is the rebel t7i a good camera

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What is the best lens for a canon rebel?

Top 7 Lenses for Canon Rebel T6iCanon EF 50mm f/1.8 - Our ChoiceTamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 - The best 85mm lensCanon EF 85mm f/1.4L - Telephoto lensCanon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 - Macro lensCanon EF 100mm f/2.8L - Wide-angleSigma 20mm F1.4 - Lens by SigmaAltura Photo 8mm f/3.0 - The best Canon T6I compatible lens

Does the canon T7i have raw support?

Yes, Canon EOS Rebel T7i has RAW support! Read our detailed Canon T7i Review You may also also be interested in these: Best Cameras with RAW support Best DSLR Cameras with RAW support Best Canon DSLR Cameras with RAW support Canon T7iAlternatives in DSLR cameras with RAW support Nikon D850

Does the canon T7i have weather sealing?

The grip is deep enough to hold relatively easily, which is not always the case with entry-level cameras, especially with comparable mirrorless options. In terms of weather sealing, the T7i definitely doesn’t have Canon’s highest-end protection from the elements.

What is the difference between canon T7 and T7i?

There is little difference like Canon t7 is lighter than t7i. If you want a low-weight camera, then the Canon t7 is the best option for you. These devices give you 100% viewfinder coverage to compose the image correctly when you capture the photo. With Canon t7i, you can easily flip out the screen while the canon t7 camera does not function.

What is dual pixel AF?

The Dual Pixel AF system for Live View and video is new to the Rebel line, but has been proven in more expensive models. It puts phase detection focus right on the sensor by splitting each pixel into halves. The result is autofocus that's smooth and speedy, which isn't true of most other SLRs, which use contrast detection when framing shots with the LCD. The T7i doesn't have to go beyond the focus point and come back to it to lock on—that back-and-forth method takes some extra time, and is particularly jarring for video. There is a drop in speed when tracking subjects using Dual Pixel AF—it tops out at 4.5fps.

How much does a T7i weigh?

It measures 3.9 by 5.2 by 3.0 inches (HWD) and weighs 1.1 pounds. Black is the only color option.

What is the best ISO for a T7i?

When shooting JPGs at default settings, the T7i keeps noise under 1.5 percent through ISO 3200 .

How many shots can you take with a UHS-I?

If you're shooting JPGs with a modern UHS-I memory card there's no limit to how many shots you can capture in a sequence, but Raw+JPG capture limits you to 23 shots, and Raw nets 28. You won't have to wait long for all of those shots to clear the buffer, resetting your counter. With a SanDisk 95MBps card (the fastest available for UHS-I) it takes about five seconds.

What is the optical viewfinder on a Canon 7D Mark II?

Canon EOS 7D Mark II. The optical viewfinder is a pentamirror, which is typical for entry-level SLRs. It's smaller and a little dimmer than the pentaprism you get on higher-end cameras, like Canon's own 80D, but you'll need to be an experienced photographer or looking at models side by side to notice.

How long has PCMag been around?

Since 1982, PCMag has tested and rated thousands of products to help you make better buying decisions. ( See how we test .)

What is the new mode on the Rebel T7i?

Also added is a new scene mode, Group Photo, that uses face detection to determine how much depth of field is required to get everyone in a group shot properly focused, and sets the f-stop accordingly.

What is the ISO of a T7i?

On the left is the ISO 400 shot from the T7i in the Fine Detail mode; on the left, a normal ISO 400 from the D5600.

Which Canon phone is best for photo quality?

For a step up in photo quality or performance from a phone or compact, the Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D remains a fan favorite.

Is the T7i better than the 80D?

As with the 80D, the T7i has very nice live view performance, just a little slower than when using the optical viewfinder. That will always be true on a dSLR because it has to flip the mirror for every shot. It's still much better than on the Nikon D5600, so if you plan to shoot using the back LCD a lot -- this goes for video, too -- then you still need to get one of the recent-vintage Canons.

Is the Nikon 80D sharper than the Canon 80D?

