how to use ps4 camera on obs

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How do I connect my camera to Obs?

This method should involve a direct connection from the camera's USB 3.0 output (on the USB models) or using a capture device for the HDMI or SDI to pull into a computer running OBS. AS far as capture devices go most of them should work, but we do like the Magewell converters as we have tested them extensively.

Can You stream from PS4 to PC with OBS?

Recording Your PS4 Stream Through OBS If you plan to eventually branch away from just live streams or want to have a backup of streams for reliability, connecting your PS4 to your PC is the best option. Broadcasting software like OBS/Streamlabs and others allow you to not just live stream but also record it making it a great multitool all around.

How do I set up a capture device in OBS?

If you have a USB model camera, or if you are using an SDI or HDMI capture device, once you plug in the USB connection that should allow the device to show up as a Capture Device in OBS. Setting up a video feed using RTSP The most common way we see these cameras used is to be set up over the network.

How to use PS4 camera on PC?

Today I’m gonna show you step by step how to use PS4 camera on PC. Quick Answer to How to Use PS4 camera on your PC? You can use the PS4 camera on your PC by simply connecting it via a 3.0 USB port to the computer and then downloading and configuring OrbisEyeCam Boot Driver and selecting PS4 Remote Play in Windows capture and you are done.

How to connect a capture card to a PC?

The capture card is the center of the whole operation by connecting to every piece of your setup. Start by plugging your PS4 into your capture card’s HDMI port labeled “ In ” and your Display into your capture card’s HDMI port labeled “ Out .” Then, take the Mini-USB cord provided with the capture card and plug that into your PC.

How to use capture card to hear audio?

On your capture card’s source, click the dropdown menu and select either “Monitor only” or “Monitor and Output”. Monitor and Output” means you and your audience will hear it. “Monitor Only” means only you can hear it.

How to add a video capture device to OBS?

In OBS or SLOBS, click the ‘Plus’ icon on the Sources selection and choose to add a new Video Capture Device. Name it what you want, but it’s easier to keep your scenes organized if you name it “Capture Card.”

What does HDCP mean on PS4?

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and it prevents gameplay & video content from being recorded using external computers or video capture systems. By default, it is encoded and enabled on the HDMI output on the PS4. This step is extremely important, as turning this setting off enables the signal to be read ...

What to do if you choose "Monitor Only"?

If you choose “Monitor only” then you will need to add an audio source for your headphones and make that “Monitor and Output” This is used if you want to have voice chat from Discord going and don’t want your audience hearing an echo in your game.

Does PS4 Camera Work on PC?

Yes! PS4 camera works on PC. Just connect the PS4 cam with USB 3.0 to you PC, set up LibusbK and load the firmware and start using the PlayStation camera on you computer.

Can I use a PlayStation camera as a webcam?

In short Yes! You can use PlayStation camera as a webcam. On the remote play screen, the PS4 will appear on the dropdown below.

How to make your PS4 camera see your face?

Log into your PS4 profile, set your PS4 camera in an easily adjustable angle so that it can get enough light to see your face sharply. Now click on the Setting menu, and then click on the Login Setting menu. Finally, click on the Enable Facial Recognition menu.

How to use PS4 camera on PC?

How to Open/Use a PS4 Camera on Windows 10. Set Up Live Broadcasting using PS4 Camera on PC. Step 1: Download PS4 Remote Play App. Step 2: Setup PS4 RP and get to work. Step 3: Setup the track and turn on the camera. Step 4: Configure OBS. Step 5: Configure Windows Capture. Step 6: Switch to PS4 Remote Play.

How to stream audio on PS4?

How to Improve Audio when streaming using PS4 webcam on PC 1 First configure Remote Play by completing registration and signing in after which you should fin the PS4 screen on the Monitor of your Computer. 2 Register an Xsplit account and by choosing your platform to broadcast, add Remote Play Screen. 3 Then select PS4 webcam from the drop down. 4 All Set! Now you can go live and connect external microphone.

How to use PS4 camera on Windows 10?

How to Open/Use a PS4 Camera on Windows 10. After completing the steps to set up the PS4 camera, the next thing you need to do is to go to the Start Menu. There you will find the camera app among other apps. If not, simply search the camera in the search box and the camera app will appear. Also, if the PC prompts “Allow to use Camera” then you need ...

