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Using the app To select your point of focus or exposure, simplytap anywhere in the viewfinder, just like the regular Camera app. Halide also offers more precise control with gestures: just swipe up or down anywhere on the viewfinder to adjust your exposure.

Is halide a good camera app?

Halide is indeed an excellent addition to the stable of 3rd party iPhone camera apps. The features you have mentioned, namely Focus Peaking (which you refer to as a sort of focus indicator), RAW format, ISO selection and White Balance are found in other Apps. What sets Halide apart is that it is much easier to play with these manual adjustments.

What is the halide Mark II app?

The Halide Mark II app – available via a rolling subscription or a one-off purchase – is superficially similar to the native Apple Camera app, with a familiar interface and control layout. However, it offers full manual control over ISO, shutter speed and focus, along with additional tools such focus peaking and histograms.

How does the halide camera work?

Using tools like tactile controls to quickly change between autofocus and manual focus, bring down the exposure with a fast swipe, and more, Halide aims to imitate older photographic cameras like a Lecia or a Pentax.

How do I use halide's portrait mode on an iPhone?

Now, when you pull up Halide's viewfinder on iPhones with a dual camera system, you'll see a depth button you can tap to switch to Portrait mode. Like the native iPhone camera app, Halide will show a preview of the Portrait photo before you take the shot.

What do you think of Halide?

Are you a big fan of playing around with third-party camera apps like Halide to snap your iPhone photography, or would you rather just stick to the standard Camera app?

Why is Halide so good?

Halide is great because you can play with the ISO and the brightness of your mobile photography with just a few easy swipes, so whether you're capturing the beauty of a dramatic sunset or want to adjust the shadows for the perfect selfie in a nightclub with friends, then Halide's got your back!

What is the Halide app?

If you're someone who loves snapping pictures with your iPhone, then you've probably heard of Halide, a brand new, state-of-the-art iPhone camera app that was designed by an ex-Twitter engineer and former Apple employee (so you know it's gotta be good!).

What does halide mean in photography?

It also means that the photos you shoot through Halide will be clearer, sharper, and easier to edit/markup than most other pictures you'll take through other third-party camera apps.

What is white balance?

White balance your life! White balancing and adjustments are typically reserved for filmmaking and professional DSLR-level photography, but to quote Stuff, Halide "encourages you to think a little more about whatever you're shooting", which is why the white balancing features exist!

Why is manual focus important?

Depending on autofocus for tricky little specifics and details is kind of like flying blind, while manual focus allows you full control over the subject you're shooting – and more importantly which parts of the subject are shown clearly on camera.

What is a RAW file?

First off, what is RAW? RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo. When shooting in a format like JPEG image information is compressed and lost. Because no information is compressed with RAW you're able to produce higher quality images, as well as correct problem images that would be unrecoverable if shot in the JPEG format. [sic]

What is Halide on iPad?

Completely redesigned in Mark II, Halide packs intuitive gestures, gorgeous details, and effortless ease of use.

What is Halide automatic mode?

Halide combines a zero-thinking-required, Machine-Learning assisted automatic mode with a powerful all-manual mode. Easily pick from letting Halide make decisions to total control over shutter speed, ISO and white balance.

How many features does Halide Mark 2 have?

Halide Mark II is our biggest update yet, packing over 50 new features and changes. Read all about what is new in our blog post:

How are gestures modeled?

Gestures are modeled after the intuitive manipulation of dials: swiping up and down for exposure, and left and right for focus. The interface is simple and free of clutter, letting you focus on your artistic process.

What is depth mode on iPhone?

Depth Mode. iPhones now pack a dizzying set of cameras and sensors, allowing them to capture more than 2D images. Halide’s Depth mode lets you capture Portrait mode shots of pets and people — even if Apple’s Camera app can’t.

Does Halide have a focus loupe?

