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The cameraapp on the GalaxySIIIoffers more options than the standard Android app but is still easy and simple to use. You focus by tapping on the screen and you can lock focus by tapping and holding. The shutter button is located to the right, the control above lets you switch between stills and video capture.Brand:SamsungOccupation:Technology Writer

How to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Take a screenshot on Galaxy Watch and Gear S3. Turn on the Galaxy Watch and find the Home button (the one on the bottom right). Go to the screen, whose screenshot you want to take, and once you get there, press and hold the Home button and swipe the touchscreen from left to right.

How to fix camera failed on Samsung Galaxy S3?

“Camera Failed” Issue On Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 to your computer via USB Click on my computer Click on your Samsung Galaxy S4 OR S3 SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 Phone Applidium Image Cache Clear this folder. It will remove the previously stored cache that is causing the ...

Does Samsung Galaxy S3 have Instagram?

Samsung Galaxy S3 apps to download: Dropbox, Instagram more. The latest Google update has been running on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone,...

What are the specs of a Samsung Galaxy S3?

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Dimensions: 70.6 x 136.6 x 8.6 mm, Weight: 133 g, SoC: Samsung Exynos 4 Quad 4412, CPU: ARM Cortex-A9, 1400 MHz, GPU: ARM ...

A Better Camera's Settings

In the Settings menu for A Better Camera, you can change general settings as well as tweak each of the camera modes. The options include, changing the countdown settings for the Self-timer, adding or subtracting the amount of people in a Group Shot, or the number of images in a Sequence photo.

A Better Camera's Best Features

In my opinion, the coolest features are Object Removal, Group Shot, and Panorama. Object Removal allows you to take a photo and remove an unwanted image or portion of an image.

Unlocking The "Premium Features"

You can access the premium features "buy" page in the Settings menu. People that already have Almalence's HDR Camera+ and HD Panorama+ will not need to purchase those items again. Those two items will already be unlocked for you.

How to use a floating shutter button?

Floating Shutter button: add another shutter button on the screen so you can press it easily. Once activated, tap and hold the shutter button, then drag it to your preferred location on the screen.

How to take a picture on a phone?

There are several ways you can take a photo on your smartphone: using the Volume key, using your voice, by tapping a shutter button on screen or by facing your palm to the screen. 1 Launch the camera. 2 Tap the Settings icon.

What is the gallery on my phone?

The Gallery on your smartphone has at least two albums: Cameras and Screenshots. Your pictures, videos, screenshots, screen recordings are automatically saved in an album.

What is the S3 camera?

On paper the S3, launched in May this year, comes with identical imaging specification as its predecessor but offers some interesting new camera features such as a burst shooting mode, simultaneous HD video and image recording, a reduced shutter lag and a Best Shot function that recommends the best picture based on colors, lighting and sharpness.

What is the settings icon at the bottom of the menu?

The settings icon at the bottom gives you access to those parameters that are not set as a shortcut and a few additional options which cannot be assigned to a menu button:

Which is better, a 6MP or an 8MP camera?

Well there is no surprise that a larger 6MP sensor performs better in low light than a very small 8MP sensor.

Where is autofocus on iPhone?

By default, autofocus is acquired at the centre of the frame but you can tap anywhere on the screen to move it within the scene. If you tap and hold you lock the focus and can then recompose the scene. The controls to the right of the screen are dominated by the large 'virtual' shutter button. Unfortunately the shutter cannot be assigned to any of the phone's physical buttons. Above you find the stills/video switch and at the bottom a thumbnail of the last captured image which takes you to the Gallery app when tapped.

Where is the camera icon on my iPhone?

In shooting mode, toggle the icon showing a camera with a curved arrow on each side. It is at the top right of the screen in portrait orientation.

Where is the flash LED on my phone?

The flash LED is located next to the camera lens and microphone on the rear of the phone. It can be set to On, Off or Auto mode. It's not as powerful as a compact camera flash but good enough for a close-range portrait or a little fill-light. There are also apps available to use it as a flashlight - useful when trying to find your keys at night.

Will phone cameras replace P&S cameras?

Undoubtedly in the years to come phone cameras will eliminate the need for P&S cameras, if they haven't already. They won't be the equivalent of DSLRs.

What does DXOMark do?

