how to take a picture with a canon camera

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How to download photos from Canon camera to computer?

It may be labeled Canon Camera under the list of available drives. Select the drive and click DCIM to access the photo files. After accessing the files, use the same copy and paste process to download the photos to a new folder on the computer. Wait until the files are fully loaded before exiting and removing the USB connection.

How do I Turn on video mode on my Canon DSLR camera?

On any entry-level Canon DSLR released in the last few years, the power switch doubles as the movie mode switch. Push it forward an extra click to put your camera into video mode. To start recording video, press the Live View/Record button. Even in video mode, the shutter button still takes photos.

How do I transfer photos from a Canon EOS 600D to computer?

Transfer the photos from your Canon digital camera -- such as the Canon Rebel, Canon EOS 600D or Canon IXUS 70 -- to your Windows computer by using the USB cable you received with the camera. Connect the Canon digital camera to the computer by using the USB cable that came with the device.

How do I take good pictures with the canon T5?

MORE: How to Take Great Pictures with the Canon T5. 1. Start with the P (program auto) mode. Then, gradually work into shooting in TV (shutter priority) and AV (aperture priority), before moving on to full Manual mode (M). See below for a description of each mode and when to use the different options.

How to get a camera lens to stick straight up?

Flip the camera back over so the lens is sticking straight up. Remove the first cap on the front of the camera, and grab the long lens to attach to that same area. Take off the cap on the back of the lens where there are numbers and letters.

How to take pictures with a Canon camera?

Assembling a Canon to take a picture is very simple, first, take the battery and turn the camera upside down. Open the bottom slot, and insert the battery by putting the 4 gold lines downward until inserted. Do not forget the SDHC Card, or the pictures will have nowhere to go once they are taken. To insert the card, look at the slot behind ...

How to insert SDHC card?

Do not forget the SDHC Card, or the pictures will have nowhere to go once they are taken. To insert the card, look at the slot behind the battery and place the card in by putting the gold lines down and pushing it until it clicks. After these two things are inserted shut the slot until it clicks. Ask Question.

Is it hard to find a good camera?

Even after taking hundreds of photos and only one comes out halfway decent. Trying to get the perfect looking picture can seem impossible, but maybe it's the camera. Finding a good quality camera can be difficult because there are a lot of different brands to choose from. Ask Question.

How do I create cool night shots?

While we often spend our time trying to avoid blur, you can create some interesting images using a slow shutter speed to blur moving subjects such as waterfalls or carnival rides. You almost always need a tripod, though, since you want at least part of the image to be in focus.

How do I shoot remotely?

Canon's Camera Connect app is a great way to take pictures without having to lay your hands on the camera. It's especially useful for shooting at slow shutter speeds, when even pressing the button might cause the camera to move, or when you want to photograph something where your presence might be distracting, such as wildlife.

How fast does a camera shutter speed?

Keep in mind, though, that if you're using the flash (either a built-in one or an accessory flash), the fastest shutter speed the camera allows is 1/200 second in order for the shutter and the flash to sync.

What is aperture priority on T6?

On the T6 mode dial, Aperture priority is labeled as AV (aperture value), and Shutter priority is labeled as TV (time value).

What shutter speed is best for freezing?

As we mentioned earlier, shutter speed is the key to capturing and freezing movement. While a shutter speed of 1/200 second may be fast enough to capture a slow-moving child (if there is such a thing!), faster and more sudden action requires a higher shutter speed. For this image, I was able to freeze the action of this father-daughter duo and the huge water splashes by setting the shutter speed to 1/1,250 second.

What shutter speed do you use for a spontaneous portrait?

When shooting a spontaneous portrait, use at least a 1/200 second shutter speed, since the person might move while you're taking a shot. For this active portrait, I kept the shutter speed set at 1/1,250 second, f/5.6 and waited for a fun moment. I cropped the image so that the focus was more on the child's face.

What does P mean in photography?

P = program auto exposure : Although Program is essentially an automatic mode in that the camera determines the shutter speed and aperture setting for the scene, you can adjust those parameters in tandem. If, for example, the initial shutter speed is too slow to hold the camera in your hand and get a steady shot, turn the main dial to adjust the shutter/aperture combination until you get a faster shutter speed. The camera will automatically change the aperture at the same time to ensure a proper exposure.

How does the shutter priority mode work?

In Shutter priority mode, the dial changes the shutter speed. The Exposure Compensation button and dial change the exposure compensation.

How to manually select autofocus points?

To manually select an autofocus point, press the AF Point Selection button on the back of your camera and use the D-pad to select one of the points. Whatever is under that point when you look through the viewfinder is where your camera will now attempt to focus.

How to put a camera back into burst mode?

Once you’re finished with the self-timer mode, you’ll want to put your camera back into either Single Shooting or Continuous Shooting (Burst) mode. Press the Self-Timer/Shooting Mode button again and select the one you want. This is also how you put your camera into Burst mode.

What does the dial do in program mode?

In Program mode, the dial changes the aperture, although the camera may change that by itself. The Exposure Compensation button and dial change the exposure compensation.

How to switch between shooting modes on Canon?

On Canon cameras, you switch between different shooting modes using the dial on the top. Entry level cameras often have a lot more modes than mid-level or professional cameras—stuff like Portrait, Macro, and Sport—so check out our guide to what all the different symbols mean.

Where is the exposure compensation button on Canon?

On entry level cameras, there’s only one dial located just behind the shutter button; holding down the Exposure Compensation button on the back of the camera and turning the dial controls the other setting. RELATED: Your Camera's Most Important Settings: Shutter Speed, Aperture, ...

How to review photos that are underexposed?

Advertisement. To review your images, press the Play button on the back of your camera. Navigate through them using the D-pad. Make sure to use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to check the details of your images.

How to connect Canon camera to computer?

You can easily connect Canon cameras to computers using a USB cord or by inserting the memory card directly into the computer port. Canon also offers a Bluetooth app to download photos from the camera to a smartphone or tablet. All options are simple to understand and execute.

How to download photos from a card?

To download photos from a card, insert the card into the port. The computer should read the new card and trigger a prompt to view the contents . If this doesn't happen, access your files and locate the card under the available drives. Click the card to access the file contents and double-click the DCIM folder to view the photos .

How to view photos on a computer?

Click the card to access the file contents and double-click the DCIM folder to view the photos. After opening the photo files, click Select All and then copy the photos. Next, navigate to the file on your computer or external hard drive where the photos will reside.

Does Canon camera have a memory card?

The memory card from your Canon camera stores the photo files, and many computers have a port for micro or normal-size memory chips. If the camera uses a full-size card but the computer only has a port for micro cards, adapters are available to make the connection. At this point, however, using a Bluetooth or USB connection serves the same purpose.

Where is the USB port on a camera?

The USB option is convenient, and most computers have a compatible port available. Connect the USB end of a cable to the computer and the micro-USB end to the corresponding port on the camera. The port is often located behind a rubber grommet that protects against dust and water.

Does Canon have Bluetooth?

Not all Canon cameras offer this option, but newer models often have a Bluetooth connection with Canon download pictures features. Bluetooth connects wirelessly to a smart phone through the Canon Connect app. The app is feature-rich and offers far more than just file transfer features.

Can you use a live view on a camera?

You can shoot remotely, add GPS information to photos, and use a live view on the camera to see the viewfinder in real time. Transferring photos over Bluetooth is done using one of two methods.