how to turn off camera sound on android phone

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How to Turn Off the Shutter Sound on My PhoneHead to your phone’s main menu and select the Camera icon, as if you were going to take a picture.Head to your camera settings. This is typically represented by a gear icon in the upper right corner of the...Scroll down in your camera settings until you find an option that says Shutter sound, Camera sounds, or...Toggle the Shutter sound option to off. This will permanently disable any shutter click sounds until you decide...See More....

Is there a way to turn off camera shutter sound?

Turn off Shutter Sound on iPhone through Taking Live PhotosOpen your Camera application.Tap the Live Photos icon; it looks like two circles surrounded by dots. The word “Live” will appear when you turned on the live photo.Then tap the shutter button. In this way,you can get live photos without sound.

How do you turn off the camera noise?

Turning off the Shutter SoundDecrease Volume. If you need to take a photo quickly without alerting anyone with the shutter sound,just tap or hold the volume down button on your phone while looking ...Temporary Mute. The alternative to decreasing the volume is simply engaging the silent mode. ...Turning It off Directly. ...

How to disable Camera shutter sound on Android?

In your phone’s main menu and tap the Camera icon,as you would to take a picture.Locate the camera settings — usually a gear icon somewhere at the top of the window.Find an option that says Shutter sound,Camera sounds,or something similar. ...More items...

How to turn off screenshot sound in Android?

Turn Off Screenshot Sound on AndroidSwipe down twice from the top of the screen to go to quick settings.Tap on the Settings (gear) icon.Scroll down and select Sound and vibration.Scroll to the bottom,and you should find a toggle labelled Screenshot shutter sound,Screenshot sound,or something similar.

How to mute your phone for a certain time?

In certain versions of Android, you can tap Mute to find the Temporary Mute option. In newer versions, it’s directly below it. You can use this option to temporarily mute your phone for a certain period of time. Select the time frame that works best for you, and all sound will be muted for that duration. Many people like to use this option for meetings and events, but it’s also a great choice if you’re going to be doing a lot of photography with your phone and don’t want to hear the shutter sound.

How to turn off shutter click on Android?

To quickly disable shutter click sounds, use these master buttons. To do this, tap the volume down button while watching the screen volume slider descend and then disappear. Once the volume is all the way down, the phone will switch to a vibrate mode, and then most models will completely silence your phone. Either vibrate or full silence should mute the shutter noise. This option should work with almost every Android phone or tablet, including brands like Samsung, LG, and Google Pixel, but you still have to remember to restore volume again when you are done taking pictures if you want to hear your phone ring. Android 10 gives you a heads up display, allowing you even more granular control over sound levels of various features.

How to turn off camera noise?

Turn off the camera shutter sound. If you want to turn off all shutter sounds permanently but still desire to hear all the other noises and alerts on your phone, there is a more straightforward method of doing that. You can find this process in your camera settings. In your phone’s main menu and tap the Camera icon, as you would to take a picture. ...

Can you mute camera shutter sound?

Country restrictions. In some countries like Japan and South Korea, you can’t mute the camera shutter sound no matter how hard you try. Shutter muting is disabled, as phones sold for those markets guarantee privacy to dissuade people from undercover recording.

Can you mute a shutter noise on an Android phone?

Once the volume is all the way down, the phone will switch to a vibrate mode, and then most models will completely silence your phone. Either vibrate or full silence should mute the shutter noise. This option should work with almost every Android phone or tablet, including brands like Samsung, LG, and Google Pixel, ...

What does it mean when a photo is captured on an Android phone?

Published on. August 16, 2017. Usually, when you capture a photo from an Android smartphone, it produces a click or shutter sound that indicates the photo is captured. However, the shutter sound is loud, like really loud and at times becomes quite annoying. Well, thanks to the power of Android customization, you can turn ...

What is the setting on a phone that turns off the camera sound?

Most phones usually have a built-in setting to turn off the camera shutter sound. The setting is known by different names on smartphones from different OEMs such as “shutter sound”, “camera sound”, “snap sound”.

Can you turn off the shutter sound on an Android phone?

Well, thanks to the power of Android customization, you can turn that annoying shutter sound off on any Android phone.

Where is the setting icon on my iPhone?

Tap the setting icon present at the top left corner.

Can you take a picture without a shutter sound?

