how to use bixby camera s9

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To activate and use Bixby vision on your Samsung Galaxy S9,do these procedures:1. Launch Bixby by pressing the Bixby button located on the left side of your phone. The Bixby button is placed below the volume buttons.2. Bixby will launch. ...3.Select a language for Bixby Voice by tapping on one of the language options. Tap on CONFIRM to proceed.4. Tap on SIGN IN to log into your Samsung account. ...More items

How to activate Bixby?

Open the Settings.Scroll down and tap on the Advanced Features selection.Tap on the Bixby Key option.Finally,tap on the Double Press to open Bixby selection.You can also pick what a single press does.

How do I set up Bixby?

To set up Bixby Vision:Launch your Camera app and select More at the right side of the menu at the bottom of the window.On the next screen,select Bixby Vision at the upper right corner of the window.This will launch your camera in Bixby Vision mode. ...Tap the link and Bixby will show you links to similar images on the web.

What is Samsung Bixby good for?

Edit Your Phone’s Functions – With Bixby,you can pretty much alter,augment,and switch off/on any feature on your phone. ...Get Your Exact Location – If you need to orient yourself in a strange place,like a shopping mall or a market in a city,simply open Bixby go to ...Send Location – You can already send your location in loads of applications. ...More items...

How to disable Bixby on Galaxy S9?

To disable Bixby Voice on the Galaxy S8,Galaxy S9,Galaxy Note 8,and Galaxy Note 9:Select the three-dot menu icon at the upper-right corner of the screen.Select Settings .Toggle the Bixby Voice option to the Off position.

How to add Bixby Vision to my phone?

Just open the Camera app, tap More, and then tap Bixby Vision in the top left corner . If it's your first time using Bixby Vision, agree to the Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Next, agree to the different permissions, and if desired, tap Add to add a shortcut to your phone's Home screen for easier access.

How to turn on Bixby Vision?

While using Bixby Vision, tap More options (the three dots) and then tap Settings. Tap Bixby Vision for accessibility and then tap the switch to turn it on. By default all the lenses will be enabled, but you can select which lenses will be available with the switches.

How to access AR zone?

Just open the Camera app and tap More. Tap AR Zone to access all the fun and useful features of AR.

How to describe a scene in Bixby?

Scene describer: Point the camera at a scene, then tap Capture. Bixby will speak a description the scene that it sees.

What is Bixby Vision?

Bixby vision opens up a world of Augmented Reality capabilities on your Galaxy phone. Did you ever wonder how you'd look with a rainbow colored beard? Would you like to have a cartoon version of yourself to send as a sticker in a message?

How to contact Samsung support?

Contact us online through chat and get support from an expert on your computer, mobile device or tablet. Support is also available on your mobile device through the Samsung Members App.

What is a quick measure?

Quick Measure: Lets you measure objects and distances without having to find a tape measure.