how to save photos from snapchat to camera roll

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Just follow these steps:Open Snapchat and swipe up from the camera screen to access your memories.Tap the settings icon in the top right corner.Tap the Backup button.Snapchat will now backup your memories to your camera roll.

How to get your camera roll backed up by Snapchat?

Open SnapchatNavigate to the memories screenTap on “Camera Roll”Tap on the desired photoTap on “Edit Send” or swipe upTap on the symbol with three horizontal bars (≡)Tap on “Move to My Eyes Only”Tap on “Move” to confirmDecide what to do with the original from the camera rollTap on “Not now” if you want to keep the photo in your camera rollMore items...

How to upload pictures from camera roll to Snapchat?

Swipe up from the Camera screen to go to MemoriesSwipe over to Camera RollPress and hold on a photo or video you want to shareSelect what you want to do with it!

How to allow Snapchat to access my camera?

Here’s how you can allow camera access for Snapchat on an Android device:Go to your phone’s settings.Tap on Apps Notifications.Find Snapchat.Tap on Permissions.Turn on camera access for Snapchat.

How to backup my camera roll in Snapchat?

How to back up your camera roll on Snapchat? To save Snapchat stories, find the setting in the app, tap the ghost icon at the top of the camera screen, then the gear icon and then tap Memories. Tick the box marked Auto-save Stories and click Save to…. Now that should mean everything you put on your Snapchat Story will automatically save ...

Solution 1. How to save Snapchats to camera roll in Settings

Snapchats can be saved directly to the Camera Roll through the Snapchat settings. Follow the Steps Given below to know how to save Snapchats to camera roll through Settings.

Solution 2. How to save Snapchats sent by others to camera roll on iPhone?

There is an incredible toolkit that helps to save Snapchat sent by others on an iPhone. It is known as the iOS Screen Recorder . It can be downloaded for free from the official website of Wondershare. This toolkit comes from a very trusted and genuine developer. This toolkit has a very simple and easy to use interface.

Solution 3. How to save Snapchats sent by others to camera roll on Android

There is a one click toolkit available that helps to save Snapchats to camera roll on Android that has been sent by someone else. It is known as the MirrorGo Android Recorder and comes from leading end developer Wondershare. It is available for free on the Wondershare official website.

Before You Save Any Snapchat Videos

You may be ready to save videos from Snapchat, but there are some things you need to do before you download anything.

Multiple Snaps to Camera Roll At Once

Snapchat is a collection that you have taken multiple snaps. It’s common for many people to want multiple snaps exported to Cam Roll at the same time.

How to Download Snapchat Videos

There are several ways to save Snapchat videos, depending on whether they have been posted before.

How to Change Where Snapchat Photos Are Saved

Camera Roll is the best option if you plan to save a lot of photos from Snapchat to your Cam Roll. Memories & Camera Roll is also an option. When one of these settings is active, saving photos will take less time. After you have set this setting, your photos will be saved to the desired location whenever you use the Snapchat Save Button.


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Be aware that Snapchat sends notifications to users when their photos are screenshotted for a reason. Before secretly saving a picture, consider how you would feel if you had sent the photo and someone else saved it.

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Is It Okay to Save a Photo from Snapchat?

Snapchat allows you to save the snaps sent by other people as long as the photo is set to no time limit and videos are set to loop. However, you may want to think twice about whether the person you're Snapchatting with would be okay with you saving the Snapchat content they sent you.

How to Change Where Photos Are Saved in Snapchat

If you’re going to be saving a lot of photos to your Camera Roll from Snapchat, I recommend selecting either Camera Roll or Memories & Camera Roll. The process to save a photo is much quicker when one of those two settings is active.

How To Save Your Snaps

If you've taken a Snapchat photo or video you really like and want to keep, I recommend saving the Snap directly to your Camera Roll, as it requires the fewest steps and your saved photos are then stored with the rest of your iPhone photos.

How to Save Snapchat Memories to Your iPhone Photos

If you chose to save Snaps to your Camera Roll or to Memories and your Camera Roll in the section above, this option is not needed, as any time you use the Save Button your Snaps will be automatically added to your iPhone's camera roll.

How to Save a Friend's Snap to Your Camera Roll

Snapchat only allows you to save another person's snaps when they are set to not expire. This means only photos set to no time limit and video Snaps set to loop (∞) can be saved in Chat or to your camera roll. If the chat you'd like to save fits these requirements, follow the steps below to save it.