Many countries don’t allow smartphones to capture a photo without a shutter sound, hence, to abide by the law, the feature doesn’t work on some devices or in many cases OEM’s remove the feature altogether. Check out: Best Android O features. Let’s get started. Contents show.

Does the Nexus have a shutter sound?

Nexus, Pixel and other devices that run on stock Android don’t have a built in setting to turn off camera shutter sound. So, if you own one of those devices, try method 2.

Turn the Silent Mode or Vibration Mode on

The fastest and easiest way to stop this headache, is to actually disable all of the mobile sounds by enabling the silent mode or vibration mode. Doing this will also prevent the shutter sound from coming out of the phone’s speaker.

Change the Camera Settings

Besides the Silent and the Vibration mode, you can also fix the shutter sound problem with a better and proper way. That way is to turn off the shutter settings manually by going into the camera’s individual settings. This step helps you out in disabling the Shutter sound feature for the entire life of your phone.

Use a Third-party App

Another quick solution can be downloading a third party app to prevent the annoying shutter sound. The third party app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Listed below are some of the most download third-party camera apps available on the play store.

Disable the Shutter Sound on Rooted Devices

If your device is rooted and you have access to root directories of the Android file system through your file manager, then it’s relatively easy for you to permanently get rid of the annoying shutter sound.


Taking silent photos without anyone is not possible if you’re shutter sound is on. The sound will let know anybody around you that you are trying take a snap silently. But if you read this article word-by-word, you’re all set to take pictures silently and without any annoying shutter-sound-like sounds.

Disable Camera Android

You may want to disable the Camera app on your Android device in some cases. For example, you can do it for privacy or security reasons. Turning off your camera could prevent intruders from hacking it.

Disable Camera Android Lock Screen

The Camera app can be found on most Android lock screens, typically in the bottom-right corner. Many find this option helpful because you can quickly take photos without unlocking your screen and launching the Camera app.

Disable Camera Android Sound

Every Android camera features a shutter sound. The sound is similar to professional cameras and helps you know you took a picture even if you weren’t looking at the screen. But, this sound can sometimes be annoying. Or you may find yourself in a museum, theater, or another quiet setting in which you don’t want the camera shutter sound.

Disable the Front Camera on an Android

Android phones don’t offer the option to disable the front camera without disabling the main one. If you want to turn off your front camera, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Switch Off the Android Camera With Ease

Most Android devices don’t have privacy camera shutters, so some users may feel the need to disable the camera to maintain their security. Since the camera is one of the most used features, you can disable it temporarily and turn it back on once you’re ready.

How do I turn the camera off on my iPhone?

Go to the settings of your iPhone and look for the Restrictions tab. Find the camera app and toggle it. The color of the toggle turns to grey (from green). You won’t be able to use the factory camera app.

How to disable my smartphone camera with an app?

Several apps can help you (permanently) disable the camera on your phone. We did some research in the Android and Apple Store to find some good applications. It seems that only Android has some good apps with multiple functions. We will discuss them below.

Can you lock your camera on your smartphone?

Some phones allow you to put apps, pictures, and other files in a secure folder. This folder is password protected. You cannot even access this folder when you connect your phone to a laptop or pc. This is a way to protect your camera on your smartphone further.

How do I disable my camera for apps?

Go to the settings of your smartphone, click on apps, find the permissions tab, and revoke the camera access for the apps you prefer. Think about it for a minute. Which apps do need camera access to function correctly? And which apps don’t necessarily need to use it? Can you use LinkedIn without granting permission? Does Twitter need a camera to function? You might be surprised how many apps you have given access to the camera on your phone and do not need it to do their job correctly.

Why would you want to turn off the camera?

It is useful for people who work in secure environments. Devices that are used for educational purposes might need to turn off the camera as well. There are plenty of security- related reasons why you would want to turn off camera access.

How to uninstall apps from phone?

It is difficult to uninstall built-in stock apps from your phone. You can, however, fairly simply disable them. Go to Settings > Apps > Camera app > Disable. This will disable the application on your phone. You can also uninstall apps from the Google Play or Apple store.

How to disable camera on Android phone?

It is pretty easy and fast to disable your camera phone on your Android device. Go to settings, chose apps (sometimes twice), and find the camera application in the list of apps. Click on the camera app icon, go to permissions and disable the camera with a toggle. In short.