is the nikon d3 still a good camera

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Is the Nikon D3 the best of its kind?

Nikon cameras, even the rangefinder cameras of the 1950s, have always been about hand-held use for news and sports. The Nikon D3 is the best of over 50 years of continuous camera and lens development.

What is the shutter release time of Nikon D3?

With a shutter release time lag of only 37 milliseconds, camera start-up time of 0.12 seconds, and continuous shooting speed of up to nine frames per second with full resolution 12.1 megapixel images, the D3 is the world’s fastest digital SLR camera in its class.*

Can the Nikon D3 really crank at 9 fps?

My D3 really can crank at 9FPS, and the best part is that it only costs as much as every previous pro Nikon camera: $4,999.95. Canon has nothing close: Canon DSLRS are either slower or smaller format.

What makes the canon d3 so special?

The magnesium alloy-bodied D3 was as tough as anything that Canon ever brought to market, but offered a combination of speed, sensitivity and autofocus performance that the industry had never seen before. Ten years ago, camera technology was advancing continuously, and quickly.

What is the Nikon D3?

By releasing this model, Nikon ended Canon’s dominance and started a “cold war” between these two companies. The Nikon D3 features a 12.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and EXPEED processor.

What lens does Nikon use for the D3?

Nikon D3 Lenses. The Nikon D3 uses Nikon F mount lenses and there is a wide choice of lenses to choose for this camera. Of course, using full-frame lenses will allow you to enjoy the full potential of an FX DSLR camera.

What is the viewfinder size of Nikon D3?

As it is the case with all DSLR models, the Nikon D3 features an optical viewfinder and rear LCD display. Its viewfinder is big (18 mm eyepoint) and bright. It has 100% frame coverage and offers a 0.7x magnification. The LCD screen measures 3 inches and it has a resolution of 922k dots.

What lens is best for a Nikon D3?

Every photographer should find the perfect lens for its needs, but some of the most popular ones for the Nikon D3 include: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S – A great low-light lens with a zoom range from wide-angle to short telephoto. Nikon 24-120mm f4G ED VR – A zoom lens with huge reach from wide-angle to telephoto.

How much does a Nikon D3 weigh?

The Nikon D3 measures 6.3 x 6.2 x 3.4 inches and weighs 49.9 oz (including batteries). In other words, this camera is quite big and heavy. Although there are rational reasons for this, a lot of photographers nowadays prefer more compact models so its size come as one of its big disadvantages.

How old is Nikon D3X?

The Nikon D3X is a 13-year-old high-end camera. The question is, does it still have what it takes to be a pro-level camera in 2021? The answer might surprise you.

Why is Nikon camera so good?

The main reasons for this are its good image quality, super-strong build, and relatively low price. Although now it is definitely outdated in certain fields, in the year of its release, this camera was a game-changer. First of all, it was Nikon’s first full-frame DSLR camera.

How much does a Nikon D3 cost?

Nikon D3. enlarge. My D3 really can crank at 9FPS, and the best part is that it only costs as much as every previous pro Nikon camera: $4,999.95.

What is the best Nikon camera?

The Nikon D3 is the best camera ever made by Nikon. It was announced on August 23rd, 2007. As of the beginning of 2008 it's just starting to trickle into the hands of photographers.

Which Nikon cameras don't go blotto?

The Nikon D300 and D3, when ADR is set ON, have an uncanny ability to handle huge dynamic ranges better than any other Nikon. The D3 and D300 are the first Nikons that don't go blotto when overexposed. Just like film, being 1/3 or 2/3 stops over just makes the image lighter, not blowing-out facial highlights to look like old pizza!

Which is better Nikon D3 or D700?

The D700, a newer camera, is better than the D3 for most people. The D3 is for full-time news and sports pros who bleed for speed, while the D700 is probably a better idea for everyone else for weddings, nature and landscape pros, part-timers and serious amateurs. Nikon D3 vs. D700 vs. Canon 5D. NEW: Nikon D3, D700 and D300 Sharpness Shootout 14 ...

What year did Nikon D3 come out?

Nikon D3, Nikon Nikkor 13mm f/5.6 AI-s. The Nikon system includes a 13mm f/5.6 non-distorting lens made from 1975-1998. There are none available anywhere, but if you have one, you just outdid every other professional SLR system on earth. Faster and Easier to Use top.

What is the ISO of a Nikon D3?

Nikon D3, 14-24mm f/2.8 at 14mm, f/11 at 1/8, ISO 200 . The Nikon D3 is a lot more than reading reviews and specifications could ever suggest. Just like the D300, the D3 has image processing tricks that makes it easier to create exactly the image I want over even more conditions than ever before.

What are the blunders of the D3?

The only blunders of the D3 are trivial annoyances. The hackers haven't discovered any vast-conspiracy-style flaws like the banding of the D200 or the blinking green-lights-of-death of the D70. (Nikon fixed all those under warranty, and I never saw those problems on my cameras.)

When did the Nikon D3 start?

Preview based on a production Nikon D3, Firmare V1.0 (and V1.10) The professional Nikon D 'single digit' series of digital SLR's started life back in June 1999 with the groundbreaking D1. Groundbreaking because it was the digital SLR that broke Kodak's stranglehold on the digital SLR market and fundamentally brought prices down to ...

How many settings are there for autofocus?

Auto-focus calibration (fine-tuning) now available (fixed body or up to 20 separate lens settings)

When did Nikon release the full frame D3?

When Nikon released the full-frame D3 in 2007, it changed the professional photography industry. It was also a pivotal piece of equipment for Senior Editor Barney Britton.

Do cameras take video?

Most modern cameras will shoot video to one degree or another, but these are the ones we’d look at if you plan to shoot some video alongside your photos. We’ve chosen cameras that can take great photos and make it easy to get great looking video, rather than being the ones you’d choose as a committed videographer.

