how to sneak a camera into a concert

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If you're wearing long pants,wear long socks and stuff your camera in the sock. [5]Ladies,put it in your bra! ...Remember to check the rules and allowances of the concert arena before trying this; you may be allowed to bring your camera in.

How do you sneak into a concert without getting caught?

Check any perimeter fences at larger venues. Look for any spots that are ideal to climb over or go under to get inside. There may even be a back gate or entrance that will provide easier access. Chat up the bouncers or security guards. You may be able to make a friend and get them to sneak you into the concert. [1]

How do I make a camera out of an old jacket?

Wear an old jacket and carve a little seam in it(make sure it's on the inside of the coat so nobody sees it), the size of a camera will do it and tape it up or sew it up. Go through the whole process with the guard and get in. During the concert, play, show, etc. rip open the seam and take out the camera.

What kind of camera do you take at a concert?

Digital cameras are best for concert photography, as you can take hundreds of photos without stopping or wasting film. Wait 'till the end of the show to shoot. That way, if you get caught and kicked out, you won't have missed much of the show. If they say they are keeping your camera or film, ask for or call the police.

Is it legal to take pictures at a concert?

With tabloids, gossip, and copyright infringement running rampant, a lock-down on what is allowed inside concert halls has been enforced. While it is perfectly legal to take pictures of a person sell them as tabloid trash or artwork, most bands would prefer to make you pay for those opportunities.

How to hide a camera?

There's a very good chance you won't be searched thoroughly here. If you are a female, wear a mid-length fluffy skirt. Not only will you not be touched there, a skirt looks open enough to allay suspicion, though it conceals very well. You can also unbutton your pants, hang your camera from your button, and then re-button your pants. Then simply slip the camera down into your pants and let it hang. It may be uncomfortable,but holds your camera securely and you don't have to worry about it being found, even if you're frisked.

How to protect your camera from a gun?

Wear a somewhat baggy long sleeve shirt. If your camera is small enough, strap it with some tape or a strap to your underarm. Be warned, if you are going to an establishment with a gun threat, you are likely to be frisked and this is easily found through touch. Crotch it.

How to wear a camera over your shoulder?

Wear a large, baggy sweatshirt with nothing underneath (this is particularly effective if you are female).Use your camera's strap or strap from somewhere else to sling it over your shoulder. Secure it so it hangs right in the pit of your back where it curves in before your buttocks.

How to hide your camera from Britney Spears?

Get a poofy sort of hat, like the ones Britney Spears is fond of. Pull some of your hair into a poof on top of your head, and conceal your camera inside. Top it off with your big hat and you're good to go. This is also easily reversed once inside, so you don't have to walk around with bad hair.

How to get in fine with a wallet?

If you have a small and thin wallet, empty most of your wallet and tape it to the inside of the wallet. Keep your wallet in a large pocket and if frisked, when they ask what's in your pocket, immediately say its just your wallet. If you do this you should get in fine.

How to take out a camera from a jacket?

Wear an old jacket and carve a little seam in it (make sure it's on the inside of the coat so nobody sees it), the size of a camera will do it and tape it up or sew it up. Go through the whole process with the guard and get in. During the concert, play, show, etc. rip open the seam and take out the camera.

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How to look like a roadie?

Impersonate a roadie. Look like a roadie by carrying an empty guitar case, walkie talkies, and papers that could pass for set lists or event schedules .

How to talk to a band crew member?

Talk like you belong. If a crew member walks by, casually say hello. A simple nod works well, too. Don't overdo it and end up drawing their attention. If they stop you and question you, laugh it off. Then tell them you work at the venue, or you're with the band.

How to get to a concert before a show?

Go to the concert venue a day or two before the show. It is best to familiarize yourself with the surroundings as much as possible. You don't want to be confused and wandering around when it is time to make your move. If you know where you're trying to go it won't look like you are attempting to sneak inside.

What to wear to a crew meeting?

Wear dark, casual clothing. The less attention you draw to yourself the better. If possible, pick up attire similar to what the crew is dressed in so you look like you belong.

How to get people to like you at the office?

Act natural. If you start freaking out and talking about how excited you are to see the band, people will begin to catch on. Play it cool. You can try to look busy or bored. If you want to fit in, it should seem like it's just another day at the office for you.

How to get into a concert early?

Security is pretty low before the concert, so getting in early is often your best chance at success. Climb a fence. Big music festival venues usually have large, high fences. You may need to bring in a tall ladder to even have a chance at getting over.

How to get a sound check for a concert?

1. Arrive early for the concert. You may even want to arrive the day before while the staff is setting up at a large concert venue. You might be able to slip in unnoticed and hide under a truck or stage. Musicians usually arrive earlier in the afternoon at smaller venues to load their gear and perform a sound check.