeless piece in any studio.

What is the Herman Miller Embody chair?

The chair comes with six ergonomic functions that allow you to properly maintain your posture while you work or play at your computer. It helps you to keep your blood and oxygen stimulated, allowing you to relax while maintaining your focus. The Herman Miller Embody chair comes with a 12-year warranty. Here are a few of the Herman Miller’s best features:

What processor does Lirik use?

LIRIK uses the Intel Core i9-9900K desktop processor. It has 8 cores and 16 threads. It is compatible with motherboards based on the Intel 300 series chipsets. It does have Solder Thermal Interface Technology, also known as STIM, which helps with efficient heat transfer from the CPU to the cooler and allows for higher overclocking speeds.

How many followers does TFUe have on Twitch?

Tfue used to stream games such as Call of Duty, H1Z1 Battle Royale and Destiny and had around 60k followers on Twitch until the beginning of 2017. He switched primarily to Fortnite after the game began to gain popularity in the second half of 2017 and finished 2018 with more than 4 million followers on the platform.

When did TFUe join Faze?

Tfue joined the FaZe clan in April 2018 as a Fortnite player. However, the streamer was famously involved in a lengthy legal battle with FaZe as he famously filed a lawsuit in May 2019.

Is TFUe suspended?

The lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed by both parties in August 2020. Tfue has been suspended by Twitch multiple times and currently has 10.2 million followers on the platform.

Is TFUe dating Corinna Kopf?

Currently, not much is known about Tfue’s relationship status. He was in a public relationship with fellow internet personality Corinna Kopf since December 2018. However, the pair split up in August 2020, and currently, it is unknown if Tfue has a girlfriend.

Why was TFUe banned from Fortnite?

In June 2018, Fortnite banned his account permanently citing attempt to sell his account. Actual misunderstanding was related to transfer of existing skins. After the ban Tfue vowed to never buy anymore skins or dances from Fortnite. In August 2018, all of his social media accounts got hacked.

What mouse does TFUe use?

Tfue uses Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom mouse and Ducky Miya Sakura keyboard. He also has Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard.

How many PCs does TFUe have?

Tfue has two PCs. He uses one for gaming purposes and second one for streaming needs.

How old was TFUe when he started playing?

Tfue went playing game from young age. His first game was cult FPS shooter “Halo” which he started playing when he was 12 years old. Since the beginning Tfue was taking seriously every game he played and he always was competitive and trying his best.

How tall is Tfue?

In spring 2019 he left the FaZe clan after he sued them for malicious contract. Tfue is 6 ft 1in (18 6 cm) tall. His weight is unknown. He has two siblings, brother and a sister.

Where is TFUe from?

He was former member of Faze Clan. Turner was born on January 2, 1997 in Indian Rocks Beach, FL, USA. He lives in Los Angeles.

What did Turner sue Faze clans for?

In spring 2019, he sued FaZe clans for malicous and bad contract, where his lawyer stated that Turner was obligated to give in some cases p to 80 percent of his earnings.

What happened to TFUe in 2019?

On May 20th, 2019, Tfue launched a lawsuit against FaZe Clan. He claims that they are “limiting his ability to pursue his profession in violation of California law, passing on a lucrative brand deal because of a conflict of interest and failing to pay him his share of sponsorship earnings.”

What games did TFUe play after Halo?

After Halo, his main games ended up being Destiny and Call of Duty. He finally gained status as a professional gamer when he moved onto Call of Duty. During this time, and due to his skill, his Twitch channel grew massively, with him becoming Twitch partner. Whilst streaming Destiny, Tfue set a world record.

Why did TFUe get suspended?

In May 2018, Tfue was handed a 30-day suspension from Twitch for using the word “coon”, a racial slur often used against black people . He would later go onto say he was using the word to describe a player who plays as a snake, a raccoon.

What was the name of the game that Turner played in?

When Fortnite was released on July 25th, 2017, Turner was known well for being talented in Battle Royale games. Due to his success, he was invited to join FaZe Clan as part of their Fortnite team and has competed in several tournaments for them.

Where is TFUe from?

Tfue Biography. Turner Tenney was born on January 2, 1998, in Indiana Rocks Beach, Florida. He had a huge interest in video games from the early age of 12. His first main game and passion was the Halo franchise.

Who holds the record for most squad kills?

