how to take backup of cctv camera in pen drive

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Video backupto a USBflashdriveis very easy from any of our DVR recorders or NVR recorders. Simply format a USBflashdriveusing the FAT or FAT32 file system and insert it in to the front USB 2.0 port on your DVR. Then follow the steps demonstrated in the video below and you can export video in either DAV or ASF format.

How do I backup my DVR to a USB flash drive?

September 25, 2015 by Don Stephens. Video backup to a USB flash drive is very easy from any of our DVR recorders or NVR recorders. Simply format a USB flash drive using the FAT or FAT32 file system and insert it in to the front USB 2.0 port on your DVR.

How to back-up / download CCTV camera footage?

How to back-up / download CCTV camera footage — SmartCamera. If you want to download footage from your CCTV system to a USB drive or hard-drive, here are our instructions for doing so - using Dahua’s Smart PSS software. Downloading and saving CCTV footage from your recorder is useful for sharing with the police or other interested parties.

How do I export video from my DVR to a USB?

Simply format a USB flash drive using the FAT or FAT32 file system and insert it in to the front USB 2.0 port on your DVR. Then follow the steps demonstrated in the video below and you can export video in either DAV or ASF format.

How do I backup multiple cameras at once?

If you want to backup everything, you would need to click the Multiple-channel button and select all cameras. Keep in mind that you will be taxing your DVR and bandwidth by requesting massive amounts of video footage to be sent via your upstream or internal network to the computer running the Schedule Backup software.

How to see what files have been recorded on DVR?

You’re going to click the little clock to open up the calendar, and you choose your date. Automatically it will show the files that have been recorded based on the date. If you want to be specific, it depends upon how your DVR is recording, in my case it’s recording 24/7 so you can be specific on the time if it’s recording based on motion.

How to backup a DVR?

You’re going to plug it in to one of the USB ports on your DVR and go to the main menu, go to “Backup.”

Do I need a DVR player to play on my computer?

Basically with the newer DVRs with the HDMI port and the newest firmware you don’t need the player to use on your computer. The player will be downloaded to your Flash drive from the DVR itself. So you can plug that into your computer and play the files right there.

Can I backup DVR footage to flash drive? In this video I will show you how to backup footage from a DVR to your Flash drive. The same procedure is for a DVD/CD. It’s the same procedure the only thing is going to be that you have to use the DVD-R in order for you to record or to backup footage from the DVR.

How to connect to a secondary NVR in another location?

You will need a high upload speed at the remote location and equally high download speed at the primary recorder. Following the video above you need to add the secondary recorder using the IP address of the remote location. For this to work you have to first follow our Port Forwarding guide at both locations to enable your recorders to communicate across the internet. This will allow your primary recorder to login to the secondary recorder and capture video feeds across the internet. If you have any issues when trying to set up remote access we offer a networking support service. Below is a graphic showing how the recorders must be connected to an internet router in order to backup over the internet.

What is the purpose of a secondary recorder?

You need a NVR or XVR as a secondary recorder to store the live video backup. A computer network or network cable connecting the two recorders to each other so they can communicate. The secondary recorder must support the same camera specs as the primary recorder.

What is the registration screen on XVR?

The camera registration screen is what allows you to add remote channels from other recorders on the same network, or over the internet.

How many channels can you back up on a recorder?

Note that depending on the firmware and number of channels of the recorders you may only be able to back up the first 4, 8, or 16 channels to your secondary recorder. You do not necessarily need to backup the channels on another recorder. If you just want to display the channels, for example in a retail store or for active monitoring, ...

Can you backup a DVR recorder?

What can you do? You can backup any of our DVR or NVR recorders, except for the Pro Series line, over a local network to another NVR or DVR that accepts IP camera channels. This can be done between NVRs and DVRs in any combination, such as backing up an NVR to a DVR, DVR to a NVR, NVR to NVR, or DVR to DVR. The video is continuously backed-up in ...

Can you use camera registration screen to search network?

After that you will be able to utilize the camera registration screen to either search your network for, or manually add channels from another recorder.

Who is Don Stephens?

Don Stephens is a Technical Support Manager at CCTV Camera World, a leading Security Camera distributor located in Buffalo, NY. His area of expertise is in designing professional security camera systems for medium and large scale businesses, schools, and government projects.

How many devices can you use to configure a save directory?

If you select Config then Option, you can configure the default save directories by selecting up to five devices as well as how much hard drive space will be used until it moves onto the next device. The amount used will be the amount of available space on the drive until it reaches the minimum free capacity amount. You can select the default option of Overwrite or Stop for when the drives are full. On this screen you can click the ellipse next to the Download record file name rule to completely customize the naming convention for your files.

What is a camera housing?

Camera Housings, What's the Difference? Camera Housings are the physical body of the camera that protects and contains all its inner workings. There are a few different types, and you might be wondering about their...

Is schedule backup free?

No matter how you decide to use Schedule Backup, give it a try as it is a free option available for testing. If you need help setting up the Schedule Backup software, our tech support team can remote in to your computer and do that.

Future reference

What if the unthinkable does happen? You’ll need some sort of evidence to help for investigation and insurance purposes. Backing up your footage could help you in the future, to keep recordings of events which may have occurred on your property. As crime rates climb, now is the time to protect your home and belongings.

More secure

As mentioned, unsaved camera footage gets overwritten within a week. Someone can easily

Convenience and efficiency

Imagine spending a lot of money to retrieve lost footage. How about avoiding this by just keeping a copy? You only need a storage device and it’s done. Have in mind that you can access your footage anytime and anywhere. You can even opt to keep a copy on your phone if it has enough storage space.

Footage control

If you have personnel in charge of CCTV cameras, you may decide to leave all security

Where can you back up the footage?

With the availability of USB drives, DVDs and other forms of hardware, we’re able to back up the footage to external hard drives. It’s advisable to keep copies in different forms to minimize any chance of losing the footage.