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How many cannons does a Me 262 have?

Me 262 A-0 Pre-production aircraft fitted with two Jumo 004B turbojet engines, 23 built. Schwalbe Primary production version, usable as both fighter (interceptor) and fighter-bomber. Single prototype with a total of six nose mounted guns, two 20 mm MG 151/20 cannons, two 30 mm (1.18 in) MK 103 cannons, and two 30 mm (1.18 in) MK 108 cannons.

What is the Messerschmitt Me 262?

The Messerschmitt Me 262 was a single-seat jet fighter that was used by Germany during World War II. The first production model of the series was the Me 262A-0 pre-production model, though the first standard model became the A-1a.

Why didn't the Luftwaffe use the Me 262 as a fighter?

This typical piece of Hitlerian pig-headedness cost the Luftwaffe valuable months, when they might have been employing the Me 262 as a fighter, in converting it to a role for which it was quite unsuited.

What were the different types of Me 262 interceptors?

The two main models built were the interceptor Me 262 A-1a Schwalbe (Swallow) and the fighter-bomber Me 262 A-2a Sturmvogel (Petrel). Numerous subtypes of the interceptor were built with four 30 mm MK-108 automatic cannons in the nose or with alternative armament variations.

What was the fighter bomber?

The fighter-bomber was the result of Hitler ’s insistence on using the aircraft as a bomber and had substations for one 1,000 kg (1,100 lb) or two 500 kg bombs. Starting the Jumo 004B engines of an Me 262 A1a of the Commando Nowotny in late October 1944. Messerschmitt Me 262 A2a fighter-bomber of I./KG51.

When did the Jumo 004B start?

Starting the Jumo 004B engines of an Me 262 A1a of the Commando Nowotny in late October 1944. Messerschmitt Me 262 A2a fighter-bomber of I./KG51. An abandoned Me 262 A2a jet fighter-bomber, found by the US Army in a wood near Frankfurt in the spring of 1945. Two-seat Me 262 B-1a night fighter.

When did the first Me 262A come out?

Reliable deliveries of jet engines did not begin until June 1944, which made it possible to deliver the first Me 262A production aircraft. Despite many difficulties, the first series aircraft were delivered in July 1944. Only 513 Me 262 were taken over by the Luftwaffe in 1944, which was less than 40 percent of the originally planned number.

How many Me 262 were built?

Even if only about 500 Me 262 had been built by the end of 1944, their number rose to 1,433 by the end of the war. Of these, probably less than 350 – i.e. a maximum of a quarter – saw operations with front units and their losses were also heavy. But only a few of these losses were caused by combat action.

When did the Me 262 V1 fly?

But in order to test the basic flight characteristics of the airframe, the Me 262 V1 (PC+UA) was fitted with two dummy jet engines under the wings and a single 700 hp Jumo 210G piston engine in the nose, and made its maiden flight on 18 April 1941.

How many seats are there in the Me 262?

Two-seat Me 262 B-1a night fighter.

Why did Hitler demand a Me 262?

Hitler had already demanded 1,000 fighter-bomber versions of the Me 262 by summer 1944 in order to be able to crush the expected Allied invasion in the West. However, the output did not reach acceptable levels until early 1945.

What engine is in the Heimatschützer II?

Single prototype [made from Me 262A Werknummer 170 074] of rocket-boosted interceptor ( Heimatschützer II) with two BMW 003R "combined" powerplants (BMW 003 jet, with a single 1,000 kg thrust BMW 718 rocket engine mounted atop the rear of each jet exhaust) for boosted thrust, only flown once with combined jet/rocket power on 26 March 1945.

What is the A1A U5?

The A1a/U5 was an attempt to improve on the already formidible fire power of the 262 by fitting an additional pair of Mk108 30mm guns. At least one aircraft was completed in this form

What is a resin conversion for a Revell 262?

Resin conversion set for Revell Me 262 to produce the BMW003 engined version with rocket boosters. Conversion includes engines and fuel waste pipe . Type actually flew with these engines but did need a major repaint afterwards as rockets removed large amounts of the rear fuselage paint.

What cannons did the Messerschmitt 262 have?

Resin conversion with brass barrels. The Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a/U1 was armed with 2x MG151/20, 2x MK103 cannon and 2x MK108 cannon, only one is known to have been built and not much is known of its history. Resin nose with 2 Schatton MK103 barrels and 2 brass MG151/20 barrels

What pulsejets are used in the Me 262 W1?

Resin conversion set to produce the Me 262 W1 version powered by 8 Argus AS 014 pulsejets. Highly impressive looking conversion.

When was the Heimatschützer I made?

Single prototype [made from Me 262A Werknummer 130 186] of rocket-boosted interceptor ( Heimatschützer I) with Walter HWK 109-509 rocket in tail, first flown with combined jet/rocket power on 27 February 1945.

How many engines are in the Me 262?

Me 262 A-0 Pre-production aircraft fitted with two Jumo 004B turbojet engines, 23 built.

How many Messerschmitt Me 262 were made?

Ironically, as the result of the war became more and more certain, Hitler gave the Messerschmitt Me 262 a defensive fighter utter priority over all other aircraft production in Germany; yet of over 1400 produced, probably only 200 or so were actually operational against the Allies.

When was the Me 262 made?

Messerschmitt Me 262. Messerschmitt A.G. were asked in 1938 to design a vehicle around the new turbojet engines then being developed by Junkers and BMW. This they completed the following year, and early in 1940 were authorised to construct a small batch of prototypes.

Who wrote Messerschmitt Me. 262?

D. Van Wart: Messerschmitt Me. 262: A Pictorial and Design Study Including the Pilot Handbook, American Flight Manuals