how to set up blink xt camera

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How to install Blink outdoor camera to Mount?

Hold the camera and pull the mount from the camera. ...While holding the mount in both hands,apply pressure to the outer ring while supporting the mount with the opposite hand.Select a location to mount your camera where moving shadows and reflections will not interfere with the image.Then use the included screws to secure the mount to your surface.More items...

How to Mount Blink camera?

Two ways of mounting with drilling are given below:Mount Vertically Vertical positions are the easiest places to mount blink outdoor cameras. It can be on the wall surface. ...Mount Horizontally Generally,cameras can be easily mounted horizontally inside the house but as you need to mount your blink camera outside of the house,you can choose the ...Fix The Settings

How to change battery Blink XT camera?

First,you’ll need to locate the grey switch with an arrow pointing downwards (on the back cover).Next,slide and hold the grey switch downwards in the direction of the arrow. ...After the back cover has been removed,the process is identical to replacing your batteries with the Indoor and Outdoor models. ...

How to open Blink camera?

How to Open the Indoor and Outdoor (Gen 2) Blink Camera. You can find the serial number (QR code sticker) and batteries inside the back cover of your Generation 2 Indoor and Outdoor Blink Camera. You need to “crack” open this camera type because you need the serial number to add the device to your Blink security system.

How to scan a QR code with blink?

To scan a QR code, the Blink app requires permission to access the camera on your mobile device. Tap OK to permit the Blink app to scan the QR code, automatically entering the serial number. If you prefer, you can deny access to the camera by tapping Don't Allow and enter the serial number manually.

How to add blink camera?

1. To add a Blink Indoor or Outdoor camera, tap the Plus symbol + on the app home screen.

How to take a thumbnail image?

Tap the thumbnail icon to take a new thumbnail image. The thumbnail remains until you refresh it with this button.

What to do if your sync light is not blinking?

Note: If you don't see the blinking blue light pattern, then you may need to reset the sync module. Click for instructions to reset the Sync Module.

How to change the name of a camera?

When a camera is first installed, the serial number is entered for the camera name, and its thumbnail image is blank. Tap the camera name to change it, enter the new name, then tap OK to save. Tap the thumbnail icon to take a new thumbnail image. The thumbnail remains until you refresh it with this button.

How long is a pin code valid?

PIN codes are valid for 40 minutes. After one minute, the "Resend PIN Code" option appears.

What version of Android is lollipop?

for Android v5.0 (Lollipop) and later.

How to view clips on blink?

To view the videos recorded by your Blink cameras, open the Blink Home Monitor app and tap the Clip Roll icon at the bottom of your screen. Then select a clip that you want to watch.

How to set up blink camera?

To set up your Blink cameras, remove the back cover and insert your batteries. Then open the Blink Home Monitor app, tap the plus sign, and select the model you want to set up. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

What is blink camera?

Blink smart cameras give you a cheap and easy way to set up a security system in your home. These smart cameras from Amazon allow you to keep an eye on your home in real-time. Plus, you will get alerts whenever motion is detected, and you can record video clips locally or to the cloud. Here’s how to set up and install your Blink smart cameras, how to see a live view of your cameras, and how to receive motion alerts.

How fast does a blink camera need to be?

Note: To use your Blink cameras, you will need WiFi upload speeds of at least 2 Mbps (megabits per second). To find out how fast your connection is anywhere on your property, check out our step-by-step guide on how to test your WiFi speed.

How to set up motion alerts on blink?

To set up motion detection alerts in the Blink Home Monitor app, select Armed at the bottom of your home screen. You can change your motion detection settings by tapping the three-line icon just above each camera’s live view.

How to remove the back cover of a blink camera?

Remove the back cover of your Blink camera. You can do this by removing the circular rubber cover in the middle of the case. Then use the provided tools to unscrew the back cover until it is easy to lift off .

Does blink camera work on waving branches?

Blink warns users against installing cameras pointed toward waving branches, populated walkways, roads, or any other areas with lots of movement. Otherwise, you will constantly get motion alerts. However, you can always set up motion activity zones and privacy zones in the app later.