Canon still uses an antialiasing filter, which blurs edges slightly, on its sensors; Nikon does not. So Nikon's shots look tons sharper than Canon's.

Is the T7i camera sharp enough?

The T7i is certainly sharp enough for people dissatisfied with their phones or cheaper cameras. ( View original)

Is the new newbie interface prettier than the old?

The new newbie interface is a lot prettier than the old newbie interface.

Is the 80D good in low light?

It's OK in low light, but like the 80D is a bit slower than the rest at low-light autofocus. You probably won't notice, though. It also depends on the lens; some are faster than others at driving to the correct position.

How fast can a Canon Rebel T7i shoot?

Canon Rebel T7i / 800D can shot as speed of six frames per second, which sounds really like a machine gun and counts to positive side of the camera. There is the possibility to send photos directly to your mobile via wi-fi and Bluetooth, after some struggle I even managed to use these tools. Yet a GPS module is missing, pity!

How many points does the Canon Rebel T7i have?

Canon Rebel T7i / 800D has a 45-point autofocus, with all points being cross-type. Plus it uses so called dual pixels (a ultramodern fast and accurate system) and yes, all It works very well.

Is the Canon Rebel T7i cheaper than the 800D?

Yes, it a a much cheaper new product, but it offers the same picture quality (as Canon claims, the chip is the same) …. Of course, Canon Rebel T7i / 800D has a much better system of focusing, which may be a crucial reason for someone who needs great AF for, say, sport photography (or just does not like the relatively small body ...

Does the Canon 80D make sense?

Higher category (á la Canon 80D) generally does not make much sense, since it does not give much extra advantages…. So my position for many years remains the same: keep buying these cameras, ot, if you have much more money, get a full frame (costing dramatically more).

Is kit lens better than reputation?

Results form kit lenses are always better than the reputation would suggest. Original unedited photo.

Can you control exposure compensation?

I personally consider this feature quite important – yes, you can still control the Exposure compensation by holding the +/i button and using the main dial… But is is really annoying…

What is the difference between the EOS 77D and the T7i?

At its core, it shares a lot with the more expensive EOS 77D but the differences become apparent when you first turn them on: both models feature a simplified 'skin' over the user interface, but only the T7i has these guiding functions switched on by default.

What is the EOS T7i 800D?

The EOS T7i/800D features a series of simplified menu options. In each case they guide you to change the settings in the same way you would if the guide mode were switched off, helping you learn the effect of each setting and how to change it.

What do you do when your daughter performs in school?

They want to do 'dad's camera. Your daughter/son performs in school program, you take video or photo using live view. It will sell well, despite not a real weapon

What is the best lens for a 200D?

I would suggest the Canon SL2 (200D) as it is compact and lightweight with excellent features and an articulating screen. Get the kit lens with it, and look into the 24mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens (for ultimate portability), as well the 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 STM (if you are interested in ultra-wide angles), and the 55-250mm STM for telephoto.

What are the advantages of a sensor?

The main advantage of the sensor is the increased dynamic range, detail in the shadow areas... if you shoot raw. If you don't, noise is very similar.

Why is 1/3 stop brighter?

Because that 1/3 stop brighter is compensated by the improved sensor and size reduction makes more sense. When you actually want bright 2.8 lens, the lens is going to be big anyway and Canon, Sigma, tamron all have the almost same size lenses anyway. Think practical!

Can you shoot with a T7i?

What makes the T7i really stand out for casual shooters is how consistent the shooting experience is, regardless of whether you shoot through the optical viewfinder or in live view, using the rear screen. Historically this has been a weak point for DSLRs, with a significant drop in performance if you tried to use the rear screen for composing or shooting. The relatively seamless behavior means you can shoot using the rear screen just as if it were a compact camera or smartphone.

How many shots does the 800D take?

The 800D is more frugal with its power than its predecessor, the EOS 750D, but still only offers up to 600 shots on a single charge. That easily beats a mirrorless camera like the Fujifilm X-T20, but isn't that great for a DSLR these days.

How much does the Canon 800D cost?

