how to turn your computer into a security camera

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How to use my laptop camera as a security camera?

SetupDownload Yawcam and install the program.From the Yawcam console,choose the Settings tab.Navigate to Device Change to and select integrated camera.Choose how you’d like to output the imagery whether File (saved to location),FTP (uploaded to server),HTTP (uploaded to web),or Stream. ...From the Window tab,select Motion detection.More items...

How to use your Windows laptop as a security camera?

Windows: Start Settings Privacy security Camera.Mac: System Preferences Security Privacy Camera.Android: Settings Privacy Permission manager Camera.iOS: Settings Privacy Camera.

Can I use my laptop camera as a security camera?

…install a dedicated software that will allow you to use your laptop’s webcam as a dedicated security camera… And the short answer is actually yes and there’s more to the story than just clicking a few buttons in your laptop’s operating system, and having an instant ready to go camera.

How to connect your camera to your laptop?

What to KnowGather the correct USB cable,a computer with an open USB slot,and your camera. Connect the USB cable to the camera.Connect the opposite end of the USB cable to the computer. Make sure the computer is powered up and turn on the camera.A pop-up with photo-downloading instructions appears. ...

How to get facial recognition on iSpy?

If you want to have facial recognition featured click the plugins area and download the facial recognition plug, after that unzip it and move it into your iSpy plugins folder.

How to shut off laptop screen while awake?

this can be easily done by adjusting your brightness setting on your laptop or a button in your fn keys should be able to shut off your screen while keeping the computer awake.

How to test if my laptop camera works?

A good way to test it works is using the windows native camera app, in search typing camera, seeing if it is showing an image then closing the app. ( 1)

How to delete old videos on Dragon?

At this point, it’s easy to delete the old videos by simply Dragon dropping a box around the videos that you no longer need and then right-clicking and hitting the delete button.

What is a set alert?

Set alerts set to face detection or motion detection.

Why does the size of the camera lens matter?

The size of the camera lens also matters, as it determines the quality of the picture captured and video streamed.

Is a webcam good for a laptop?

The answer is yes. But the quality of the camera is only one factor to consider. The other thing is the quality of the built-in microphone and speaker, as these are often not very good on laptops. One of the most important specifications for a webcam is resolution. The resolution should be at least 720p for best results.

How to turn your web camera into a spy camera via Yawcam?

Another software you can use to turn your webcam into a spy cam is Yawcam (which stands for Yet Another Webcam). It’s free and works the same way as Contacam.

Things to consider when turning your laptop into a spy security camera

A few things you need to consider before going through the path of turning your laptop into a spy security camera. First of all, when the camera is recording, you should see a light beside the camera turned on. Some laptops don’t have this LED light, but most of the newer ones come with it.


If you’re wondering if you can turn your laptop’s internal web camera into a spy security camera, the answer is YES. And it’s quite easy to do so. You need to install a special camera software on the laptop that will detect the camera and record the video feed based on motion detection.

Home Webcam turns into the security camera

Webcams are appropriate for advanced quality modules that agree to fine-tuning. These webcams are easy to communicate online to the other person visually. This versatile feature makes the webcam use for home-based and workplace use.

How to build your computer as a surveillance system

It is effortless to build a surveillance structure to monitor and observer your living space through a USB webcam and built-in PC. This article enlightens how to turn your computer webcam into a security camera and CCTV and uncover the recoding method. In this case, you have to install software that can record all the feed from the webcam.

Benefits of Webcam

The foremost benefit of the webcam is its flexibility, mobility, and transfer of video material online. So webcam records live videos just like CCTV cameras, it also a motion indicator, uploading videotapes from FTP and transfer emails alert.

What to do if you don't want your spy camera to become apparent?

If you don't want your spy camera to become apparent, put something like a tape, for example, to block the Webcam LED.

How to record motion on a spy camera?

To enable the software to record your spy camera, enable motion recording. Just right click and choose "Movement Detection" you can also select "Show Detection" to see the areas where there are movements.

Where is the recording date and time on a video?

Note in the screenshot below that the recording date and time appear in the file name, and also appear at the top and bottom of the video itself.

Is it free to use a webcam?

It's totally Free. Nowadays it is very common for everybody to have a computer or laptop with a webcam, so by just following a few simple steps, you can install and configure a software to convert your device into a digital video recorder.

Who is Claudemir Martins?

Claudemir Martins. Claudemir Martins is a former Samsung Engineer with 18+ experience in the surveillance industry . He has been traveling around 17 different countries to teach people how to design, and install CCTV systems. Tags: IP camera, Laptop, Spy camera, Web camera.

What is a yawcam?

Yawcam is a webcam software that excels in simplicity. It is written in Java and includes about all the features you will need for surveillance. For instance, the built-in web server means you can remotely access your computer’s webcam from anywhere. Yawcam.

What is iSpy software?

iSpy is an open source software and is one of the leading names in the surveillance niche. It is compatible with most cameras including webcams, IP and USB based cameras. It also includes the added functionality of audio recording and can capture audio from any microphone. iSpyconnect.

What is iSpyConnect?

This software has a web interface,, that will be quite useful when you need to access your cameras remotely from different locations. One of the major benefits of using iSpy is the ability to extend its functionalities using the numerously available plugins. One of the perks of being open source. Some of the features you can add using plugins include text overlay, license plate recognition for outdoor monitoring, and barcode scanning.

How does iSpy work?

Another feature that makes iSpy an excellent surveillance tool is its ability to detect motion and record the movement that follows. What’s more, it will notify you via email, SMS or twitter immediately it detects motion. You can then act by logging into the web interface to assess the situation further.

What is a Contacam?

It is a lightweight program with an easy to use interface that easily links with your webcam to provide a complete surveillance solution. Contacam. Contacam operates in two modes. You can either adjust it to continuous recording or set it to record only when motion is detected.

What is Netcam Studio?

NetCam Studio allows you to easily review any alert sent to you or access the camera’s live feed through its web interface and smartphone app. The motion and speed detection capabilities mean that this software will commence recording only when necessary.

How long does it take to install Ivideon?

The installation process of this software is quite simple. It’s a process that should not take more than 5 minutes. Oh, did I mention that Ivideon has a night vision feature? Because it does. You should hence have no problem capturing video in the dark.

What does yawcam stand for?

In this guide, we will be using Yawcam (which also stands for Yet Another WebCam) for your home security system. Head over to the Yawcam website to download and install the webcam software. While waiting for the installation to complete, check, and update the power settings of your laptop to prevent your webcam monitor from turning off while you are away from home.

What to do if your laptop doesn't have a built in camera?

Webcam: If your laptop does not have a built-in webcam, you'll need to buy a separate webcam that can connect with a USB cable.

What cameras have night vision?

For added night vision surveillance, Lorex and Swann cameras have a color night vision system.

How does motion detection work?

Motion detection works on the principle of detecting any sort of movement in front of your laptop security camera. The software will take image snapshots, and you can set up email alerts to be notified when this happens.

How to turn off power on Windows 10?

If you are using Windows 10, click the battery icon on the bottom right corner of your screen and go to Power & sleep settings to bring up your power settings. Make sure you click Never under the setting When plugged in, turn off after.

Can a home security camera deter burglars?

A home security camera is one of the most effective deterrents for burglars. But you don't need to break the bank to apply crime prevention methods like a surveillance camera system. With just your handy laptop around, you can set up a webcam surveillance home security system running 24/7.

What does "Word to the wise" mean?

Word to the wise - resist using free or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.