how to reset hikvision ip camera without reset button

how to reset hikvision ip camera without reset button插图

As previously mentioned, youcannot resetHikvisionHikvisionHangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer and the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products and is based in Hangzhou, China. Its controlling shares are owned by the Chinese government.en.wikipedia.orgIP Camera without using the reset button. Instead, you will need to open up the camera and locate the reset button inside. Most times, it will be a push-down reset button located on the motherboard and near the microSD slot.

How to reset Hikvision device password via HIK Connect app?

? You need to use the Hik-Connect App for this function. ? If you are not registered, you can log in the Hik- Connect by “ visitor mode ” . ? How to scan the QR code? Click “more” on the bottom menu, then click “Reset Device Password” to scan the QR code. V3.5.4 and above

How to reset password of Hikvision DVR?

To request the password via the phone:The Hik-Connect app should be V4.3 or above.The device has been added to your Hik-Connect account.Login to the account that the device has been bound to (not to the NVR,DVR,but the app’s account)Go to the login screen directly on the NVR and click Forget Password.

How to configure WIFI function of Hikvision camera?

How to Video: IPC - How to Configure Wifi Function of HIKVISION CameraUnplug the cable between camera and router. When we run the SADP,the WLAN IP will be shown in softwareType in the WLAN IP ( to IE browser,we can login the IP camera by Wi-Fi.We can have a live view of camera

How to set up a Hikvision NVR system?

How to setup a Hikvision DVR (basic configuration)DVR Hard drive installation. Before setup the DVR to start recording your cameras,it's necessary to have a Hard Disc Drive (HDD) installed.Hikvision DVR setup. After installing the HDD and connecting the cables,it's time to setup your Hikvision DVR. ...Set the date and time. ...Hikvision DVR recording setup. ...Learn more about the Hikvision DVR. ...

How to reset Hikvision camera?

Answer: To factory reset the Hikvision IP camera, you need to turn off the power. Then press on the reset button. Make sure you press on it for at least 10 seconds. After that, let go of the reset button, and the camera will restart.

What is the IP address of Hikvision?

Answer: The IP address for Hikvision IP camera starts with and the port includes 8000. The other numbers are your admin id and password.

How to short circuit a sight?

Anyway, once you have the holes in your sight, use the screwdriver to make a short circuit between them. That means you need to simply tap on the holes to allow the current to flow in the opposite direction.

How to take out a camera lens?

Step 1- Remove the cover of the Lens. First things first, you have to remove the cover of the lens. This is because you need to reach the innermost part of the camera. Or else you won’t be able to fulfill your goal. Hence take out something plain and strong to pull out the lens.

What happens if you slip up on your lens?

If you slip up you can end up scratching your lens. And trust us, that’ll leave a permanent mark. So, be a bit steady with your hands.

Can you reset a camera if you don't have a reset button?

However, there are times when you don’t have a reset button. Other times you can’t find it you can still reset the camera.

What to do if you forgot your Hikvision camera password?

If you forgot or lost the password of any Hikvision IP camera, there’s an easy way to fix it. You can hard reset the camera and that will bring the camera settings to factory defaults, meaning the old (lost/forgotten) password will be erased.

What to do after camera reset?

After the camera is reset, you should use the SAPD tool or a web browser to setup it again since it will lose all the previous configurations.

How to restore IP camera?

Type the IP of your camera on the url bar of the browser and access by using your username and password. Go to: Maintenance > Configuration > Default > Restore. If you click Restore all the settings will be restored except the IP of the camera. If you click Default all the settings will be erased and the camera will go on factory defaults.

Where is the reset button on a Hikvision camera?

The reset button on the Hikvision IP cameras is usually located close to the memory card slot. You can easily find it even without any indication since it’s a pushdown-type button (as shown in the picture).

Can you update Hikvision IP camera firmware?

After resetting your Hikvision IP camera is recommended to update it to the last firmware available at the manufacturer’s website. Make sure you have the right firmware, double check before updating. If you’re camera is old, you must update the firmware no matter what. The old Hikvision cameras are very easy to get hacked.

Does Hikvision have a reset button?

First of all, not all Hikvision cameras have a reset button on the motherboard, however most of them do. The Hikvision cameras that have the reset button are the R6 family, G1 family and the new EasyIP 3.0. Make sure your camera model is part of one of these families.

How to reset Hikvision camera?

Step-by-step to reset your camera Hikvision camera to factory defaults: 1 Disconnect the camera power supply; 2 Press and hold the reset button; 3 Connect the camera power supply; 4 Keep holding the reset button for 15 seconds; 5 Release the reset button.

How to restore IP camera settings?

If you don't have direct access to the camera just use a web browser to open up the IP camera menu and look for the restore to default settings: Go to: Maintenance > Configuration > Default > Restore. You can restore all the camera settings but leave the IP the camera is using.

Where is the reset button on a Hikvision camera?

In a Hikvision camera, usually the reset button is located close to the memory card slot. You can easily find it even without any indication, since it's a push-type button.

Who is Claudemir Martins?

Claudemir Martins. Claudemir Martins is a former Samsung Engineer with 18+ experience in the surveillance industry . He has been traveling around 17 different countries to teach people how to design, and install CCTV systems.

Why Is Resetting A Hikvision IP Camera Necessary?

Due to the issue of how a hard reset changes your settings to factory settings, it may seem unnecessary. However, there are times when prompting a hard reset is the only option you have. A common scenario where you need to reset the camera is if you have forgotten your password. Without your password, you cannot access any of the functions of the camera, and you must reset it if you want to continue using it.

Why is it important to update firmware on a camera?

Upon resetting you may be given the option to update firmware on your camera. This is important as updated firmware fixes many issues. It also protects against hacking.

What is the password for IP camera?

Other versions might ask for a password. The default password for IP cameras is usually 12345, so you can try that out if you are prompted with a password.

Where is the IP address of my camera?

In the web browser of your choice, type the IP of your camera on the URL bar (the default IP starts with

Where is the reset button on a Hikvision camera?

The button is often located close to the SD card slot and usually under a protective cover. If the device has a reset button it needs to be held in while the device is powered off and then kept held while powering up the device and for a short ...

What information do you need to send a letter to a company?

Please ensure to include your name, address and telephone number.

Where to email Hikvision files?

If your a registered installer you can email the file to Hikvision direct at [email protected]

Does Hikvision have a reset button?

A lot of devices however do not have a reset button. Devices including DVR's, NVR's and IP CCTV cameras without a rest button can be reset using the SADP software which is freely available from Hikvision.