Tfue has also been involved in a number of world records during his career. In 2018, alongside Nick Eh 30, One_shot_GURL and Cloakzy, he set the PC world record for the most squad kills of 53. Tfue also holds the world record for a King of the Hill solo game on H1Z1.

How old is Tfue?

Like every other gamer fan, Tfue fans also want to know about his age. The answer is he was born on 2 January 1998, Currently, Tfue is 23 years old.

How much is Tfue worth?

According to our research, currently, Tfue’s net worth is between $6 to 8 million.

Who is Tfue’s brother?

Many Tfue fans don’t know who is his brother. Jack Tenney is a brother of Tfue. His brother is also a very famous Youtuber. On his youtube channel, he has 5.72 million subscribers.

What mouse does Tfue use?

The answer is currently, Tfue is using FinalMouse Starlight 12 Zeus Silver diamond embedded and FinalMouse air58 Ninja cherry blossom red. for his games and streaming.

What keyboard does Tfue use?

Currently, Tfue uses 2 keyboards for his gaming and streaming. The first keyboard Tfue uses is Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition – US – Black Keycaps and the second one is Custom made keyboard.

What gaming chair does Tfue use?

Streamer like Tfue has to do a 6 to 7 hour-long Livestream, for that he needs a good comfortable chair. So, Tfue uses Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair during live streaming.

What servers does Tfue play on Fortnite?

Like every pro gamer, Tfue joins North America East (NAE) servers in the Fortnite game.

What headset does Tfue use?

As we touched on right at the start of the post, in his live streams Tfue uses the expensive and high quality Sennheiser HD 800 S. Next, we will provide you with an overview of this headset and our opinion, as well as some other headphone deals you might want to consider.

What games does TFUe play?

Tfue has been known for playing quite a few different games, although he is associated most with Fortnite. Here’s a list of the games he streams: 1 Fortnite 2 Call of Duty: Warzone 3 Minecraft 4 Pub G 5 Destiny 2 6 Among Us 7 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 8 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 9 Just Chatting

How much is a Sennheiser headset worth?

It’s clear that the Sennheiser headset is a fantastic, high-quality piece of kit and something you would expect from a streamer that reportedly has a net worth of close to $6 million.

Where is TFUe from?

Tfue, or Turner Ellis Tenney as he is known offline, is an eSports gamer from the state of Florida who has gained a massive following through streaming on the popular platform, Twitch.

Does Sennheiser have a frequency absorber?

Sennheiser has combated that through their patented technology, the frequency absorber . As a result, all the technology means that where more typical headphones fail at the lower frequencies their product doesn’t.

What CPU does TFUe use?

Finally, Tfue is rumoured to use different PCs for his gaming and streaming needs. For streaming purposes, Tfue uses the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU processer with an Asus Rog Strix GEFORCE GTX 1650 graphics card which is a 4GB VR ready card with overclocked DDR5 memory

What graphics card does TFUe use?

Tfue regularly upgrades his system, and only recently moved to this one from the Intel core i7-9700K. Further, he has the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card which has a memory of 11GB and a highest display resolution of 7680x4320! The same is available on Amazon for around 1400 dollars.

What processor does TFUe use?

Tfue currently uses the Intel Core- i9-9900K processor which has 8 cores and gives mind-boggling speeds of up to 5.0 GHz with the turbo unlocked mode. The processor is easily available on Amazon for around 500 dollars, and is currently one of the best ones in the market. Tfue regularly upgrades his system, and only recently moved to this one from the Intel core i7-9700K.

What is the highest resolution for a 2080 Ti?

Further, he has the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card which has a memory of 11GB and a highest display resolution of 7680x4320! The same is available on Amazon for around 1400 dollars.

What is TFUe's chair?

Tfue currently has the Herman Miller embody ergonomic chair with fully adjustable arms and translucent casters. Earlier, he was using the Maxnomic Commander S gaming chair which had the characteristic black and white colour and limited features.

When did TFUe join the Faze clan?

Tfue is one of the most popular names associated with the Fortnite gaming world. He joined the FaZe clan in 2018, and has since been involved in quite a few controversies, including the lawsuit that he filed in 2018 against the clan, and then the one the clan filed against Tfue.

What RAM does G.Skill use?

Further, he uses the G.Skill Tridentz RGB series 16 gb DDR4 RAM which is specifically designed for Intel processors.