how to use front facing camera on surface pro 3

What does a nanny cam look like?

Chances are you’ve come across nanny cams that look like common household objects, such as a wall hook, or a plug-in air freshener. People are much less likely to see something that looks like a wall hook and notice the hidden lens, than an obvious camera that’s well hidden.

Where can I find mini cameras?

At one point they were a pretty niche product, but nowadays, mini cameras can be found in households around the world. They’ve gained a lot of popularity among people, especially since the technology they require has become very affordable.

Do hidden cameras need maintenance?

Even if you think that you set it up, and it’s working, and everything’s done, a hidden camera does require a bit of maintenance. For example, if it’s a battery-powered camera, you should regularly check the battery level, and either changes the batteries or recharge the camera when necessary.

Can you see through a hidden camera?

On one hand, they often do require a lot of light in the room if you want a clear picture. On the other hand, if there’s a lot of light shining at them, chances are you won’t be able to see anything through them.

Should a camera be facing away from a light source?

Your camera should face away from a major light source, and whatever it is recording should be well lit. Next, you’ll want to camouflage it well. Even though you’ve put it out of sight, you don’t want someone accidentally spotting it and recognizing it as a camera.

Can you record sound with a camera?

Many cameras nowadays let you record sound as well, but that won’t be of much use to you if you put the camera next to a speaker, or your TV set. The noises from the speakers or the TV will drown out everything else, making the sound you’ve just recorded pretty much useless.

Can you put a fake smoke alarm under furniture?

If you aren’t sure whether you did a good job, ask a friend or family member to try and find the camera that you’ve hidden. If they can’t find it, even though they know it’s there, you’re good.

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