DxOMark engineers don't just point camera phones at charts, they also take and analyse scores of real-world shots and score them accordingly. Their findings for the Samsung Galaxy S3 were:

What is visual noise?

Visual Noise is a value designed to assess the noise in an image as perceived by the human visual system, depending on the viewing condition (size of image, size of screen or print, viewing distance). The measurements have no units and can be simply viewed as a weighted average of noise standard deviation for each channel in the CIE L*a*b* color space. The lower the measurement, the less noise in the image.

What is texture acutance?

Texture Acutance is a way of measuring the ability of a camera to capture images that preserve fine details, particularly the kind of low contrast detail (textures such as fine foliage, hair, fur) that can be blurred away by noise reduction or obliterated by excessive sharpening .

What is the best score for Samsung Galaxy S3?

With a DxOMark Mobile score of 72 the Samsung Galaxy S3 is placing itself among the best smartphones so far tested by the DxOMark, but fails to offer any significant advantages over the direct competitors in the top-of-the-line bracket of the smartphone market.

Does the Samsung Galaxy SIII have noise?

However, they also observed a "loss of detail in low light condition because of strong noise reduction." They also criticize the "sharpness imbalance between edge and texture due to too strong sharpening on contours."

Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 good for outdoor use?

The DxOMark team found that the Samsung Galaxy S3's colors are "vivid and pleasant in outdoor conditions", and that its "white balance is stable and accurate". The option to use manual exposure settings was noted as a positive as well. As expected the Galaxy SIII performed better in bright natural light than indoors. "Slight color shading is noticeable in indoor conditions" and "in low light with a tungsten illuminant, a red color cast is visible and colors are slightly washed out". Because of this DxOMark scored the Samsung Galaxy S3 at 77/100 for Color in bright light and 75/100 in low light. "Auto-exposure sometimes fails in challenging outdoor conditions" but overall the SIII's metering is decent, with exposure and contast scoring 75/100.

What is macro photography?

Macro photography is the terminology used by photographers for taking “Close-up” or “magnified” photos of any chosen object or animal. The photographs producing are extremely detailed, showing detail beyond that which is visible to the naked human eye.


The fact that you are reading up on this, shows that you have an interest in photography. Obviously the best camera you could have, is a DSLR, which these days are not too expensive. Seeing that you’ve found this article ‘How to do macro photography with Samsung Galaxy S3’, implies that you already have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (or want one).


The second most important piece of equipment is a MACRO LENS. This is a specifically designed lens for this type of photography, and it will not fail you. You could try to make a cheaper version, buy a cheaper lens or even use a magnifying lens, all of which will impart a degree of the magnification possible – but also create a degree of blur.


The third most important piece of equipment is a tripod. This is obviously dependent on what you intend to photograph. However, since you’re into macro photography, it is very likely you would want to take shots of flowers, spiders, water formations, snow crystals and/or a range of insects or objects.

How to do macro photography with Samsung Galaxy S3 – What settings to use?

Once you are all set up with your equipment, the obvious question comes to mind; “what settings do I use…?!”

How to get camera on Samsung phone?

Go to your Samsung Galaxy’s home screen. You can get there by pressing the Home button (the square) at the bottom-center part of the screen. Tap the Camera app. It's the camera icon that's usually at the bottom of the screen. The camera screen will appear.

How to copy pictures from phone to computer?

Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. On the computer, navigate to your phone's Picture folder ( in most cases it's called DCIM or Pictures) and simply select and copy your pictures to a folder on your computer. Thanks!

Where is the camera icon on my iPhone?

It's the camera icon that's usually at the bottom of the screen. The camera screen will appear. If you don’t see a camera icon, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the app drawer. You should find it there (labeled “Camera”).

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How to contact Samsung support?

Contact us online through chat and get support from an expert on your computer, mobile device or tablet. Support is also available on your mobile device through the Samsung Members App.

How to switch between front and rear cameras on a watch?

Switch camera orientation: Flick up on your watch to switch between front and rear facing cameras .

Can you control the camera on a Samsung smart watch?

Control the camera on your phone from your Samsung smart watch. Your Samsung smart watch does more than just tell time and send some text messages. It can even control your phone's camera and view exactly what your phone is seeing! It's great for taking a group shot, so you can see what's going on before you snap a photo.