how to use hue document camera

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The full suite of camera management tools allow you to operate the full functionality of the HUE HD Pro camera with ease. On the SOFTWARE INTERFACE page,click and select the DOCUMENT CAMERA button. Optional – if your live camera signal is inverted,you can click on the flip and/or mirror tool buttons to manually,correct the orientation of your video image .

How do I use the hue camera?

The camera’s agile gooseneck can be freely positioned for a multitude of uses. Angle it straight ahead to use it as a facecam, position it downwards for use as a document camera or move the neck in real-time while examining an object. Move the camera, not your laptop. The HUE HD camera makes it very easy to quickly take snapshots.

Can I use hue camera viewer with Google Drive?

You can try HUE Camera Viewer now here. If you choose to store your HUE Camera Viewer projects on Google Drive, you will be asked for permission to connect to the service so that the software can display and save your images and videos on your Drive.

What do the LED lights mean on the hue HD camera?

When the Base LED light is on, it means that the HUE HD Camera is connected and receiving power. When the Camera LED light is on, the HUE HD Camera is in use. Note: The button on the back of the camera has no function on most computers.

How do I Make my hue animations look realistic?

Try pointing your HUE camera straight down at the table and moving the props around on the flat table space instead of filming from the side. Avoid moving the camera; instead, make your props “move”. Animate with small movements to make the animations look realistic. Use text sparingly. Make imagery the focus.

How do I use the HUE HD camera as a visualiser or document camera?

We will be adding in-depth tutorials of our own very soon, but for the time being we highly recommend reading this blog post written by Anita Gebarowicz.

What is HUe animation?

HUE Animation allows you to save images automatically on a schedule using timelapse photography. This is great for capturing an unfolding process.

How to flip a camera in Hue Animation?

HUE Animation makes it easy to change the orientation of your images coming from your camera. To flip the image, click on the Camera menu at the top of the screen. You can flip it vertically or horizontally by selecting the options from the bottom of the menu.

What happens if you can't update your HUE software?

If you are unable to update your software, you will have received either an activation code or a license key with your purchase of the HUE Intuition software. An activation code is used only once, to register your software on our website and to generate your license key used for all future activations.

How to flip an image in HUE?

To flip the image, click on the Camera menu at the top of the screen. You can flip it vertically or horizontally by selecting the options from the bottom of the menu.

What is timelapse photography?

Timelapse photography is a great way to show things happening much more quickly than they do in real life. By automatically taking pictures while you do something, you can turn the pictures into a movie.

Where is the version number on Hue?

The version number is displayed in the corner of the HUE Intuition startup screen, and in the About HUE Intuition menu option.

How to access HUE camera viewer?

To access HUE Camera Viewer, visit the link using the Google Chrome browser. You should be asked for permission to use your Camera and Microphone; if you do not see the pop-ups you may need to configure your Chrome security settings.

How to get to the HUE camera?

Open your Google Chrome browser settings and Select the HUE Camera. Open HUE Camera Viewer in the Google Chrome browser, then click or tap the menu in the top right of the browser window. It’s represented by three horizontally-stacked dots. One quick way to get there is to hit Ctrl + Shift + Del and then hit the Escape key when that window appears.

What browser is HUE camera?

HUE Camera Viewer is a free tool for connecting to your HUE camera using Google’s Chrome browser on Windows, macOS or Chrome OS.

Is HUE Camera viewer beta?

Please note that HUE Camera viewer is currently offered as a beta version for testing. The beta version of the app may have features that will differ from the final version. If you need any help, please check the FAQs and contact us for further assistance.

Can you use HUE camera viewer on Google Chrome?

While it may be possible to use HUE Camera Viewer in other browsers, support is only available for Google Chrome at this time.

Is HUE camera viewer compatible with Chrome?

HUE Camera Viewer is currently only supported for the Google Chrome browser, compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux. We recommend checking that your browser is up to date before using the software.

What is HUE software?

The HUE Intuition software allows you to share a live camera signal and create simple annotation on top of the image.

What is a HUE HD Pro?

The HUE HD Pro is a lightweight, portable document camera and visualiser.# N#The camera can also be used to share content in a desktop conference session (Google Meet, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, WebEx) for remote teaching and learning.

Where is the live camera sign on my computer?

You will see a LIVE CAMERA SIGNAL on the main software interface page displayed on your computer screen.

How to adjust the size of a photo?

You can adjust the size of the image by bending the flexible neck of the camera.

What is a HUE camera?

The HUE HD camera is a cost-effective alternative to a standard classroom document camera, and is perfect for stop-motion animation. Easy to use and portable, this camera is popular with teachers throughout the world.

What is a built in microphone?

The built-in microphone allows you to record your presentation or a student speaking about a topic. With its weighted base and flexible neck, the camera can also be used to magnify very small items such as insects, circuit boards and more to share them with the whole classroom.

Can you use a HUE camera on a whiteboard?

Use the camera for real time live video and for recording sound and video. The HUE USB camera produces excellent image quality even when projected onto a whiteboard. Plug and play: simply connect the HUE camera to your computer’s USB port and it will be ready to use.

Can a Hue camera be plugged into a computer?

HUE cameras can also be plugged directly into an interactive flat panel display if the panel has its own built-in operating system . A list of known compatible devices is available here.

Can a USB camera be used as a webcam?

Unique, innovatively-designed USB camera with a built-in microphone. The camera can be removed from its base and plugged directly into a USB port for use as a webcam with online chat applications, such as Skype?, FaceTime, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger and every other major network.

Can you share your HUE camera with your computer?

By connecting your HUE camera to your computer and a projector you can share students’ work, books, experiments and pictures.

Can you buy a HUE camera for school?

We can accept school purchase orders. For more details or to purchase the HUE HD camera, please visit our online shop or check our school orders page.