can pwa access camera

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Can PWA access camera?Yes, both the OS gives access to the camera, which allows image and video capturing in PWA.

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  • What is a PWA?

  • PWA and Hardware Access A PWA relies on Web APIs (Web A pplication P rogramming I nterfaces) to access hardware features, and as a result of which, hardware access in PWA is oftentimes a hit or miss since not all browsers are the same.

  • Does the PWA support GPs and contacts?

  • It depends on the device the PWA is running on. Camera and audio seem to be universally supported. Contacts, on the other hand, seem to be inaccessible regardless of platform. Other features, such as GPS and geolocation may vary from device to device.

  • What new features can PWA take advantage of?

  • Here鈥檚 an overview of some of the features previously exclusive to native apps that PWA can now take advantage of: User location can now be requested using the geolocation API which uses available location-capturing methods on the user鈥檚 device, e.g., Wi-Fi, GPS, or GSM.

  • Why are PWA鈥檚 still struggling?

  • System access: PWAs still struggle to make changes to the device in a systemic level, which includes access to system settings, logs, etc Low-level hardware access: While there are certainly some recent improvements made on the low-level APIs front, it鈥檚 not nearly enough to consider PWA to be on-par with native mobile apps in this regard.