What is the D3?

1. 1. As a working photographer and photography writer at the time, the D3 was (and remains, actually) the single most impactful product to be released during my career. Before Nikon's presentation in Tokyo had even drawn to a close, 2 our industry's expectations of what a DSLR could do had been shifted.

What camera did Florence Welch use?

Florence Welch, shot with the D3's successor, the D3S. The D3S added some welcome tweaks over the D3, including in-camera sensor cleaning, and slightly improved high ISO image quality. Using the D3, I could shoot quickly and without a crop factor for the first time.

What does the shutter sound like on a D3?

Melody Gardot, performing in London. The D3's shutter sounds like someone just dropped a cribbage board onto a marble floor, but the D3S introduced a fairly discreet 'Q' mode.

Which cameras take pictures?

Only Nikon and Fujifilm cameras take photographs. Other brands are nothing but BS images.

Was the Nikon D3 a major technological achievement?

The point ( finally! He gets to the point!) is that even by the fast-paced standards of the professional DSLR market in the mid 2000s, the Nikon D3 was a major technological achievement. Arguably, (and I admit it's a big 'arguably') the EOS-1D Mark IV and its successors might not have been quite such advanced cameras without the technological game-upping that Canon had to do in the years following the launch of the D3.

Did Nikon invite the press to Tokyo?

But around that time, we had an inkling that Nikon had something big on the way. Not a company prone to grand gestures, Nikon invited the world's press (and I do mean the world's press) to Tokyo, in the sapping humidity of a Japanese heatwave for a top secret announcement...

Who is Anna Sinfield?

A still from a commercial shoot for a young singer-songwriter , Anna Sinfield, in 2008. She's a producer, these days, for UK radio. One last anecdote... Not long after the D3's launch, back in London, I spoke to a young Nikon engineer who had been heavily involved in the design of the new camera.

What is the difference between Nikon D3 and Nikon D3s?

The Nikon D3s has a modified full-frame sensor from the legendary Nikon D3 camera. While the size and the number of pixels remained the same, Nikon found a way to push high ISO performance to new limits with the D3s. As can be seen from the next page of the review, it is roughly 1-1.5 stops better at high ISOs, which is incredible. Shooting at ISO 6400 on the Nikon D3s gives better results than shooting at ISO 3200 on the original Nikon D3 and Nikon D700 cameras! As I have already pointed out, the Nikon D3s has been the king of low-light photography since it was announced in 2009. However, this incredible high ISO performance comes at a cost – the Nikon D3s still has the same 12 Megapixel sensor as the original Nikon D3. Considering that most new cameras from other manufacturers now have at least 16-18 MP, 12 Megapixels is definitely on the low side (the new Sony A77 /A65/NEX 7 cameras have a 1.5x crop factor sensor with a whopping 24 MP!), so Nikon needs to start catching up with a higher resolution sensor. Sure, many of us rarely need more than 12 MP, but for photographers like me that shoot nature and events it would be nice to have one camera that sort of sits in the middle, having a good balance of resolution and high ISO performance.

What is the replacement for Nikon D3S?

Please note that the Nikon D3s has been replaced by the Nikon D4.

Why is holding a Nikon camera awkward?

When using smaller lenses like the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G, holding the camera can be a little awkward, because the lens is too light. In those situations, I use my left thumb, index and middle fingers to hold the lens, while resting other fingers on the camera body and using my left palm to support the camera.

When did Nikon announce the D3S?

Ever since the Nikon D3s was announced back in 2009, it has been dominating the camera world with its impressive high ISO performance.

What is the ISO of low noise?

Low Noise ISO Sensitivity from 200 to 12,800: Renowned low-noise performance at 12,800, plus expanded settings to an astounding ISO 102,400 (equivalent) and ISO 100 (equivalent).

Does Nikon D3S have a flash?

Just like all other top-of-the-line Nikon DSLRs, the Nikon D3s does not have a built-in camera flash. While this is done primarily for better weather-sealing, it is a definite disadvantage if you have been using a built-in flash in emergency situations or perhaps as a master to trigger an off-camera speedlight.

Is Nikon D3s weather sealed?

The one area where one would expect to have no complaints whatsoever on the D3s is camera construction. With its magnesium-alloy camera frame and fully weather-sealed body, the Nikon D3s is designed to be abused.

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Designed with sports photographers and photojournalists in mind, the Nikon D3 introduces an astounding list of brand new features and technologies that make it the most sophisticated and advanced Nikon digital SLR to date.

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How many cycles does Nikon shutter system have?

Nikon's self-diagnostic shutter system: Tested to 300,000 cycles, this system is a clear indication of advanced engineering and durable construction.

How many megapixels does a Nikon camera have?

Nikon's original 12.1-megapixel FX-format (23.9 x 36mm) CMOS sensor: Couple Nikon's exclusive digital image processing system with the 12.1-megapixel FX-format and you'll get breathtakingly rich images while also reducing noise to unprecedented levels with even higher ISOs.

How many tones are in a 14 bit A/D?

Selectable 12-Bit or 14-Bit A/D Conversion: The choice of selecting bit depths at 12-bit (4,096 tones) or 14-bit (16,384 tones), both yielding incredible image quality through a full 16-bit processing pipeline, enables photographers to choose smaller files at faster operating speeds, as opposed to larger files with smoother tonal gradations at slower operating speeds.

What is the first virtual horizon?

The World's First Virtual Horizon Graphics Indicator: The D3's super-density color LCD monitor, teamed with Nikon's innovative Electronic Virtual Horizon delivers instant and accurate confirmation of the D3's position relative to "horizon level." You can also level the D3 while looking through the viewfinder or on the top-deck LCD.