how to set up swann camera to internet

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How to Connect Your Cameras to the Swann DVRWith the included Ethernet cable,connect the DVR to an Internet source like a modem or a routerConnect the DVR to a monitorKeep some breathing room around the DVR,because it generates heat and needs good air circulationYou can set up your camera system to only record when motion is detected,which saves hard drive space

How to config WiFi setting of IP camera?

Simple steps to connect camera to WiFi network via PC or Mac:Connect camera to power using 12V DC power adapter and wait approx. 30 seconds for camera to initialize. ...Connect camera to WiFi router using Ethernet CableDownload and install IP Search Tool (Platinum IP Portal) for PC/Mac from hereOpen Ip Search Tool (Platinum IP Portal) and 'click' the refresh button. ...More items...

How to set up a wireless IP camera?

Stream IP Cameras over Internet via Manufacturers' App/ClientDownload the Reolink App or Client to your phones or computers.Launch the app and enter a unique ID number (UID) to add the camera device.Click the Reolink RLC-410 camera on the App or Client and you can view your IP camera over the Internet outside the home network.

How to setup wireless security camera?

Go play store (Android Users),or Apple store (IPhone users) and search for your cam mobile app.Download and Install the security camera app on your phone.Start the security application and add your camera (s)Click on (+) icon on the menu to add your camera,then scan the camera code that exists on the cam.More items...

How to setup IP WiFi camera with WiFi SmartLink?

WiFi smart link installation (with WiFi Network) 1. Open Apple App Store, search, download, and install V380 2. Connect the power plug to the camera and place the camera “right next” to your WiFi router. Camera sound: “System is starting” Camera sound: “System startup completed” 3. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the ...

How to build the connection of the Cameras to the Swann DVR?

With the included Ethernet cable, you will have to start connecting the DVR to an Internet source. The units available are like a modem or a router.

Where is the QR code on my DVR?

You will have to scan the QR code, you will find on the top of your DVR.

Is Swann security easy?

The process is quite easy and simple. Still, it would be best if you were really careful while getting ahead with the detailed list of steps and instructions involved. Also , refer to the user manual if the Swann security device you are using is of a different size, model, or configuration.

Do you have to keep breathing room on a DVR?

However, you have to keep some breathing room related to the DVR. This process leads to the generation of heat and there is a need for good air circulation.

How to find the IP address of a router?

Using the Command Prompt window, type ipconfig.

How many octets does an IP address have?

This means that the IP address of each device will have the same first three octets as the first three octets of the router, but with a different fourth octet. For example, for a router with an IP address of, you can assign an NVR an IP address of and an IP camera an address of

How to setup a security camera for remote viewing?

To properly setup your security camera system for remote viewing, first we need to see if there are multiple routers on your network. Bring up the Command Prompt window and type the command tracert

What happens if two devices have the same IP address?

If two devices on your home or local network have the same IP address, for example, if the NVR and security camera have an IP address of, then you would have an IP conflict, preventing communication from the router to the devices. You will need to change the IP address of one device in order to resolve the IP conflict.

What is the first octet of

This means that for a router with an IP address of “” the first octet is “192”, second octet is “168”, third octet is “1”, and the fourth octet is “1”. Network devices (computers, cameras, NVRs/DVRs, printers, etc.) need to be on the same network scheme as the router. This means that the IP address of each device will have ...

What is the difference between a router and a modem?

Your Internet modem supplies an external IP (Internet Protocol) address or WAN (Wide Area Network) to your router. Modems DO NOT have a Firewall, so in a setup where you connect a DVR straight to a modem, you will want to make sure you change your password in order to remain secure.

Why do routers have ports?

All router's have some sort of a firewall to prevent unauthorized access from the internet (WAN) in to your local network (LAN). Port forwarding is the process of creating rules or exceptions in the router's firewall to allow specific types of requests from the internet to access specific devices on your network.

How many cameras are in a DVR?

As you can see, there are 4 cameras connected to the DVR via the coaxial cables that come within the surveillance kit. The power is sent to the camera by using the cable power supply that connects to the electric cable.

How does a DVR work?

The DVR starts recording the video after the initial setup is finished but if you want to have more control over the quality you can open the "recording" menu and changing the "encode" configuration. The principles remain the same, just change the parameters, and you are done.

What cable do I use to connect my DVR to my monitor?

Use the HDMI (or VGA) cable to connect the DVR to a monitor.

How to set up a DVR?

The process is very easy and can be finished in less than 5 minutes. Here are the steps for the DVR's setup. Chose the DVR's language. ? ?. Select the video format (NTSC/PAL) Select the resolution you want to use. Look for your local timezone. Select the date and time format. And it's done.

Is Swann DVR easy to set up?

The Swann DVR setup is very easy and intuitive.

Who is Claudemir Martins?

Claudemir Martins. Claudemir Martins is a former Samsung Engineer with 18+ experience in the surveillance industry . He has been traveling around 17 different countries to teach people how to design, and install CCTV systems.

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