Sometimes your iPhone knows what should be in focus, but most of the time you know best. Halide not only offers easy, gesture-based manual focus, but also powerful tools to help nail a sharp shot like focus peaking and a new focus loupe.

Does Halide share photos?

It sounds bizarre, but most photography apps send your information to Facebook or other third parties. Halide has zero trackers, tracking, does not collect or share any of your information or photos. Ever.

How to switch lenses on iPhone?

If you’d like to switch lenses, simply tap on the lens switcher in the bottom-right corner — or try tap-and-holding if your iPhone has more than two lenses.

How to select point of focus on Halide?

To select your point of focus or exposure, simply tap anywhere in the viewfinder, just like the regular Camera app. Halide also offers more precise control with gestures: just swipe up or down anywhere on the viewfinder to adjust your exposure.

What is Halide on iPhone?

Created to fully utilize all of the powerful capabilities of iPhone, Halide unlocks the incredible photographic potential of your device.

What do you think?

Will you be downloading and using Halide, or do you think any camera app besides the default camera app is a waste of time, effort, and money?

What is Halide 1.6?

Today, Halide announced an update focused specifically on speed. Halide 1.6, dubbed "The Speed Update" by the Halide team, is the first "under-the-hood" update since the app's redesign for iPhone X just over a month ago, and features faster photo capture, a new lock screen widget, voice over features for the visually impaired, and more.

How much does Halide cost?

Halide will set you back about $5, but for everything you get to do with this camera app, it should probably be priced a little bit higher.

Why is Halide created?

The developers' website goes into detail as to why Halide was created and it essentially boils down to the fact that current mobile phone cameras are exquisite, but that just don't feel like the same quality as shooting with a DSLR.

What is smart auto?

Smart auto, which intelligently optimizers both your ISO and shutter speeds for super sharp images.

Does Halide 1.7 work with iPhone X?

In addition to depth photography utilizing the dual cameras on the back of the phone, Halide 1.7 also offers integration with the iPhone X's front-facing TrueDepth camera, allowing users to take selfies in Portrait mode as well. And, in what is perhaps the most simultaneously cool and unsettling new feature in this update, Halide allows you to view your Portrait photos with ARKit, creating "3D posters" that you can walk around and look at from all angles. However, the end result is pretty disconcerting, and kind of ends up making the subject look like they're being sucked into an unseen black hole.

Does Halide have a timer?

Even if you don't have an Apple Watch, you can still take advantage of Halide's new self-timer feature. The app now lets you set a 3, 10, or 30 second timer to ensure you get the perfect shot. And if you're worried about not knowing exactly when the shutter will fire, don't fret: Halide also uses the iPhone flash to show the progress of the timer.

Why is the iPhone so popular?

The iPhone’s popularity as a camera resulted from simplicity combined with the app infrastructure. It enhanced point-and-shoot photography and instantaneous sharing with minimal friction.

What is focus peaking?

Focus peaking basically uses contrast detection to highlight “sharp” areas of the photo. Dedicated camera hardware that provides focus peaking usually includes a zoom feature because a red outline isn’t exacting enough – particularly on a small screen. Such is the case with Halide.

Does Halide have an EV scale?

Halide does provide an EV scale so you know how much you are dialing into your photo in 1/10 stop increments. Strangely, there is no simple way to zero out the adjustment (I thought double tapping the EV display might do the trick, but no). Camera has an AE/AF lock function that works pretty well, and tapping on the screen releases it.

Can you use Halide in MF mode?

I have definitely encountered situations where the camera hunts back and forth and you can never seem to lock focus on a subject. Using Halide in MF mode allows you to avoid this problem. But when you’re shooting something so close that requires a locked focus, you probably want to be on a tripod since even the subtle motion of your hand can affect sharpness.

Is MF mode more complicated than tapping to focus?

For most situations, switching into MF mode is much more complicated that tapping to focus.

Who is Allen Murabayashi?

Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter.

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What is a RAW photo?

