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How to use the Galaxy S9 camera app?

App icon in Galaxy S9 Home screen; App icon inGalaxy S9 Apps screen; Bixby voice command; Google Assistant voice command. You can also access the camera app from Galaxy S9 edge screen. Although the identical Galaxy S9 camera app will be used, there are some restrictions if you access thecamera without unlocking Galaxy S9 or S9+.

Does the Galaxy S9+ have a dual rear camera?

Galaxy S9+ features two rear camerasand Galaxy S9 only has only one. So, for Galaxy S9+ users, you have the option to switch to thesecond rear camera (telephoto lens) if you need it. Please do not confuse this with the dual-aperture in Galaxy S9 camera.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 good for photography?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is also a great tool for photography and to make sure S9 smartphone owners are using its cameras to their full potential, Samsung has put together some quick, no-nonsense tutorials that, in not much time at all, explain how specific Samsung Galaxy S9 (and S9 Plus) camera features work.

How do i Zoom in on the Galaxy S9+ camera?

Zoom In : Capture moments, up close and clear. With the Galaxy S9+’s dual camera, you won’t lose details even when zoomed into the maximum. When using the rear camera, you can zoom up to 10 times. To zoom in, Open the Camera app. Aim your camera to the object and make a pinch-out gesture.

How to shoot 2x zoom?

Shooting with 2x optical zoom is easy. Simply press the 2x in any camera mode, which appears at the bottom right. (After you press it, the button changes to 1x, which you can tap to return back to the normal perspective.) Alternatively, you can pinch and expand to adjust zoom, but remember that once you pass 2x, you’re working with digital zoom, not optical, and the quality of your photos will suffer for it.

How to turn on dual capture on iPhone?

Here’s how it works. Swipe to Live Focus mode. Next, tap the two overlapping rectangles at the bottom to turn Dual Capture on. (Tapping again turns the feature off.) The wide angle image takes in twice the field of view but objects seem farther away while the telephoto shows an object close-up, twice as big.

How many megapixels does the Galaxy S9+ have?

Like the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy S9+ offers a pair of rear cameras — a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens paired with a 12-MP telephoto shooter. When you want a wide-angle shot, make sure the small circle in the lower left of the preview screen has an X2 in it.

How to edit a slow motion video?

You can also edit your slow-motion video. Just tap on the three linked circles at the center of the video’s thumbnail to open the editor. Save the file in the upper right corner; this might take upwards of 20 or 30 seconds due to the amount of data. Then, tap on the scissors icon at the bottom to edit the start and end point of the clip; a preview shows up near the bottom

What is the difference between a S9 and a S9+?

Depending on whether you have an S9 or S9+, you’ll also get either a Selective Focus (on the S9) or Live Focus mode (S9 +). Live Focus uses the two rear lenses on the S9+ to create portrait or close-up shots with stylishly blurred backgrounds, while Selective Focus takes multiple shots from the S9’s lone shooter with the focus in front of the object, right on it and behind it. Later, you can choose the one you like the best from the Gallery.

Does the Galaxy S9 have a camera?

The Galaxy S9 introduces big changes to the cameras on Samsung’s flagship phone s. While last year’s Galaxy S8 featured largely the same dual-pixel camera found on the S7, the S9 changes things up with a rear camera that switches aperture depending on conditions and improved software that can reduce noise in photos.

Is the S9 camera hard to find?

While some of the more complex updates to the S9’s camera are hard to find, the most important one is in your face and a big step forward, regardless of whether you shoot a lot or a little.

The Neon Lights

Find a colorful neon sign at street level and have a friend strike a pose.

Rainy Daze

Take your camera out in the rain to take a stunning portrait. Don’t worry about water–the Galaxy S9 can handle a splash.

The Anti-Gravity

Turn a floor into a wall and vice versa. All it takes is the right angle.

Double Vision

First, find a reflection. It could be a shop window, a puddle or any other shiny surface.

The Stairway

Find a spiral staircase and go to the highest point. The taller the building, the better.

The Mirror Image

Take your camera out in bright sunlight and grab a pair of reflective sunglasses; mirrored lenses work best.

The Silhouette

The best time for capturing a stunning silhouette is Golden Hour—the hour before sunset.

What to do if playback doesn't begin?

If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Why do Samsung phones have grid lines?

Samsung recommends turning on grid lines so you can capture better-balanced photos.

How to open Snapseed photos?

To open images in Snapseed, open the app and tape anywhere to access your recent photos. Next, select 'Develop' to begin editing (you can even edit RAW files). There are lots of options to pick from and the tools are really easy to use.

How many GB is a micro SD card?

Well, you can with a MicroSD memory card to the sum of 400 extra GB which is plenty of room for photos and video. To insert a MicroSD card, remove the SIM tray with the included pin and simply pop in the MicroSD card into the slot - simple.

How long does it take to slow down a camera?

Super slow-mo turns 0.2 seconds of footage into 6 seconds and once you've captured enough footage, hit stop.

How to take a daytime photo on a phone?

Let's start with the daytime photo so find your scene, turn your phone into a horizontal position and select the Pro Mode in the camera app. Adjust your settings and capture the shot.

What does "slowed down" mean on a camera?

Some things look really cool when slowed down and when we say 'slowed down' we mean 'way down '. When you open the camera app you can select a super slow-mo option which, once you've framed your subject and hit the record button, you can use to slow specific moments right down. Super slow-mo turns 0.2 seconds of footage into 6 seconds and once you've captured enough footage, hit stop.

Main Camera

Picture Size: Leave this on 4:3 (12 MP) to get the highest resolution possible for photos.

Front Camera

Picture Size: Leave this on 4:3 (8.0 MP) to get the highest resolution selfies.

Common Settings

Edit Camera Modes: This setting lets you add or remove the modes that are available with either camera. So if you never use Hyperlapse, for instance, you can toggle it off here.