how to use dual camera on s8

What is a SQ11 mini camera?

The SQ11 Mini DV Camera is a small yet powerful device with many applications. This camera is currently being sold by a number of resellers and is often marketed as an alternative sport camera; however, its small form factor is great for many security applications as it can be mounted and hidden almost anywhere. The small design also forces you to have keen knowledge of its operations before using it, as its many functions are accessed via only two buttons! Because of this, we thought it would be helpful to overview the setup and functions of this awesome little camera. Let’s dive in.

How to use SQ11?

The SQ11 can be used as a webcam while hooked up to a computer via the provided USB cable. Once plugged in, press the power button once, and it will switch from charging to webcam mode. It will shoot video and take photos in 720p when used this way.

How often does a Canon camera save videos?

The camera automatically saves videos every 5 minutes if left alone in this state. Pressing the POWER button again will stop recording and save the current video. You will return to video standby mode. When in photo standby mode, the POWER button is also used to take photos.

How to tell if my camera is fully charged?

Use the supplied USB cable to plug the camera into your computer to begin charging. You should see the LED indicator on the side of the camera flash red. It will show a solid red light to let you know when it is fully charged.

Is night vision useless?

First, the night vision is practically useless. Unless you are looking to capture something that is within a couple feet of the mini cam, you won’t be seeing much of anything in the dark. The other thing is the very short battery life.

Can you use a sports camera as a body camera?

Since it is marketed as a sports camera, you might also consider using it as a semi-discreet body camera. Just clip it to a jacket pocket, purse, etc. and try not to draw too much attention to it. With a little ingenuity, it can be cleverly setup for a number of uses, making it easy to recommend at such a low price.

Can I use a dash cam on a sun visor?

It is also pretty handy as a dash cam for short, day-time trips. For a quick and easy install, just use the clip it came packaged with to attach it to your sun visor, and you are good to go. Since it is marketed as a sports camera, you might also consider using it as a semi-discreet body camera.

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