RAW photos pack all of the information from the sensor into the image file with no adjustments from the iPad’s software. Apple offers a proprietary version of this, called ProRAW, that captures a RAW photo and applies Apple's software edits while letting you tweak and remove some of those edits later.

What is Pro View?

It puts the entire image in the center of your vision, so you can more easily see the full picture. Pro View is a great way to explore the feeling of a scene— it helps you see the shot as if you’ve already taken the photo. 2.

What is Halide app?

While the Apple's Camera app has gained features like exposure control and a helpful grid view over the years, Halide aims to put you fully in control of your device’s cameras with pro-level features. It’s also a great tool for beginners trying to improve their photography skills .

Is Halide available on iPad?

With the release of version 2.2, Halide has now arrived on the iPad. While your iPad might not be the first device you reach for to snap a quick photo, its large screen presents a great opportunity to explore focus, lighting, and other more advanced aspects of photography using the Halide app. Here are eight tips for using Halide ...

Can I use Halide on my iPad?

Now that you can install Halide —one of the best third-party camera apps—on your iPad, you can take even better photos. Halide Mark II is one of the most powerful camera apps available on iPhones, enabling RAW photography and fine-tuned details. With the release of version 2.2, Halide has now arrived on the iPad.

What is Halide Mark 2?

Halide Mark II. 18 months in the making, Halide Mark II completely revamps what was already one of the finest pro camera apps around. It essentially takes the original Halide, mixes in some of the AI-driven technology from Spectre (the developer’s second app), and adds a complete rethought UI. It also introduces a slick iPad version for ...

What is the focus loupe on Halide Mark II?

One of our favorite new features in Halide Mark II is the Focus Loupe, which appears only when you touch to adjust the gauge in manual focus mode. Essentially a small magnifying glass that zooms in to show what’s going to be in focus, it’s the most intuitive such system we’ve ever used in a phone.

How long is the Halide Mark 2 free trial?

For everyone else, Halide Mark II is available with a free 7-day trial, after which it’ll require a $2/£2 monthly subscription to keep using.

Can you use RAW on iPhone 12 Pro?

The powerful features continue once you’ve snapped your shot. If you’ve opted to shoot in RAW, you can tap the Instant RAW button to perform an automated editing pass of the RAW data. It’s a great feature (Apple ProRAW is similar but reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro range), though tapping again to turn this Instant RAW function off weirdly rolls the image back to something far inferior.

Does Halide have lessons?

Besides this, Halide offers extensive lessons, as well as help documentation to guide you through its many features.

How to focus iPhone camera?

The app automatically detects which of your cameras (presuming your iPhone has more than one) can focus the closest and selects it. Using the focus gauge will display focus peaking so that you can see exactly what is going to be sharp.

How does Halide work on iPhone?

If you're using an iPhone 8 or above, Halide makes use of the handset's Neural Engine to intelligently upscale images. By tapping the 'x2' icon you can switch to x3 magnification, to push in even closer to your subject.

Is a macro lens better than an interchangeable lens?

And obviously, an interchangeable lens camera with a true macro lens will achieve both superior magnification and superior quality to both options.

Does the iPhone 13 Pro have macro mode?

While the new iPhone 13 Pro models boast a dedicated (and very good) Macro mode, an updated version of the Halide Mark II app promises to deliver macro photography to all iPhones. The question is, how well does it work?

Is Halide magnification good?

The results are okay, and Halide's magnification at least is impressive. However, the app wasn't able to provide the best macro results.

Is a small subject too small for a macro lens?

First of all, we needed a small subject – though not too small because, however good software-driven macro might be, it's never going to be as powerful as a true macro lens. So in stepped a pint-sized pro wrestler.

Is Halide Mark 2 a camera?

The Halide Mark II app – available via a rolling subscription or a one-off purchase – is superficially similar to the native Apple Camera app, with a familiar interface and control layout.