When did the PS5 camera come out?

The PS camera was launched on November 15, 2013, and it is the replacement to the PlayStation Eye for the PlayStation 3. Its function is to follow the PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

What are the options for making it work?

The first is free, easily set up and definitely the most painless way to go about it, and that’s using Playstations Remote Play software. Essentially, you can install an official app onto your computer that receives the video and audio feed from the Playstation through ethernet or wifi. You can control the Playstation through a regular Dualshock 2 controller connected to your computer via USB or bluetooth.

What is overlay streaming?

Streaming with an overlay extends to more than the viewing experience as it also directly impacts how a browsing viewer notices you through an eye-catching design in the streaming platform. Something to note is that streaming your PS4 to your computer allows you to have more options for when you are considering going beyond just streaming.

Why use a capture card on a PS4?

Primarily, a capture card allows much higher gaming quality, with zero latency between the PS4 and the TV that you’re playing on- which is critical for reaction speed based games such as online shooters. From a streaming perspective, it also enables a cleaner gaming experience, as the PS4 output is native and uncluttered.

How to control a Playstation 2?

You can control the Playstation through a regular Dualshock 2 controller connected to your computer via USB or bluetooth. The other option is a capture card, which is a physical unit that essentially allows you to split the HDMI signal between external devices, and allows a computer to read the signal as a video feed input, like a webcam.

Why is overlay important?

A good overlay is pretty crucial to upgrading the stream experience your viewers receive. Capable of showcasing your brand, a compilation of nice designs that will appeal to anyone watching, as well as give back to those viewers who are really dedicated through alerts are the reasons why an overlay is almost essential!

Can you use Remote Play on PS4?

Using the Remote Play app can be almost impossible for high levels of reaction based gameplay, due to significant latency between the PS4 and the computer you’re viewing and recording from. It can also suffer from graphics inconsistencies and glitches, like broken pixels and the occasional stutter/freeze. While it is a fantastic option for getting into streaming with a PS4, and a great way to start using twitch overlays sooner, for competitive gameplay it’s probably best to stick with native streaming from the PS4.

Can you get away with 60fps?

You can get away with 720p 60fps but you really aren’t living up to your potential, and no overlays is going to seriously restrict your growth. What you can do instead is take the feed of your PS4 and transfer it to the computer so that can be streamed.

How to add a camera to OBS?

Any of these methods of setting up the camera would require adding the camera into OBS as a capture device. Choose a new source, and then choose “Video Capture Device”. Choose Create new and give it a name, then click OK. You should then be able to select your camera (PTZOptics) from the dropdown if you are using the direct USB 3.0 connection from a USB model camera. If you are using the SDI or HDMI output to a capture device, the capture device should show up here.

What is a dockable OBS controller?

The Dockable controllers are another form of camera control that you can do from within the actual GUI of OBS. You can set one of these up per camera and place them into your gui as in the pic below. While this is an option, it can be hard to get fine control. We do see a lot of customers using this though so I wanted to be sure to mention it here. You can find the Dockable OBS controllers if you go through the process to download the OBS app, the dockable controllers are another link there.

How to add VLC source?

VLC SOURCE - Click to add a source , and Choose VLC Source. This should show up if you have VLC media player installed. Choose New, give it a name, and click OK.

How to pull a camera feed into OBS?

Once you have the camera setup on your network, you can pull that feed into OBS by using a “Media Source” or a “VLC Video Source”, or, if you have an NDI camera

What do I need to use NDI?

The first thing you would need would be the NDI tool package and driver, without this you will never see the camera as an NDI source on the network. You can download the NDI tools from the link below.

How to use a camera controller?

To use the controller you would have to have your camera on the network first, and then you can enter its IP address under settings, and then MultiCamera Settings. If you enter the IP address under camera 1, then once you finish up click the Camera1 button. You should have control of your camera. Pressing the View, then advanced view, will bring up the speed, OSD and exposure control.

Can I use a USB 3.0 camera on a computer?

This method should involve a direct connection from the camera's USB 3.0 output (on the USB models) or using a capture device for the HDMI or SDI to pull into a computer running OBS. AS far as capture devices go most of them should work, but we do like the Magewell converters as we have tested them extensively.