how to upload videos from camera roll to ifunny

how to upload videos from camera roll to ifunny插图

How to download iFunny videos for free?

Go to and then choose the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the iFunny video, and paste it into the download box of TubeOffline. Choose the output video quality (“Best”, “Normal” or “Low”) and format. Click the “Get video” button to analyze your video URL.

How to save videos from iFunny to Instagram?

Step 1. Open the iFunny app on your iPhone. Search for the video you want to save to your phone. Step 2. Tap to play the video. Find the share icon in the lower right corner and tap on it. Step 3. Select Instagram.

How do I convert multiple iFunny videos to the same format?

To convert multiple iFunny videos to the same format, change the output from “Convert all tasks to” in the lower-left corner. At the final stage, click the button.

How to import videos from iTunes to iPhone camera roll?

However, if you want to import videos to iPhone Camera Roll, you may need to transfer videos to iPhone with iTunes first and save them to iPhone Camera Roll with the help of the app Documents 5. Please download Documents 5 on your iPhone and update iTunes to the latest version in advance.

How to Download iFunny Videos on iOS and Android?

iOS devices enable you to save iFunny video into camera roll via the help of the Instagram app, while the Android device can't achieve it anymore. Make sure you have installed Instagram before iFunny video download on iPhone and iPad. The whole process takes only a few steps.

What is iFunny meme?

iFunny is an excellent platform that features massive videos, pictures, and animated GIFs (submitted by users). Its large meme library contains different catalogs such as Animals & Nature, Celebrities, Movies, TV shows and so forth. If you have an account (people aged 17+ recommended), you can view, share, comment on memes or upload your own contents. It just bears resemblance to Reddit, 4Chan, Imgur, 9GAG, etc.

What is a Cisdem video converter?

Cisdem Video Converter is an almighty and hardware-accelerated video downloader & converter tool, letting you download video from iFunny, Instagram, Vlive, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, Livestream, and other 1000+ websites. It comes loaded with more packed functions, including video conversion, video editing, DVD ripping, etc. - all within a minimalistic interface. This best iFunny video downloader for Mac can handle a large number of video files at the same time, be it downloading or converting videos, and save all files to a pre-designated folder for quick access.

What format is iFunny?

In general, the downloaded iFunny video will be in MP4 format. If you want to convert iFunny to MP3, MOV, WMV, FLAC, WebM or the formats compatible with iPhone, iMovie, game console, etc., click the button to open its destination folder and drag your downloaded iFunny video to “convert” section.

How to post a minute long video on Facebook?

If you intend to post a minute-long video, you can upload your video to an Instagram account or Facebook account, copy the URL, create a new video post and paste the link. The method does not work on all the iFunny versions.

Can I download YouTube videos from iFunny?

Don't be misled by its name, Win X YouTube Downloader can actually download video from iFunny and other popular video-sharing sites. YouTube is not the only download option. Armed with the optimized engine and multi-thread, it can download and convert iFunny to MP4, MP3, FLV or WebM in high quality. Use this best iFunny video downloader for Windows to save a plethora of 1080p/4k videos (embedded videos included) and 320kbps music offline right now.

How to copy a video from iFunny?

Simply navigate to, locate the desired video, and copy its link.

How to save iFunny videos to camera roll?

Here’s how to save iFunny videos into Camera Roll. Tap the three-dot menu > Share > Save to Files > On My iPhone. Choose a folder, say, Keynote. Tap Add in the upper right corner of the screen. Open the Files folder on your iPhone. Navigate to the folder you choose. In this case, it’s the Keynote folder. Open the iFunny video in the said folder. Tap the Share icon and then tap Share Video. Now you can find the downloaded iFunny video in the Camera Roll.

How to download iFunny videos?

Open a web browser on a Windows PC, Mac or Android phone. Go to Step 2. Copy the link address of your favorite iFunny video and paste it in the Video URL to Download field.

How to batch save iFunny videos?

To batch save iFunny videos, you can also go to File > Input URLs. Paste a list of video URLs and click OK . On a side note, you can use the same app and steps to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and any other supported site.

How to save a video on Mac?

Launch it. Step 2. Go to Find a video that you’d like to save. Control-click and select Copy Link Address. Step 3. Go back to the this iFunny video downloader.

How to save a webm image as a GIF?

Click the GIF button in the middle of the image, and then right-click on it. The Save Video As option will appear. Click it to save the GIF you need. Note that the image will be saved as WebM Video File. If needed, you can convert WebM to GIF using free online services like CloudConvert.

What is

On, you can find funny videos and images on various topics such as animals, gaming, memes and sports . If you want to save your favorite iFunny videos to computer or mobile devices, you will need an iFunny video downloader. This guide will show you how to easily download iFunny videos using different video downloaders for iFunny.

Does iFunny have a cut function?

Of course, the Cut video function is almost useless when it come to iFunny videos download. Most videos on are very short.

How to add watermark to Chrome?

To install it on your browser, simply click the 3 dots menu on the top right, and look for More Tools > Extensions. Search for the name and add it to your Chrome.

What is iFunny app?

iFunny allows you to enjoy funny memes in the form of images, videos, and animated GIFs submitted by the members. Besides, iFunny is also a community for meme lovers, the viral memes that go around the internet often originated here. That's not just it, with the built-in meme creator tool, iFunny further circulated the memes on the internet on a larger scale.

What is iFunny's featured content?

Once you enter the front page of iFunny, you are welcomed by the "Featured" content, which is a collection of memes selected by 60 people from the category of "collection." Unlike the other social media, iFunny's front page doesn't promote the trendy memes, but those are discarded for not gaining enough "smiles" from the audience. Similar to most other social media, you can leave a message in the comment section on iFunny.

What is Leawo video converter?

Leawo Video Converter is a module of Leawo Prof. Media. Click the "Video Converter" on the main screen, or open the "Convert" to enter the module.