is vivitar a good camera

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Is Vivitar a good camera?

Very nice item for the price, bought it for my wife who is not familiar with digital cameras, easy to use, shipping was very timely, had it in less than 4 days after ordering. The price was fantastic, could not find a basic digital camera for less money, Vivitar is good make.

Which digital camera manufacturer is best?

What Do I Think?Hasselblad. In 2015,Hasselblad hired Perry Oosting as its CEO. ...Canon. Almost anyone who has shot with a Canon camera,probably agrees that Canon have a very intuitive and easy to use menu system.Pentax. Pentax is about as good as Canon except that it lacks a touch screen. ...Sony. Sony is somewhat of a mixed bag. ...Leica. ...Phase One. ...Fujifilm. ...Nikon. ...

Which digital SLR cameras are available from Vivitar?

Vivtar 3800n Film Camera With Lens $85.00 Free shipping Vivitar XV-1 SLR 50mm Film Camera 50mm f/2.0 Prime Lens +35-105mm Zoom Macro $59.99 Free shipping Vivitar 250/SL 35mm SLR Film Camera +Series 1 70-210mm Lens Lot Untested $44.99 $9.05 shipping or Best Offer Vivitar V3800N 35 MM SLR Camera With Case In Original Box Black White Films

Are digital cameras better than analog cameras?

digital camera is better than analog camera because you don't already need to use film. with digital camera you can take pictures and can see automatically using the lcd of digital camera. you can save it or erase pictures in the memory and can save it to the computer. in the computer you can view the pictures in a large screen. you can even edit the pictures using adobe photoshop. i hope i ...