Canon EOS 800D (HDR Black) at Amazon for $609. Canon has given the EOS 800D a decent autofocus system, going from the 19-point AF system in cheaper, older models to the 45-point autofocus of the EOS 80D/90D. The 800D may be designed for beginners, but it packs some of Canon’s latest imaging technology.

What sensor does the Canon 800D use?

Both use Canon’s 24MP APS-C Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor , and offer the same continuous shooting rate and ISO range. But where the EOS 77D offers more hands-on control for serious enthusiasts, the 800D cuts back on the complication to appeal more to novices.

What is the DXO Analyzer used for?

We use Imatest, DxO Analyzer and resolution charts to test cameras for their signal to noise ratio (the amount of noise in the images) and dynamic range (their ability to capture detail in very bright and dark areas). We also pick three rival cameras to test them against – in this case, the competing Nikon D5600, Fujifilm X-T20 and Canon's own EOS 250D/Rebel T7i.

What is the ISO range of Canon 800D?

This includes a Digic 7 processor, a higher ISO range (up to ISO 25,600 without expansion), 6fps continuous shooting and a resonable buffer capacity of 27 raw files – or as many JPEGs as your memory card can hold.

Which is better Nikon D5600 or Fujifilm X-T20?

The Fujifilm X-T20 is a narrow winner for dynamic range but both the EOS 800D and EOS 250D are very good, and leave the Nikon D5600 trailing slightly in fourth place.

Which camera has the lowest noise?

The Fujifilm X-T20 is a clear winner here, showing the lowest noise levels right across the ISO range. The Canon EOS 800D and EOS 250D tie very closely in second place, as we'd expect from cameras with largely the same sensor.

How many megapixels does a Canon T7i have?

The specifications for the Canon T7i / 800D are in line with what you’d expect for an entry-level DSLR, with a 24.2-megapixel sensor, 45 autofocus points, and 6 frames per second shooting.

When was the Rebel T7i introduced?

Conclusion 6. Reader Comments. The Rebel T7i, also known as the EOS 800D and the Kiss X9i, was introduced by Canon in February of 2017 as part of a long line of Rebel DSLRs. These cameras have been a staple of Canon’s system for years, starting with the original “EOS Digital Rebel” in 2003. The T7i improves upon its many predecessors by adding ...

Does the Canon T7i have a memory card slot?

For example, it only has one memory card slot, no autofocus fine-tuning, no top LCD, and a lower magnification viewfinder.

Does the T7i have a tilt screen?

One thing to note in terms of the T7i’s build quality is that it has a tilt-flip screen rather than a fixed LCD. On balance, I consider this to be much more of a feature than a problem, but it does mean that the T7i requires somewhat more careful handling, especially when the screen is flipped out. You wouldn’t want to drop the camera when its LCD is extended.

Is the Canon T7i good?

The first time you handle the Canon T7i / 800D, you may be surprised at how good the build quality is. Although the T7i doesn’t measure up to some of Canon’s higher-end crop sensor DSLRs, like the 80D or 7D Mark II, it still feels quite sturdy in-hand. The grip is deep enough to hold relatively easily, which is not always the case with entry-level cameras, especially with comparable mirrorless options.

Does the T7i have an ISO button?

However, the T7i does have some controls already that other cameras don’t, such as an ISO button. So, there might not be as much of a need to customize the T7i, since much of that “customization” is built in already. And the two buttons which can be customized provide features that are quite valuable, such as the ability to assign autofocusing to the back of the camera rather than the shutter release button.

Is the Canon Rebel T7i easy to use?

Overall, the Canon Rebel T7i is quite easy to use, but it isn’t perfect. Although it is a common fact of entry-level DSLRs, the T7i only has a single dial that you can use to adjust settings. This makes the camera somewhat more inconvenient to use, especially when in manual mode.

Recommended SD Memory Cards for Canon EOS Rebel T7i

If you just want to cut to the chase, here are some quick recommendations.

UHS-I SD Cards

1. SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Card 170 MB/s (V30, U3) – Fastest UHS-I Card

UHS-I SD Cards

1. SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I Card 170 MB/s (V30, U3) – Fastest UHS-I SD Card