what camera does peter mckinnon use

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Canon EOS R5

What camera does Peter Fonda use?

Well, after a bit of digging, we can see that Peter is using a Canon EOS-R Camera which is one of Canon’s top cameras that one can buy. The beast of a camera is a powerhouse for capturing both video and photography with its full-frame sensor that is capable of capturing 14 fps in RAW format.

Who is Peter McKinnon and why is he famous?

“B’what’s up, everyone?!” Peter McKinnon has built a name for himself as a leading creator on YouTube with his energetic, fun, and quirky photography and videography tutorial-style videos.

What camera does YouTuber funfourlouis use?

YouTuber FunFourLouis uses the Sony A7II, Cyber-shot RX100, and the Canon G7X for his traveling vlog. If you're thinking of starting your own travel channel, this is the setup for you. What is a Good Cheap Camera for YouTube Videos?

What camera does Ben Affleck use?

His camera of choice is the Canon 80D with an 18-135mm lens. This lightweight, reliable Canon camera is the perfect choice for him to capture all of the outrageous events he puts himself, his assistant Natalie and his loyal group of friends through.

What Camera Does Peter McKinnon Use?

Peter McKinnon’s camera of choice for his vlogs and photography is currently the Canon EOS R5, which is a full frame mirrorless camera.

What Editing Software Does Peter McKinnon Use?

Just like a lot of photographers, Peter uses Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to edit his photos and he’s even got presets that you can use to get your photos to look just like his.

What microphone does Peter use for vlogs?

As someone who focuses on both photography and videography, Peter needs to have the best audio for his vlogs. For this, he uses the Rode VideoMic Pro+ Shotgun microphone. He also uses a Deadcat windshield to make sure he gets the best audio possible.

How much does a DJI Mini 2 weigh?

Another benefit is that the weight of the DJI Mini 2 is 249 grams and in a lot of places you need to be licensed to fly drones that are over 250 grams.

What camera does Peter McKinnon use?

What camera does Peter McKinnon use? None other than the Canon EOS R5 – the cream of the crop Canon mirrorless body! Boasting a 45 megapixel full-frame sensor that can produce 8K video, up to a 12fps mechanical shutter, and so much more — all packed into its sleek, ergonomic body — there’s no wonder it’s Peter’s camera of choice.

What is Peter's drone?

Even after jam-packing a ton of gear into his bag, there has to be room for a drone in Peter’s setup. The drone in question is the mighty, but portable, DJI Mini 2. It might be small, but don’t be fooled — DJI was able to fit a whole 12MP camera that can capture 4K video, with a battery that supports up to 31 minutes of flight, at max heights of 4,000 meters! The DJI Mini 2 is a perfect addition to Peter’s collection for capturing those crispy bird’s-eye viewpoints.

What is Peter McKinnon's bag?

We need a bag to carry our day-to-day gear in, and what better bag than the one the man himself created? The Peter McKinnon Bag, made in collaboration with Nomatic, has been getting all the praise for its complete form-follows-function design. Addressing everything an energetic, constantly-moving creator would need, the bag features a slick design, made to hold lots of gear, along with protective cushioning, tons of pockets (held by the best quality zippers and magnets), and even extra storage for clothing and other everyday items!

What is the best lens for a mirrorless camera?

A lens fit for the studio, traveling, or even vlogging, the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8 is the perfect versatile wide lens to strap to your mirrorless Canon body. The focal range allows you to squeeze in all your surroundings at 15mm, while 35mm lets you zero in a bit more on your subject — so, if you need to adjust, you have all that room to play between 15mm-35mm. The wide open aperture of f/2.8 lets you capture videos and images at a nice shallow depth of field, while also being a great low light performer. Perfect for the shenanigans that Peter finds himself in.

What is the best lens for portrait photography?

The Canon RF 50mm f /1.8 is a small, but mighty, portrait lens! The 50mm focal length is a favorite for portrait photographers, and the super wide f/1.8 aperture provides the smooth bokeh, and unparalleled low light performance. A great lens for anything from portraits to b-roll!

What is a Dango gripper?

The Dango Gripper Mount is Peter’s jaw clamp of choice, which he mounts his GoPro on to capture footage from anywhere – from helmets, to motorcycles, kayaks, and more. This clamp, along with the small build of a GoPro, allows for video capture from the tightest of nooks and crannies.

What is a Joby GorillaPod 5K?

Another piece of equipment that we see YouTubers like Casey Neistat use, the JOBY GorillaPod 5K is plain and simple. A light portable tripod that grips onto surfaces, and anything from tree branches to lamp posts. It’s great as a handheld tripod for vlogging, too.

What Camera Does Mrbeast Have?

Mrbeast has been using the Canon EOS 1DX Mark II to grow his channel for quite some time. His YouTube channel has grown to the point of making him up to $35,000/day.

What Camera Do Travel Vloggers Use?

YouTuber FunFourLouis uses the Sony A7II, Cyber-shot RX100, and the Canon G7X for his traveling vlog. If you're thinking of starting your own travel channel, this is the setup for you.

What is a Good Cheap Camera for YouTube Videos?

Our top affordable camera pick is the Canon PowerShot SX410 IS. If you are looking for a camera to shoot good quality photos and videos at an affordable price, this camera is.It's under $200 and can shoot super high-quality videos. However, here's a list of budget cameras alternatives you can check.

What camera does Casey Neistat use?

YouTuber Casey Neistat uses the Canon EOS 80D, Canon G7x Mark II, and the DJI Mavic Pro 2 for vlogging. As you can see, Casey loves his cameras. Each one of these cameras has its own differences and benefits. First off, the most used and recognized camera in Casey’s vlog is the Canon 80D.

What camera does Matti Haapoja use?

Matti Haapoja uses the Canon EOS-R and the Canon EOS C500 Mark II cameras for vlogging on YouTube, and to create content for his social media accounts.

What camera does David Dobrik use?

David Dobrik uses the Canon EOS 80D to shoot his videos.

How many subscribers does Logan Paul have?

Logan Paul is an extremely popular, and somewhat controversial, YouTuber with over 23 million subscribers. He is known for his unique vlogging style and incredibly entertaining content.