how to use google pixel 3 camera

How to Perform an Air Gesture

To perform any gesture using the S Pen, you need to hold the side button, perform the motion, then immediately let go of the side button.

Gesture 1: Switch Camera Modes

You can use S Pen to switch between the different camera modes. By holding the side button and swiping left or right, you will switch the active tab from Camera to Video and so on.

Gesture 2: Switch Active Cameras

So you opened the camera app to take a selfie, but something more exciting popped up in front of you — what do you do? With the S Pen, you can quickly switch between the front- and rear-facing cameras with a gesture. Hold the side button and swipe up to change the camera.

Gesture 3: Zoom In & Out

You can even zoom in and out using the S Pen. Hold the side button and draw a circle (clockwise). But here's the key: keep holding the side button after making the gesture to keep zooming. Once you reach the desired zoom, let go of the side button.

Gesture 4: Take a Picture or Record Video

Finally, the simplest Air Gesture is the one you'll use the most. Just click the button on the S Pen while in any camera mode to take a picture. If you're in video mode, click the button once to begin recording, then click it again to stop the video.

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